Final Fantasy Frontier

MC gets Transmigrated to the Final Fantasy Metaverse under mysterious circumstances. Though his adventure starts in the world of Final Fantasy 9, it's only the very beginning of a journey spanning multiple worlds.

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103 Chs

An Abrupt Beginning

Life, as they say, isn't easy. However, once you take a step back from the burden of expectation, obligation, and the hustle and bustle of interacting with a society you might not feel a part of, discovering something you can treasure becomes surprisingly simple.

While some found serenity in nature and creative pursuits, Andrew was among the more than three billion people who found solace in the world of video games. His favorite genre was Role-Playing Games, and among the countless series and franchises, the one Andrew enjoyed most of all was Final Fantasy.

Though he had spent thousands of hours in games such as Final Fantasy XIV and modding Final Fantasy XV, Andrew's favorite games in the series were the timeless classics such as VII, IX, and X. VIII wasn't bad, per se, but the edgy tone and convoluted plot prevented Andrew from enjoying it as much as the other installations from the same era.

If asked what his favorite Final Fantasy game was, Andrew would not hesitate to answer 9. The stylized cel-shaded graphics gave it a lot of charm, but the thing that kept Andrew going back to it at least once a year, going on twenty-one years straight, were the themes of Identity, Existence, Love, Friendship, Acceptance, and Forgiveness, all things he felt were 'lacking' in modern society...

As sad as it might sound to some, Andrew saw Final Fantasy IX as a refuge, a realm where he could immerse himself in a narrative rich with profound themes that he believed resonated deeply, not just with himself, but 'humanity.' As he immersed himself in the journey of Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, and the rest of the eclectic, incredibly diverse cast, Andrew found solace in their personal struggles, their triumphs, and their unwavering bonds of friendship.

In the world of Final Fantasy IX, Andrew discovered a sanctuary where questions of identity and existence were explored with nuance and depth. The characters' quests for self-discovery mirrored his personal yearning for understanding and compassion in a society that often felt detached and impersonal. The exploration of love and friendship within the game's narrative offered Andrew a sense of connection, reminding him of the beauty and power of genuine, meaningful interaction.

Moreover, the themes of acceptance and forgiveness in Final Fantasy IX struck a chord with Andrew. In a world that often seemed unforgiving and judgmental, the game's portrayal of characters overcoming their past and finding redemption resonated deeply with Andrew. So much so that he had been spurned more times than he could count, choosing to believe in the goodness of people rather than allowing himself to be overwhelmed by the currents of hatred and negativity so many others found themselves trapped in and consumed by.

For Andrew, Final Fantasy IX represented a timeless tale, a beautiful story, and an escape, allowing him to tap into the emotions and themes he longed to experience and share. Thus, even after beating the game more times than he could count, he would invariably return to the worlds of Terra and Gaia, embarking on another playthrough and rediscovering the magic of a world that embraced the ideals he cherished, reminding him of the capacity of all people to grow, connect, and discover hope in even the direst of circumstances...




'What's going on? What is this place...?' asked Andrew, opening his eyes to find himself floating through what looked like space, drawn forward by an invisible force. At least, he thought it was his body being pulled along, but when he looked down, only emptiness awaited him.

Though he would have panicked in any other situation, Andrew found his absence of a body strangely 'comforting.' A prominent chill permeated his being, but he felt relaxed and at peace rather than cold or discomfited.

'Whatever...' muttered Andrew, attempting to close his 'eyes' but finding he could still perceive the world around him.

'I guess you can't close what you don't have..." thought Andrew, imagining himself chuckling. He tried to laugh aloud, but he had no voice with which to speak. His only companions within the seemingly boundless expanse of space, populated by innumerable specks of multi-colored lights, were his thoughts...




After what felt like an eternity, or maybe just a few minutes, the force drawing Andrew forward began to weaken, giving him the impression he was in a car slowing rapidly. He didn't have any guts to lurch, but he felt 'something' drawn up from within him as one of the many lights he had noticed amid the vast expanse rapidly expanded in size, eventually filling his vision with a gigantic, predominately blue crystal.

'This looks incredibly familiar...' thought Andrew, recalling a near-identical sight from the MMO he had played on and off for the past decade, Final Fantasy XIV. More specifically, the massive, multi-faceted crystal, veiled in ethereal light, reminded him of the Mothercrystal, Hydaelyn, before she revealed her 'true' form.

Sending shivers through Andrew's nonexistent body, a deep, feminine voice emanated from the crystal, stating, "Your thoughts are correct. I am indeed Hydaelyn, though not the one you are knowledgeable of. But that is a discussion for another time. Now, you must make a choice."

'A choice...?' asked Andrew, his mind full of questions but deciding to hear what Hydaelyn had to say rather than pestering her incessantly.

"Indeed," replied Hydaelyn, her voice sounding 'softer' as she said, "You are someone who immersed yourself in our worlds more than your own, cherishing the lives of the people you lived vicariously through. As such, I pose to you this question: will you become a resident of my world?"

Setting aside his other questions, Andrew focused on the most important, asking, 'Will I become the Warrior of Light...?'

"That depends on the world you choose," replied Hydaelyn. At the same time, seventeen smaller crystals appeared before Andrew, each with a distinctive color, but the most important thing was that the first sixteen had Roman numerals representing each main series Final Fantasy game while the last, a deep crimson crystal, had an infinity symbol etched into its surface.

Understanding what all but the last crystal represented, Andrew asked, 'Will I become the protagonist of the world I choose to enter? And, if so, will I inherit their memories and experiences? I wasn't exactly the fittest or most athletic person in what I assume was my past life...'

"I cannot grant you their memories or experiences, but as these worlds are based on the games you experienced in your past life, I can provide access to the associated Menus," replied Hydaelyn, giving Andrew 'a lot' to think about.

As it would drastically influence his final decision, Andrew, after several minutes of deliberation, tentatively inquired, 'Will the world I'm sent to look like the games I'm familiar with, or will it more closely resemble the world I came from...?'

"The general theme and aesthetics of the world will be faithful to what you remember, but you don't have to worry about ending up in a world where you're an 8-Bit character or a polygonal model," replied Hydaelyn, her voice carrying a discernible trace of amusement.

'Then I choose the world of Final Fantasy 9,' declared Andrew. The best option was probably FFXIV or the mysterious infinity symbol, but he knew he would regret it for the rest of his second life if he didn't choose FFIX as his starting point. It was the game/world he was most knowledgeable of, and though there was no guarantee she would fall for him, the Heroine of Final Fantasy IV, Princess Garnet Til Alexandros the Seventeenth, was his favorite among the classics. Yuna was definitely up there, alongside Tifa and Aerith, but Andrew would prefer to avoid the suffering that Tidus and Cloud had to experience. Then again, he could potentially do a lot of good in both worlds...

Seeing through Andrew's thoughts, Hydaelyn proposed, "Then, how about this? I will link you to the sixteen core worlds and vest you with the ability to communicate and move between them. Time will not flow in the worlds you have yet to visit, but the process cannot be reversed once you do. To ensure the most satisfying end, I suggest you wait until you have become sufficiently powerful before venturing to other worlds."

'That is more than I could have ever hoped for,' replied Andrew, imagining himself bowing before the massive, majestic crystal. There was a chance that everything he was currently experiencing was what some referred to as a lucid dream, but even if that was the case, Andrew intended to enjoy it for as long as it lasted...




"Hey, kid, you can't sleep here. Move it," said the gruff, audibly annoyed voice of a man, prompting Andrew to open his eyes, groaning as he did so.

Staring up at the man, Andrew was about to ask what he wanted but stopped when he noticed the middle-aged man's appearance. He had receding grey hair that seriously needed shampooing, a full beard with visible stains around his mouth, and peculiar grey eyes. However, what caused him to stand out more than anything else, at least to Andrew, was that he looked like a character from a high-end cinematic.

"You soft in the head or something...?" asked the man, surprising Andrew with a weak kick as he grumbled, "Either way, you're not my problem. Get out of here before I call the guards."

Rising to his feet, Andrew forced a smile and replied, "I hear you. No need to resort to violence or call the guards. I'm going."

"Less talking, more walking," quipped the man, shooing Andrew away with his hands. The latter was moderately annoyed by the man's actions, but as he was still getting his bearings, he decided not to make a scene or tell the man to fuck off. He had much higher priorities at the moment.

While moving away from the rude man, Andrew's frustration was rapidly replaced by excitement as he took in the sights, sounds, and people going about their business in a cluttered yet colorful city. He couldn't be certain, but he was roughly 90% sure he had awoken in Lindblum, one of the three major cities of the Mist Continent, the largest and most populace of the four continents that comprised Gaia.

Tearing his eyes away from his incredibly detailed surroundings and the many colorful and fascinating individuals walking the street, Andrew peered into the reflective glass window of a small candy store, the smile on his face becoming an expression of shock. The face staring back at him was familiar, possessing short, spiky, golden-blonde hair and bright blue eyes, but it wasn't what he expected. Hydaelyn's words implied he would transfer into the body of Final Fantasy 9's main character, Zidane Tribal. However, while Andrew shared most of Zidane's features, including

a monkey-like tail awkwardly protruding from his rear, he definitely wasn't the dashing, sixteen-year-old rogue.

Contrasting Zidane's medium-length, neatly parted hair and ponytail, Andrew's hair was short and swept to the side, similar to his hair from his previous life but much spikier. More notably, he was much taller and, as far as he knew, better built than Zidane, his height exceeding 6'(182cm) and his figure resembling a professional brawler's. Furthermore, while his face was handsome, he appeared to be in his early to mid-twenties, not a teenager.

'Could this be a consequence of Hydaelyn linking the worlds?' wondered Andrew. However, even if he weren't Zidane, he didn't mind. His monkey-like tail suggested he was a Genome, basically Final Fantasy 9's version of a Saiyan. Genomes possessed incredible potential, superhuman reflexes, and innate magical prowess, so as long as he made an effort, he shouldn't fall too far behind the heroes and heroines he was fated to encounter.

Recalling his conversation with Hydaelyn, Andrew muttered, "Menu..." in the hope of seeing a system interface of some sort appear in front of him. What materialized was a grey window with a white border and text, the left side displaying his photo, status, and current location in the bottom left-hand corner, while the right was a drop-down menu displaying tabs for Items, Equipment, Abilities, Correspondence, Links, and Transfers...


Andrew Ashford

AP: 18/18

Speed: 18

Strength: 23

Magic: 21

Spirit: 28

Attack: 10

Defense: 6

Evasion: 5

M. Defense: 6

M. Evasion: 4


WeaponR: Unarmed

WeaponL: Unarmed

Head: None

Body: Leather Shirt

Hands: Wrist

Legs: Linen Pants

Feet: Leather Boots

Shield: None

AccessoryEar: None

AccessoryNeck: None

AccessoryRight: None

AccessoryLeft: None

AccessoryBelt: Leather Belt

Abilities: None