25 Chapter 25 Hei Jing

"Arachna’s Corpse?"

Ao Ertian completely forgot that he still had Arachna's corpse in his inventory.

“This room is too small. to take out Arachna's corpse and feed it."

Ao Ertian's room was only 4x4 in size, including a bed and a study desk. There are a few spaces left.

“How to go with this? Going out to feed him would be impossible.”

Ao Ertian only shook his head. He began to want a big house that has a large room

And while Ao Ertian was contemplating what to do next.


[The system advises the host to feed the pet in the second dimension.]

“The second dimension. the system means the dimension where the system originally sent me to look for resources?”


Ao Ertian, if the system had not told him, he did not know when he would be able to enter the second dimension again.

“The system at that time told me that I could only stay in the second dimension for an hour and a half. So how long can my body can endure now?”

Ao Ertian's body at that time was at the 1-star Bronze rank. But now he was at the top. There were also the gauntlets that increased his strength as well.


[Analyze... according to system analysis. The host can stay in the second dimension for 2 hours and 30 minutes if the host uses gauntlets to power up. The host can stay in the second dimension for 4 hours.]

It means that if he is in the silver rank. He was able to endure the second dimension environment for four hours. two to three times more than before.

“And the room of the sage? How many hours can I last?”

The previous time, he hadn't counted the hours. But based on a rough estimate, he should have been in there for about 4 hours.

[The host can only stay in the room of the sage for 4 hours, can't enter any longer. even with an increasing level.]


Ao Ertian didn't understand. Isn't it the same? Between going to the second dimension and going to the room of the sage.

[the room of the sage requires a lot of resources to gain access. If the host wants to use the room of the sage for more than 4 hours, the host must upgrade the system.]

Ao Ertian had heard what the system said once after he came out of the second dimension. In addition to strengthening his body to be able to withstand the second dimension environment. He could also upgrade the system in order to stay there longer.

Ao Ertian now felt that he get enough information. All he had to do now was to feed the little Hydra first.

“Before taking it to the second dimension. I have to give it some good name.”

Ao Ertian bent down and picked up the little Hydra.

"Kew, Kew, Kew"

The little hydra swayed, his tail twitching, like a puppy that liked to be held by its owner.

Little Hydra now had black, golden scales, and its round eyes were as golden as their scales.

"I’ll call you Hei Jing."

Ao Ertian uses color to compose its name. And it seems that little Hydra really likes this name. he sticks out his tongue and licks at Ao Ertian's face.

“Hehe, tickle.”

Ao Ertian let out a laugh. before placing Hei Jing on the ground.

“System please take me and Hei Jing to the second dimension.”

Ao Ertian immediately chose to go to the second dimension. He wanted to feed the little Hei Jing. Along with wanting to hunt some sencond dimensional creatures. to strengthen himself as well

[The system has been requested successfully. Do an analysis... The analysis is complete... Move within 10 9 8…]

and the same When the system has finished counting down Once again, the sights that Ao Ertian saw were blurred and shattered. Regaining consciousness again, Ao Ertian had reached the second dimension.

[Moving Success]

Ao Ertian inhaled air into his lungs. The smell of the air here was still the same. Not at all refreshing. However, this time Ao Ertian did not dislike the smell. Instead, he became even more excited when he smelled this smell. This was the smell he was getting used to. The smell that changed everything in his life. The starting point of the journey starts from here.

“It's unbelievable that I can miss the second dimension to this extent.”

Ao Ertian shakes his hand Arachna's corpse suddenly appeared.

“Eat it, Hei Jing, this is your first meal, eat it and become stronger.”

Hei Jing saw a large pile of food placed in front of him. He immediately ran to bite into the flesh of the appetizing Arachna's corpse. He ate it with hunger as if he had not eaten in years.

“Very good, eat a lot. Finished eating and wait here. I'll go get some more food.”


[Detected “Goblins” “Goblins Mage” total 30 units, direction 10 o'clock.]

[Danger level 3 detected, 5 units, direction 8 o'clock]


Ao Ertian began to hunt again.

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