First comes baby then comes love.

Author: All_Smilez09
Contemporary Romance
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What is First comes baby then comes love.

Read ‘First comes baby then comes love.’ Online for Free, written by the author All_Smilez09, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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The world's greatest mage, Yuli Weyfall, has lived a life subservient to his King and best friend, Vance Law. Spending 257 years of his life in hellish battlefields, he had always strived to help Vance conquer the first circle of the realm of the unknown. Finally standing at the edge of the first circle, they arrive at an ancient door and are met with a small red individual who calls himself the Great Imp. The Great Imp offers Vance an opportunity to obtain greater power, and the ability to cross over to the second circle- but at the price of his greatest ally's life. Yuli promptly died when Vance agreed, with the most nonchalant "sure" Yuli had ever heard in his entire life. He was sent straight to hell, dragged away by a laughing Imp and horrified by the easy betrayal of his best friend. On the way to hell, the Great Imp gives a different offer to Yuli. A chance at revenge. But as Yuli showed reluctance to take revenge on the person he saw as the ideal hero and his best friend, the Great Imp showed him what type of man Vance truly was by showing past memories of Vance's life. The side of Vance that Yuli had not seen was vile, wicked and manipulative. He was even shown the moment when Vance decided to put on a persona of a great friend to fool Yuli into thinking he was truly a friend. It was all artificial and planned by Vance from the very start, only a few days after they had first met. And Yuli was a fool to not see it for nearly two and a half centuries. The Great Imp offered once more the chance for Yuli to take revenge and take control of his life from the start. Yuli accepted. The Great Imp snapped his fingers and Yuli is sent back in time to a place and moment so familiar and important to him. The place where he met Vance for the first time. At the grand tournament of the Kings.

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