Finding Purpose In The Multiverse: Meta Essence Quest Mode

When I woke up in another dimension, surrounded by nothingness and a ROB. I did not know I would be offered to quest around the multiverse to fix different problems or gain power. But we both knew the real reason; it was more than simply questing across the multiverse. It was my journey to become more and find my purpose. (All properties, characters, and settings mentioned belong to their original creators) ( Except chapters in the middle or end of the day)

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Becoming The Monster of Mobile

Entry 5:

Emily Piggot POV:

The Director of the Protectorate, a job that she did not want and did not care for. To this day, she still has to take meds for what she saw back in Ellisburg, as she had to watch her team members, her friends, and many heroes fall to the whims of one parahuman.

Nilibog, was its name, and all it took, was the freak creating all of those biological monstrosities to lead to the deaths of thousands. It still haunts her to this day, the visions of all of those people left at the mercy of a bio tinker.

She then looked over the file that appeared on her desk that details the powers of one Linus Ozias, who, seemingly only wields a basic brute rating that being an enhanced body.

A power that would never match up to the force field, created by glory girl, or the sheer invisibility of Alexandria.

Ask anyone on the streets what powers one would want to have and they would go to something like Eidolon or Alexandria or maybe a high-level tinker with a varied specialization.

(To understand the powers of Eidolon and Alexandria, it's important to have a basic understanding of what they are. Eidolon allows for the utilization of multiple abilities, while Alexandria grants flight, invincibility, super speed, and super strength. Additionally, Tinkers are parahumans who can achieve god-like status in one specific field of study.)

Yet when she was watching that boy through the cameras, as he did his power testing, and heard his speech, she began to feel something she has not felt in a long time. Hope that things could be better.

Linus POV:

Leaving the Protectorate, I searched for a place to settle down and start my business. I stumbled upon a motel close to the Protectorate headquarters and booked a room. It's quite amazing to see that a motel room doesn't cost a fortune in the early 2000s.

As I enter the motel, a receptionist behind the table seems to be nodding off, but as I press the bell near her, she is awake and says in a practiced tone of voice.

" Good evening, Sir; how may I help you tonight?" I respond by saying in an even tone, "How much does it cost for a week's worth to stay here?".

The receptionist quickly calculated the cost and stated that a week's stay without food would cost $750.

I then pay the woman in cash from the $1000. I saved from my sales back at the pawnshop and I was then given my room key.

Luckily, the room itself was on the first floor room 69 ironically enough and as I enter the room, it is relatively clean with only a bed and a desk with a clock on it as well as a bathroom attached

I then think to myself, "This will be enough for now, as within a week, I should be able to locate a base of operations to use. But first, I need to find myself a computer".

I then sink into bed and fell asleep for the night . As it has been a long day, I fall asleep, hopeful for the next day.

-6 Hours Later- (7:00A.M)

Upon waking up, I start my stretching routine. Despite the dark winter morning, navigating the city is not a problem.

Yesterday's visit to the Protector proved helpful as I was able to locate a decent map. Luckily, my basic flip phone had a capture feature, so I took a picture of it for reference.

To exercise my magic pool, I practiced my creation magic by placing various items into my backpack after traveling for an hour. Luckily, there's a 24/7 electronic store nearby where I can purchase basic iPhones and laptops if needed.

Upon entering the store, I carefully examined their diverse array of parts. Although they do sell laptops, my intention was to create my own with the help of knowledge from the DC universe.

This store has all the necessary components I need to make it happen. Additionally, I was thrilled to discover that I could also purchase a basic phone to aid in my app development.

To launch a successful start-up, I recognized the need to offer innovative forms of entertainment. This includes developing apps, creating engaging games like console and mobile games, and offering popular PC games such as Overwatch and various Battle Royale Games.

I then begin to say to myself, in a bit of a quietly manic tone, "I will be rich after all. He who controls the gacha controls the world".

Although, my quiet chuckling does seem to unnerve the workers there, and after collecting enough parts, I was able to place all of them in a cart that I created using my creation magic. After a hefty purchase of over $1000, I left the store a pleased man.

Fortunately, it was early in the morning, and not many people were out and about. Only those that we're just going to work. And because my motel is so close to the Protectorate, I didn't have to worry about being mugged. (I love the protagonist luck.)

As I lay out all the parts in my room. I began to create the most advanced PC I could with what I had, which was leaps and bounds ahead of the current models.

While more advanced computers did exist, they were all Tinker Tech which was not available to the general public.

After successfully getting the PC up and running, I started developing basic applications such as Balloons, Tower Defense, and Temple Run. These apps were priced at $1.00 each. I also began working on a template for an AI that could take on more of the workload.

"First the Mobile World then World Domination, and then profit". I muttered to myself as I worked.

The hours then begin to fly by as the sun begins to rise, heralding a new day with people running here, and there, in addition to the classic crimes being done as I could hear gunshots from my motel room.

I then use my newly created personal computer to locate real estate, specifically ones that were outside of the city that had plenty of space, which, due to the derelict nature of the city, had quite the abundance of.

While I was searching for real estate, I noticed a weird amount of Secret Base-esque real estate. I then began to think, "Is this how a supervillain feels when establishing their base"?.

I was able to buy a property for just $30,000. Although it was a significant expense, I knew that I would earn the money back once I developed more advanced games using my AI.

Although, I had to be careful in developing an AI as its creation could catch the attention of the dragon slayers led by Saint. Who were essentially hardcore. techno haters that jumped at any mention of AI.

The dragon slayers possess a code that can eradicate all of dragon with the push of a button. This is concerning because without dragon, the world would be at a greater risk.

However, I will focus on dealing with the idiot techno haters. Add another time as now I need to focus on developing the first versions of Temple Run and Balloons Tower Defense.

These versions will have additional paid purchases that will allow players to access cosmetics and different towers, which they can earn by playing the game. Having this option is a nice touch.

"God I feel as scummy as EA right now, but it must be done for the fate of the world" I say, in a solemn tone.

To ensure that the apps released on the market are not Tinker Tech spyware, Protectorate tech teams dissect them for a few hours before they are released.

And soon enough, the profits begin to roll in, and as I watch the value of my bank account climb, I realize that this is but the first step.