First Demonic Dragon

Carter Williams was your typical twenty year old loser. After a fight in the street leaves him unconscious he wakes up in the body of a young dragon in an entirely new world. Armed with a system to assist him and two beautiful wives to support him, Carter vows never to live his life hiding in the dark again as he seeks the title of dragon king. - Additional tag : Yuri Discord link is : https://discord.gg/q68P5JPnNz

AnathaShesha · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
626 Chs

Return of the Cavalry

"My lady, it seems most have begun to return." Hakon said respectfully. 

Lailah looked up from her journal and nodded before following the tall demon outside. 

Waiting in front of the manor were about half of the sex demons that had been sent out by Exedra with the goal of getting stronger. 

At a glance, she could tell they'd all been successful. 

Every demon in front of her was now stage 1. 

"You all have done well." Lailah smiled warmly. "My husband would be pleased." 

One man timidly raised his hand to ask a question. 

"My lady, did something happen while we were away? Our connection to the lord has grown a bit faint and when we returned there were traces of a devastating battle." 

Lailah's lips suddenly turned upwards into a helpless smile. 

"I can assure you, your lord is fine. He simply got a bit too carried away in a spar with his master and is now resting."