Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

Ye Sang’s five daddies were all villains wicked beyond redemption who were doing bad things in the world. Eventually, they were all killed by the male lead! And so, she had to hug onto their thighs tightly to prevent them from courting disasters and instead rise to the peak of their lives. …… Number one, the biggest influence in the business industry: “The weather’s getting cold, it is time for the Duan family to be bankrupt.” Number two, the smartest villain: “Imma teach that Duan guy a lesson today.” Number three, a genius in the medical field: “I’ve reincarnated and I will make him pay.” Number four, the god of Esports, and number five, the god of acting: “Today, only one shall fall and one shall stand.” Their little ball silently hugged one of their thighs. Daddy, Sangsang hungry~ All the villains who were on their way to take revenge immediately thought, ... screw that, I’m busy spending time with my daughter! And then, the entire City A found out that these five vicious and merciless villains weren’t scared of anything but their daughter crying. Everyone who saw this thought, ...wait, why does this scene look so strange? Why are all these great villains busy raising their daughter? …… All these villains who could cover the sky with their hands never thought that the cute daughter they raised could be stolen by the Duan family’s little wolf!!! Duan Jinyan hugged the girl tightly in his arms, “Why are you running? Sangsang, call me brother and my everything will belong to you.”

Meeting Jinzhao For The First Time · Urban
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Was Daddy Upset?

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The two of them fighting sounded like kindergarten kids. 


Her cheap daddy was finally taking her outside. The little thing happily changed and swayed her head from side to side. On a pair of velvet flower buds, furry deer ears with beads draped down, making her look like a little fairy carved out from pink jade. 

Ye Sang always liked the bustling of the outside world; she leaned on the window and looked out. 

Before she could glance around, Huo Yao pulled her back mercilessly. 

The little thing turned her dark cat-like eyes and looked up confusedly,

"Daddy, where are we going?" 

Huo Yao's words were at the tip of his tongue but he paused. Casting a profound glance at her, he bent his finger and flicked her forehead before speaking leisurely,

"To your Uncle Shen's home." 

"Uncle Shen…?" The little girl tilted her head aside and softly repeated the words in incomprehension. 

Ye Sang couldn't control her little hands as she started pulling her evil daddy's hair as she accused, "Didn't you say we are going to play?" 

Why are we going to Uncle Shen's? 

Huo Yao stared.

He discovered that this kid was getting bolder and bolder. 

At first, she acted like a mouse seeing a cat in front of him, wanting to hide.

How many days has it been? Now, she dared to grab his head. 

Wouldn't she turn the sky over in the future? 


Definitely not. 

Huo Yao pulled her hand off without second thought, fixed her posture, and replied unpleasantly, "You can't pull daddy's hair, do you hear me?" 

The little thing put her hands behind her back, sitting like a primary school kid, arguing back with the same demeanor, "No!" 

"Daddy didn't do what you said, you said you are taking Sangsang out to play, not going to Uncle Shen's place." 

Her milky tone made her sound wronged. Huo Yao was amused as he pinched her soft face and asked coldly, "Do you want to play outside that badly?" 

The little thing blinked as she nodded, "Mhm." 

Huo Yao laughed, "I'll take you to the amusement park on your birthday." 

Ye Sang almost jumped up in excitement.

Her white and delicate small hands grabbed her daddy's big hands and asked curiously with a pout, "When's Daddy's birthday?" 

The smile on Huo Yao's face faded. 

He seemed to remember something and his cold face became even icier. 

The man held the little ball in his arms and replied, "Daddy doesn't have a birthday." 

"You aren't allowed to mention this in the future." 

"Especially in front of your Grandpa, got it?" 

The little thing bit her finger, having only half-understood what he meant, and dragged her tone on, "Oh..." 


Was Daddy feeling upset? 

But… why did he feel upset? 

Ye Sang pressed her lips together, feeling puzzled. 


The little thing didn't have time to think clearly about why her Daddy was upset during the car drive. 

She rested against Huo Yao's shoulders, her lotus root-like pale arms hugged her Daddy's neck tightly and her dark cat eyes glanced around her curiously. 

"Is this… Uncle Shen's home?" 

She leaned in and whispered next to Daddy's ears. 

Her soft and gentle breath had a nice milky smell to it. Huo Yao's movements became rigid for a second but then he replied calmly, "Yes." 

The little thing pressed her lips together and tilted her head aside. 


She could feel the heavy sins on the people who live here. 


There was an energy similar to Daddy's energy here.