1 Chapter 1 Virus [Edited]

[Would you like to make the world a better place?]

[Accept] [Deny]

Inside a small room that had less to none decoration.

A young man was playing with his phone and checking his message but suddenly he received a suspicious pop up message.

“What is this”

The appearance of the message and the style displayed on his phone right now weren't any different from those displayed for advertisement. Ao Ertian could only sighed.

“Who would be crazy to accept this suspicious message? It is clearly a fraudulent message or a virus for sure.”

Ao Ertian knew that this pop up was definitely an advertisement. He didn't think much of it and reached out his finger to press deny.

but before he could press the deny.

“Tian’er diner is ready come down to eat your food.”

A woman's voice rang out. Interrupted Ao Ertian, who was about to press [Deny], He accidentally pressed [Accept] instead.

"This is bad..."

After Ao Ertian accidentally pressed [Accept] In the top right corner of the phone showed the status of downloading and installing immediately without any prior permission.

“It must be a virus. Please don’t be any harmful virus that can affect the hardware.”

Ao Ertian really wanted to cry. He didn’t have money to buy a new one or fix it.

He hurriedly slid the mobile screen to close the download. However, no matter how many times he pressed the cancel button many times to cancel the download. It keeps downloading.


Ao Ertian almost threw his phone on the bed. However, when he thought of the time when he had no phone to use, he could only hold in his anger.

Phones were very expensive in this era. Its price was about 290 credits for an old model.

Before Ao Ertian can effort this old, no ancient phone, he must have done a lot of bloody work. He worked all 7 days a week, his savings were only 70 to 80 credits a month.

He worked at a convenience store. His main task was to fill and deliver goods, no more no less.

It was an easy job but tiring. The convenience store was quite large and they only had two employees. Working in the morning and night shifts without a day off.

He worked there for more than three months. Together with the credits that his father gave him for the rest, he was able to afford this very old model phone.

His family was not as good as the others. His family's bloodline was just that of a commoner. no inheritance like any prominent families.

His family was a family of commoners and will be a commoner's family forever and ever. Unless a miracle actually happened.

“What should I do now? I can only wait for it to finish downloading and installing. If it is a virus and it breaks my phone. I will sue the app provider for the damages."

Although Ao Ertian knew that he should not let the phone download a foreign app. He could not do anything. He just waits and sees what will happen.

And as he waited for the phone to finish, a strange thing happened.

Ao Ertian hurriedly looked at the phone and saw that the phone had already downloaded the app.

The screenshot of the phone had changed drastically.

“What exactly happened?”

Ao Ertian hurriedly picked up the phone and saw that the phone was very hot. But he didn't care. He looked at the changing screen with eyes wide open.

[Does the host want to take the next step?]

[Accept] [Yes]

“The message again, but… wait there is something wrong, accept and yes are you joking with me.”

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Both of the choices were the same no matter which choice he chose.

"What a hassle. I need to reset my phone"

Ao Ertian tried to close the message but the message changed its position so his finger would press [Accept].

“What the…”

And as soon as he pressed the [Accept] The phone slowly fell apart...literally before breaking into his skin.

Ao Ertian didn't know what to do. He was panicking.

It was very scary and it made his heart stop working for a sec.

And as he was about to go into peak panicking mode. He heard a sound in his head. It was a voice that was as insensitive as a robot.

[Congratulations, the host has successfully connected to the system.]

[Ding, the system detects useful information, saves it and calculates it. The system sends the information directly to the host's brain.]

[Detected Dragon Square. Emperor Qin Mausoleum. Great Wall.... Maps have been created.]

Ao Ertian, who had heard the alert system in his head, was still not clear. He felt fussy. The phone disappeared into his body. a voice in his head. Everything was crazy. In addition, after the voice informed that the maps had been created, there was a clear knowledge of that area in his head.

“What exactly is this? Great Wall... Emperor Qin Mausoleum... The names of these places are in dangerous zones. So why do I have knowledge about those zones?”

Ao Ertian had a huge headache, what exactly happened to him, System? What exactly is it? He didn't understand it at all.

And about the apps that were installed in his phone without his permission. His phone then suddenly falls apart and enters his body.

“Does this old phone have something to do with magic? that many people now have”

It might even be the key that leads him to his dream. Just thinking about it, he was already very excited.

Even though he had lost his phone forever. But if it can help fulfill his dream, it's worth it.

Ao Ertian thought of this, so he slowly calmed down. and after a few minutes He heard the [Ding] sound rang again in his head.

[The system has created the host's status panel using the information the system has. Does the host want to increase your stats?]

“Status? Increase my stats?”

Ao Ertian, hearing the question It's come to this point. What else is there to be afraid of? The phone had already entered his body.


Ao Ertian replied. He now had strange expectations. After he answered yes for a moment, he heard a [ding] sound again.

[Not enough resources… Would you like to search for resources required?]

“Search for resources?”

Ao Ertian, when he heard the system, he didn't know what to do.

[Searching for the resources. The host will need to manually search for the resource. The system is responsible for recommending to the host only. resources can be found anywhere.]

System spoke up in Ao Ertian's head, as if knowing what he was thinking.

[Take a physical examination of the host 0% 1% 2% 3%…]

[Check is complete. The host's body strength is level 1.]

[Analyze the possibility of being able to find resources]


Various information flowed into Ao Ertian's head. He, having received this kind of information two or three times, began to get used to it.

“The system just said that I had an 80% chance of finding the resources I needed?”


“And where should I find those resources?”

[Host doesn't need to go anywhere, just confirm with the system that the host wants to search for resources.]

The system was simple and exactly where Ao Ertian needed it.

"Then I want to find the resources.”

The chance of finding it was 80%. He had already reached this point whatever happened he was going to face it. and if he was able to increase his body strength that means his future will be bright from now on.

[Confirmation Acquired please wait 0% 1% 2%...100% Download is complete.]

The system responded as soon as Ao Ertian confirmed to search for the resource.

[Host will be sent to the place where the resources could be found in 10 9 8 7…]

And as soon as the counting system reached 0, Ao Ertian felt that his body was light. The surrounding views were distorted and shattered like glass. The current view in front of Ao Ertian was only pure white.

As Ao Er Tian closed his eyes, he could feel the wind. and a different feeling than before. He slowly opened his eyes to find that he was now somewhere unknown. There was only a foul smell here. Just the smell would make him nauseous.

“Where am I?”

Ao Ertian asked the system

[Host is in the second dimension.]

“The second dimension... Huh! second dimension. Don't tell me the second dimension where the monster lurks around!"


Ao Ertian flinched. The second dimension was the enemy's territory, wasn't it? So why did he show up here? No human being could pass through dimension yet.

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