Fire Alfa Wolf (BL) Book

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Fire Alfa Wolf (BL)


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"Leo why the fuck am I here, I will not love you, never ever" I am chained by this man a big strong man. I will leave this place for sure even if I have to die I will never accept this man's proposal he never understands love and I have no love for a man like him. We know each other for years but now it looks like I don't know him as he changed into a beast who killed a whole village even the women and children. Tristian knows what he wants but can he leave Leo as they are bound to be together since birth. The prophecy ' Fire must unite to change the fate of their own or change the cruel destiny waiting for them' needs to be fulfilled but someone, the one who does not want this to be fulfilled, will do everything to stop it. Both Leo and Tristian are not aware of this prophecy and the danger waiting for them since their birth. Witches, warlocks, vampires, and werewolfs need to be in this together to face the danger but the thousand years of enemies can trust each other. Although Leo and Tristian and not getting along how can others will?


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