140 Unfortunate Kyubi (1)

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The situation is rather simple. Kushina talks. While she doesn't with other Shinobi of the village who scorned her out of fear, she certainly is a chatterbox around her 'friends' which also means a giant monstrous ball of despairing fur that questions its decision of 'helping' Kushina every night because she would sincerely return to just chat for two hours...

Two hours...


But at this moment, this ain't about Kyubi.

Hiraishin is an extremely versatile Jutsu that revolves entirely around the Shinobi's personal seal. Kai could teleport to these marks in a second, he could even bring others to these points as long as they are in contact with them. There are other diverse uses, too, for instance, teleporting an object from one seal to another.

In this case, Kai does not need to teleport alongside them. But this move has its own restriction. First, the seal cannot move and because this move's essence was to send the target independently, the user cannot make a seal on himself. Second, because of the first point, the user needs to form another seal every time or use it through an object which makes its use understandable in the eyes of experienced shinobi.

Of course, two users of Hiraishin can cooperate. Usually, their private seals mean that they will not accidentally transport to another's seal, but if they cooperate, the fatality of this skill increases by many folds.

And then there is the enhancement from Senjutsu Chakra. When this is used... most of the restrictions of the Hiraishin are lifted to some extent. With just this skill... any person should remain content.

But damn it!

Kai wants a tailed beast or something similar for the grind!

At this moment, He, Mikoto, Kushina, and Nono are in a forest near the Land of Rain. Wherever Kai goes, he would place the Hiraishin seals, and since these seals are permanent, Kai now boasts qualifications for travel guidance beyond the comprehension of OG travel guide— Sakumo Hatake.

In the forest, at this moment, everyone stares at Kushina with amazement, even Kai. Last time he had to smack down the eager rebel but this time he could observe patiently.

She is coated in visibly glowing orange-red chakra that seems to have turned her red tresses into clumps of flowing flames behind. Her skin radiates with chakra as two 'horn'-like chakra constructs grow from the side of her forehead but Kai knew it was in the appearance of Kyubi's ears. Her violet irides take on a crimson glow and her round pupil now morphs into slits. Strangely, however, unlike the usual 'beast' chakra form where she is covered in filaments of chaotic chakra, Kushina's surface has marks. In the center of her forehead is the [Strength of Sage Symbols] but unlike its usual orange glow, it is pitch-black and contrasts with the cloak of chakra on her.

Next, right above her chest, on the region of her collars, six black tomoes are imprinted at an equal space. The swirling mark of the Uzumaki Symbol adorns the sides of her shoulder, too. Straights black lines criss-cross on the frame of her body.

"Amazing..." Mikoto whispers. Nono nods, too, and adjusts her glasses. The sheer power radiating from Kushina has them on their edges. But then they glance at Kai who could make this beast submit and then they realize how much he must be holding back when sparring with the.

"Do you know why your chakra cloak is so different?" Kai suddenly questions, "You've had this over a week now. Ordinary chakra mods of Tailed-beasts cover them in filaments of chakra, tails sprouting out, and forming chakra constructs similar to their special body part."

Kushina grows silent. She has been working on herself this week, after all. But she utters a groan and pouts, "Kyubi won't tell me, dattebane!"

But then she looks a little confused and adds, "He did say it's because I'm an Uzumaki but refused to add anything else."

Kai, of course, understands how this chakra mode works.

It is highly similar to [Lightning Cloak Technique] and [Sage Mode] where the user can utilize a special composition of chakra to enhance themselves. Lightning Cloak relies on Lightning Nature Transformation and Sage Mode relies on Nature Energy.

'So, the only real difference... if Tailed Beasts can grant strength from chakra, it means their chakra is more special than ordinary ones. They are said to be made of chakra... so maybe each Tailed Beast has its own composition of chakra different than humans? How does Kyubi's chakra differ from us and other Tailed-Beasts?'

The group did not choose to arrive so far from the village just for talking.

Silently, Kai and Nono step away while Mikoto stands out. Her sharingan already whirls to life with three tomoes in each eye as she observes Kushina carefully while unsheathing her tanto. The moment the Uchiha blinks, she finds Kushina's face right in front of her— a few centimeters away!

Mikoto's eyes widen but then she blinks and chuckles wryly, "I can't even put you in Genjutsu..."

At this moment, Mikoto is in a dark space. Kushina is giggling impishly while still in her chakra mode but behind her, Mikoto sees a gigantic behemoth whose eyes remain shut as if the Uchiha isn't even worth its attention. Mikoto quickly pulls herself out of the reverse genjutsu that was reflected on her due to the sheer difference in raw qualities while Kushina still stands in front of her with a wide grin.

"So? I'm the best, right!" Despite all this strength, she quickly looks for approval with smugness flickering in her gaze as Kushina smiles and flicks the adorable nuke's forehead, "Of course—"

"Ehm," Kai clears his throat, making Mikoto's smirk wider as she winks at Kushina, "— my fiance is the best in certain manners. Combat strength happens to be one of them."

Kushina pouts while Mikoto steps back, not really keen on challenging Kushina at the moment. Over the few months of being an instructor, Mikoto has gained some fame to her name. Her record is stellar and with Kakashi, Yahiko, and Anya, her reconnaissance team has completed one B-Ranked Mission, too. It's a great record because aside from Kakashi Hatake, Yahiko and Anya are still genins officially.

Because of her recent experience, Mikoto has developed more maturity. Well, she has always been mature when dealing with 'kids' like Kai and Kushina but the stability gained from surviving bloodshed and dangerous missions is a whole different situation.

Next, Nono steps out. Even if the difference is clear, she specializes in Genjutsu. What Kushina presented to this mistress is not despair but a grand challenge.

If she can pull Kushina into a Genjutsu... that would just mean she has grown greatly in this regard.

Of course, her specialization did not mean she is worse at Taijutsu or Ninjutsu. Kai saw to it that specialization does not become any of their weakness!

But... no matter how hard Nono tried, she failed, and only at the end does she conclude what Mikoto did at once because of her Sharingan.

"So... it's true that putting a Jinchuriki into a Genjutsu is an unimaginably hard task..."

Kushina nods with a grin, once again filled with pride...


Nono isn't the least bit 'gentle' as Mikoto or 'straight' as Kai. She's a manipulator. Her calm and gentle facade hides a terribly interesting monster that slips out rarely. Only someone tough like Tsunade and Kai can really keep her in check.

This is one of those moments.

Her eyes brighten behind her glasses as she licks her dry lips, "But it's not impossible. The quickest way to put you in genjutsu is to have mental fortitude greater than you and Kyubi combined! But that's not possible for me... hehe, so, I can only develop a Genjutsu that influences Kyubi through you. Not a Genjutsu that uses the six senses to control the opponent's chakra... but a Genjutsu that is volatile! A Genjutsu similar to a net! You will struggle against it, but it will still be around you due to its loose structure!"

Kushina suddenly hears a bark in the back of her mind, "Kill this crazy bitch! Quick!"

Kushina pouts and ignores the ranting of the demon on her shoulders and scoffs at Nono, "You can try. But every genjutsu can be broken!"

Nono just snickers and doesn't speak more but she already has a loose structure in her head. She is very efficient in this manner.

Finally, Kushina looks at Kai and reports arrogantly, "In these seven days, I learned a few things! I won't lose as badly!"

"Oh... oh you dumb little... tch, you use my strength and still don't even have the fucking confidence to say you can win?!" Kyubi's tired groan spurs Kushina as she retorts internally, too, "Alright then, dattebane! You control my body. If you can win against him, I will do whatever you say!"

Kyubi goes silent while Kushina scoffs internally again.

Meanwhile, more than curious about her growth, Kai steps out. He doesn't use the Lightning Cloak, Sage Mode, or Sage Transformation. His body is too strong already and while Kushina does get enhancements similar to Sage Mode, her body has been weaker than Kai's by a great margin despite the resilience of the Uzumaki Clansmen.

At this moment, Kai quietly waits for Kushina to make a move. He wouldn't take her lightly even if he is in Sage Mode. Why would he look down on her?

The only reason he could grow so quickly is his trait and his addiction to grind. But Kai could feel that his end point is the same as others. After all, even his trait shows a limit of 1000 points. So, the only difference between him and them is his pace of growth. That's all.

'Besides that, Tailed Beast Bombs have too many applications aside from just shooting blasts and explosions. Rasengun is based on it. If I can form Frostgun and other techniques... why can't others?'

Unknowingly, a smile spreads over his lips. A smile that shoots a chill down her spine and successively, ITS furry back!


Alternate Title: Nono's the Textbook Creep


A/N: I think Naruto's chakra mode is different than others not because of Kyubi. In my headcanon, there can be two reasons. Because he is the reincarnation of space jesus or because he is an Uzumaki and they will have a whole lore explosion in this fic soon enough.


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