The Conceited Stall Owner

Still wondering why one of her senior brothers were named after one of her favourite things to eat, Sofie looked at the place she turned her head and saw what could only be described as the most wonderful thing to ever exist.

"Chicken nuggets~! Come and try our brand-new chicken nuggets for free~!"

The godly voice coming out from a man below the flower viewing platform drew Sofie's attention, as she quickly towards him before Xiao Yao and Yang Meng had the time to react.

After dodging people from left and right, Sofie successfully managed to make her way down the flower viewing platform and get the free chicken nugget from the stall owner. Apparently, the chicken nugget was something that was invented at the mainland and was therefore not so well known in places like the south Islands where Sofie was living at the moment.

The stall owner had a big dream and wanted to start selling the chicken nuggets all over the south islands and maybe even spread his chicken nuggets to the mainland one day, though the competition at the mainland would be fiercer than it was here in the south islands. The chicken nugget was after all invented there…

Finishing his speech about how great his chicken nugget empire would grow in the future, the stall owner gave Sofie another free chicken nugget and smiled confidently at the surrounding customers.

"When are you going to stop your damn monologue? It's not like you're holding a sermon or something!"

Sofie quickly turned her attention away from the two chicken nuggets in her hand and looked at the man who spoke up earlier.

The man who spoke up looked quite angry and was even a senior disciple… Not that she had any junior disciples, Sofie thought sadly to herself.

From the short moment Sofie was thinking about how sad it was that she didn't have any junior brothers or sisters to take care of, the stall owner and senior disciple in question had started a heated argument with one another.

"Who are you to complain!? I run my stall how I want to! Do I really need to serve such a rude person who can't even wait a few minutes for an elder to finish talking? Young people these days have no respect for their elders."

On the other side, the senior disciple looked like he was about to punch the stall owner in the face at any given moment. 'A few minutes!?! Respect my elder?! Who the heck is it you are trying to fool at this point? You clearly look even younger than me! And what is up with the 'few minutes'? I have clearly been standing here listening to you bragging about yourself to the junior sister in front of you for the last 30 minutes!'

Not knowing what do faced with such a shameless person, the senior disciple opted that it was better to stay as far away from the stall owner as possible and left quickly. Not daring to linger around any longer, fearing that the stall owner would start talking again.

Sofie looked on from the side and started to admire the young stall owner, not because of his ability to act shameless enough to scare a senior disciple away, but because she had finally tasted the chicken nugget in her hand.

Now that is what a chicken nugget is supposed to taste like!

With stars shinning in her eyes, Sofie looked away from the stall owner and started consuming the rest of the chicken nuggets. Indeed, the stall owner wa definitely going to succeed in building his business empire in the future!

"Sofie! We finally managed to find you!"

Wondering whether she could make the stall owner give her another free chicken nugget, Sofie felt a certain someone grabbing onto her from behind and hugging her tightly.

"Yao… hah…. Release me… I… hah… Can't breathe!"

"Ah, S-sorry"

Quickly releasing the now half dead Sofie, Xiao Yao panicked slightly as Yang Meng reacted and caught Sofie before she managed to hit the ground.

"Are you ok Sofie?"

Yang Meng asked in a worried tone, while inspecting the half dead state Sofie was currently in. Maybe she passed out?

"I-I'm fine…J-Just ned a second to breath."

Sofie who looked like a person who was passed out a moment ago opened her eyes and started breathing in and out rapidly, trying to get the air so lost during the tight hug back into her body again.

"S-so where do you two think Yue Wan ran away to?"

"No idea, For now I think we should just start going back to the dinning hall as it is starting to get a little late by now."

Clearly trying to divert the subject away from how she had almost hugged Sofie to death a moment ago, Yang Meng chose to ignore it and allowed Xiao Yao to escape from the awkward topic of her hugging problem.

Sofie just stared at Xiao Yao sharply for a moment before agreeing to go back towards the dining hall, she had indeed thought too lightly of her roommate just now!

Even if Xiao Yao protected her from Yue Wan, she was still dangerous and couldn't be fully trusted yet. Thinking this, Sofie decided that she would not let Xiao Yao hug her any time soon lest she wanted to die an early death.

Just thinking about her tomb stone having the words 'death by hugging' written on it made her tear up slightly. Death by overeating or death by fluffing cute creatures sounded like something way more heroic than death by hugging!

Maybe she should not start thinking about how she was going to die… She was only ten after all and haven't tasted all the delicacies that the world had to offer yet! What would she do if there was something like chicken nuggets still out there waiting for her to eat it, but never got the opportunity due to her early death!?

Luckily, she chose to become a cultivator like her big sister! And from what her big sister had told her, cultivators had a harder time dying and could even live much longer than normal people!

The prospect of living even longer than the normal 60 to 70 years a normal person lived intrigued her and was one of the main reasons why she had started cultivating in the first place.

After all, the longer she lived, the more of the world she could explore and the more of the world she explored, the more unique and delicious food she could taste! She would definitely put her all into cultivating, so she could one day taste all the delicacies the world had to offer!

With another goal set, Sofie might have forgotten the original purpose of cultivating to be able to see her big sister again… Food was definitely important to Sofie. Maybe even her big sister could not hold a candle compared to it…

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