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"You can't let her live, she can create more hybrids." Silas nods at him "I know."Silas answered, and I flinched. My entire body recoiled. His Jaw tightened. Hands trembling, I scuttled backwards for the door, unable to look away from the glaze of hurt on his face. "I'm sorry," I whisper and I wasn't sure why I was even apologising. I turned around, blindly staggering out the door into the cold. Picking up my foot, I started running. Running as fast as my feet could take me. He wanted to kill me, a ragged sob left me. Running further into the trees, everything that happened between us was forgotten....... There was no warning, no sound, nothing. An arm circle around my waist catching me, I shrieked as my feet slipped out from under me. My feet dangle in the air. I knew who it was before he even spoke. Rage feels all this because of who I was. I punched at his back as he throws us into the snow. "Don't ever run from us." He growled, yanking my hair back. His eyes were fully black and fangs out, then he struck. His two fangs ripping into my skin, pain lanced my neck, causing my entire body to jerk. The burn travelled all the way through my body, this was a different feeling from him feeding. I couldn't move, I was paralysed in his arm. I felt warm liquid entering my body, I shook as it mixed with my blood. I could feel him in my entire system, everything changed. The intense hurting became something else, something overwhelming in an entirely different way. A new ache flared inside me, heating my blood until it felt like every part of me was filling with molten lava. He wasn't killing me, he was marking me The world where humans have been gone for years. Were werewolves, witches and demons rules. Lyanna snow was found in the woods by a farmer, taking the little girl back to his village with shock. How a human come to find herself in their woods. Deciding to let her live her life with them, one human in the midst of werewolves. King Silas has ruled over the witches, demons and werewolves for hundreds of years as the last of the Lycan. For years the same nightmare has hunted his sleep, the moon goddess calls for him, warning him. He sees the world he fought for turning into nothing but ashes at the hands of a woman. King Silas goes on the hunt for the witch, town to town not leaving any stone unturned. *Warning* 18+