25 Check-in Mission!

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This was!

As soon as the voice sounded!

The ordinary staff upstairs, the artists standing in the parking lot, and the managers beside them were all shocked!

That young man was actually the new director of Sacred Heaven Entertainment!

He was the legendary person who bought 80% of Sacred Heaven's shares from the Lu Family!

The young hunk who was sneering just now turned pale. He looked around and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that there was no one nearby.

Who was the other party?

He was the leader of the entire Sacred Heaven!

If his words were to spread, it wouldn't be something that could be solved by banning him!

Many celebrities walked towards the entrance of the Sacred Heaven Building, preparing to see Chen Yun's elegance.

Meanwhile, Ma Ke was half a step behind Chen Yun. The middle and high-level officials split into two rows to make way for the two of them and bowed respectfully.

"There's no need to be so polite, everyone. Go back to work." Chen Yun waved his hand. Everyone straightened up and looked at Chen Yun.

The next moment, everyone's eyes lit up.

In particular, the female managers were even more amazed by Chen Yun's looks and temperament!

He had the face of an immortal and a steady aura. Coupled with the golden edges on his suit, he was exceptionally charming.

It could not help but make one's heart flutter.

When everyone heard Chen Yun's words, they quickly returned to their posts to ensure that the entire Sacred Heaven Entertainment operated normally. Meanwhile, Ma Ke followed behind Chen Yun and kept introducing the staff to him.

"Hello, Director Chen. Hello, CEO Ma."

"Hello, Director Chen."

"Director Chen, you're here."


As they walked through Sacred Heaven, everyone bowed to Chen Yun. After all, they were not fools. Previously, they had more or less received some news. In addition, Ma Ke was now following behind Chen Yun.

Furthermore, Ma Ke was walking behind him, not by his side!

There was no need to elaborate on this person, who could make CEO Ma so respectful.

They walked past the departments one by one. Chen Yun nodded. In the entire Sacred Heavens, almost 80% of the staff were newcomers. Everyone seemed to be full of vitality and were efficient.

This meant that this was not a place for people to retire.

Only in such a place would there be vigor and vitality.

"Okay, here it is."

"Director Chen, please follow me to your office."

On the top floor, beyond the CEO's office was Chen Yun's office. It was in a simple style. Through the glass wall, one could see the prosperity of Jiang City. The streets and alleys were filled with traffic.

Even the view at East Sea City, a five-star hotel in Jiang City, couldn't compare to this scene.

Ma Ke brought Chen Yun a cup of coffee. Then, he began to report his recent results and work.

Chen Yun sat in the boss chair and looked at Ma Ke.

It had to be said that the person in front of him, who looked to be in his thirties, had actually become such a powerful senior manager.

Moreover, at a glance, he could only be described with one word β€” capable!

Compared to the appearance of a middle-aged man with a big belly, this made Chen Yun have a good impression of Ma Ke.

He listened to the report and asked Ma Ke if there were any terms he didn't understand. Ma Ke naturally told him everything he knew and answered Chen Yun.

"Ma Ke, sit down and report. You're not an outsider. There's no need to be distant. In the future, you'll have to help me take care of Sacred Heaven."

"Alright, Director Chen." Ma Ke had been standing for more than an hour and was a little tired. In addition, Chen Yun's words made him even happier. It seemed that he had passed Chen Yun's review.

The two of them communicated for a total of three hours. Ma Ke explained the contracts of Sacred Heaven, the filming progress of variety shows, movies, and television dramas, and the endorsements of their artists.

[Check-in Mission]

[10 days later at 12 noon. Location: Clear Sky Island.]

[If the host leads 500 people who really want to go there to check in, you will obtain the opportunity to summon a supreme-grade spinner wheel.]


Chen Yun looked at the screen in front of him and was a little stunned. It was a supreme-grade spinner wheel!

What was that?

Chen Yun had never seen such a term before, but he was still shocked.

The word 'supreme-grade' had never appeared on the screen before!

However, this additional condition was a little difficult.

One had to know what kind of place Clear Sky Island was. It was an uninhabited island. Although the scenery was not bad, it was located in the subtropical region. There were many poisonous insects on the island, and it was humid and hot. From time to time, typhoons would pass through it.

Who would really want to go to such an environment?

Chen Yun fell into deep thought.

Beside him, Ma Ke was facing his file as he reported and had yet to observe Chen Yun's expression.

"Director Chen, please take a look. This is the next season of films and variety shows that we've been preparing recently. Do you have any suggestions for these?"

Ma Ke handed the file to Chen Yun, who took it and read the names and introductions for each item.

Chen Yun looked at each item and stopped when he saw a variety show.

"Let's change this."

"This?" Ma Ke quickly came over and looked at the item that Chen Yun was pointing at. It was a celebrity variety show where celebrities tore apart each other's name tags, interspersed with funny plots. This kind of program had been quite popular in recent years. As long as there was a celebrity, it could guarantee the viewership ratings. It was a guaranteed profit.

After explaining a little, Ma Ke looked at Chen Yun. "Director Chen, how do you think we should change it?"

"I think our entertainment industry will have a greater impact on the new generation. If our show is filled with young hunks fooling around, the impact on the next generation can be imagined."

"For example, other countries have deliberately created some tough celebrities."

"Although we don't have to be that deliberate, we have to change our shows. This is also our social responsibility."

Ma Ke listened to Chen Yun's words and nodded. "Director Chen, what do you think? How should we change the program?"

"Let's change it to this. We'll go to an island to do a wilderness survival variety show."

"A total of 500 celebrities, as well as people who have passed an audition, will participate. Of course, to ensure good ratings, there have to be some handsome men and beautiful women."

"Furthermore, the safeguards need to be in place."

"Let's go to the uninhabited Clear Sky Island for the first episode."

"The first episode of the live broadcast will begin in ten days."

Chen Yun explained one by one, making Ma Ke think. This was an unprecedented large-scale survival variety show. As long as there were enough gimmicks, it would definitely have a good viewership rating.

However, such a large-scale program would require a lot in terms of funding.

Chen Yun looked at Ma Ke's frown and instantly smiled. "This can be considered a test for me. I'll personally invest a billion yuan. Even if the show fails, it won't affect the profits of the other shareholders. If it becomes popular, everyone will be happy. No one will object now, right?"

Chen Yun had invested a billion yuan because he wanted to upgrade the Random Double skill to Level-3. That way, he could have a higher multiplier.

With the Level-3 Random Double skill and the Full of Luck skill, his rewards would be multiplied by eight every time!

Meanwhile, Ma Ke looked stunned.

One billion!

He suddenly sat up straight and looked at Chen Yun. That was one billion yuan!

Why did it sound like Chen Yun had thrown five yuan at him to buy a roasted sweet potato?

He didn't care at all!

How rich was he?!

"Ask the finance department to come and get the money from me. However, I want to see the perfect proposal within a day," said Chen Yun as he took a sip of coffee.

Ma Ke also stood up. "Alright, Director Chen. I'll arrange for someone to do it immediately."

Since Chen Yun had already given his instructions, Ma Ke had to execute them beautifully. If he could not fire the first shot, his reputation in Chen Yun's heart would plummet.

He could not let this happen!

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