19 80% Shares!

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It was time to check in!

The chance was finally here!

Chen Yun looked at the check-in button in front of him. He was looking forward to it.

He pressed the button.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the check-in mission.]

[You have obtained 20% of Sacred Heaven Entertainment's shares.]

A dice appeared in front of Chen Yun, and the Random Double skill was activated.

Without a doubt, another four appeared!

[You have obtained 80% of Sacred Heaven Entertainment's shares.]

He had obtained 80% of the shares!

Chen Yun looked at the screen in front of him and gasped. Then, he quickly took out his phone and searched.

Sacred Heaven Entertainment was located in Jiang City. It was one of the top five entertainment companies in the entire country. Its market value was more than ten billion!

In other words, Chen Yun had 80% of their shares, which meant that he had eight to nine billion yuan in his hands!

This was too ruthless!

At the same time, the light screen flickered.

[Distributing shares!]

[Modifying information!]

[Modification complete!]


The next moment, a call came in.

"Hello." Chen Yun picked it up.

"Hello, Director. I'm the professional manager hired by Sacred Heaven Entertainment, Ma Ke. I just received news that you've bought the shares that originally belonged to the Lu Family and are now the largest shareholder of Sacred Heaven Entertainment. I would like to ask you about your next strategic plan for Sacred Heaven Entertainment." The deep and sonorous voice had a heavy feeling.

It made one feel at ease.

At the same time, Chen Yun also understood the effect of the system. The system actually bought the shares directly.

The person who called should be the person who temporarily helped manage Sacred Heaven Entertainment.

He was a professional manager.

He was someone with professional managerial competencies who engaged in management work for the benefit of enterprises or other economic bodies.

In other words, he was a high-ranking manager. To put it bluntly, CEOs were mostly in this profession.

Thus, he managed the company for Chen Yun. If he could profit, he could continue working. If he couldn't he had to leave. This was the job of a professional manager.

This was also the reason why the other party was so respectful to Chen Yun.

"I don't have a strategic plan for the next stage yet. I'll just follow your previous plan. If I have time in the near future, I'll go over and inspect the situation."

"Okay, Director Chen." After hearing Chen Yun's words, Ma Ke immediately responded and hung up.

On the other side.

Beside a glass wall of the 100-story tall building that housed Sacred Heaven Entertainment.

Ma Ke looked out at the prosperity of Jiang City and sighed silently. His heart was in turmoil. He almost thought that he had called the wrong number.

Judging from the other party's voice, he was just a young person.

However, right now such a young person actually owned 80% of Sacred Heaven Entertainment's shares!

Moreover, he had bought them from the Lu family!

One had to know that this was not just about money!

He also had to have a good background!

He had thought that Chen Yun would make drastic changes to the organization upon taking charge, but the other party did not say anything.

Forget it!

No matter what, he was a professional manager!

Although he was a CEO, he worked for others and earned money for them.

If he couldn't earn money for Chen Yun, he wouldn't have to work anymore.

Therefore, he had to work hard for the new director!

On the yacht.

Chen Yun held the back of his neck with both hands and quickly calmed down. He realized that his temperament was rapidly improving.

He believed that not long after, he would be able to maintain a calm face while his heart was in turmoil.

Meanwhile, Wang Menghan and the other two played with their phones for a while before going to take a shower.

After taking a shower, they changed into casual clothes and walked into the kitchen. An extremely delicious smell assaulted their senses.

It simply made them drool!

"Come and eat. I just processed the seafood a little. I didn't add too many seasonings. Only then can I ensure that the seafood maintains its original taste." Chen Yun said. Then, he took out a crab from a metal pot, opened the shell, and ate the crab roe.

It was abnormally delicious and filled with bliss!

The two pots of seafood, including the ornate spiny lobster, were boiled after being processed slightly.

If it didn't taste good enough, they could dip it in garlic paste.

This was the correct way to eat seafood.

For example, eating seafood with chili or mala1, which was done in the mainland, simply covered up the taste of the seafood.

Most importantly, Chen Yun wondered if they used a heavy taste to cover up the stench because the seafood was not fresh enough when it was shipped to the mainland.

When the girls saw Chen Yun start eating, they quickly sat down and took the seafood.

As soon as the seafood entered their mouths, it popped. The juice was delicious!

This was a true delicacy!

"It's so delicious!"

"I used to eat seafood with garlic, but I didn't expect that just boiling the seafood will make it several times better than eating it with garlic!"

"It's incredible."

Wang Menghan looked at Chen Yun and shook her head. She had really learned from Chen Yun what it meant to not waste ingredients.

After the three of them ate for a while, they took out their phones and posted the food on their Moments.

For a moment, the people's resentment boiled.

This was simply attracting hatred!

Lin Yu, Zhang Jing, and Wang Menghan's manager, Zhang Xiaozi, were all green with envy. They wished they were on the yacht right now.

After eating, the three girls lay on recliners and basked in the sun.

Xiao Xin rubbed her round belly with a satisfied expression.

The other two girls did the same. Their stomachs bulged slightly.

This was getting out of hand.

It was difficult to even turn over.

However, they believed that if they were given another pot of seafood, they would be able to finish it.

After the four of them played for a while, they sailed back to the dock.

Zhang Hai, who was playing poker with a few people, saw the luxury yacht coming back. He threw the cards in his hand and walked out with a smile.

"Mr. Chen, you're back. Are you satisfied with this trip? Did you encounter any trouble?"

"No, everything's fine. I'll leave my yacht with you."

"Oh, alright. Mr. Chen, don't worry. I'll get someone to clean it for you every day. I guarantee that it will be brand new whenever you come." Zhang Hai patted his chest and took out a Zhonghua cigarette from his pocket. "Mr. Chen, do you want one?"

"I don't smoke."

Then, Chen Yun smiled. "Then I'll have to trouble you. We'll work together again when we have time."

"Alright, alright."

Zhang Hai watched the two cars drive away. This was the life of a rich young master. He had a luxury car, beautiful women, and a lot of money. Zhang Hai was so envious.

His brothers beside him were also ashamed of their inferiority.

"Brother Hai, tell me, how much money does this master have? He probably has tens of millions."

"Ten million? Do you see the watch on his wrist? That small item costs seven to eight hundred thousand yuan! The car costs three million yuan! Furthermore, the yacht behind costs six million yuan!"

"Moreover, when the contract for the yacht was signed, he didn't even come to take a look. He didn't care at all. Do you know how much money he has? He's different from people like us who sell and rent boats."

These few words shocked the brothers. Their eyes widened. They simply could not believe what they had heard. This was too shocking!

"We can't compare with him. Let's go back and play cards." Zhang Hai shook his head.

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