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FGO: Evil God


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History is always written by winners. That is also the case with the Gods. While Humanity worships the righteous, the evil ones get all their hatred. One of these so-called evil Gods is sent to another world to complete a task by the person he hates the most. However, that task aligns with a wish his fallen friends entrusted him with. So, for now, he will comply. But eventually, he will get his revenge against them. If you expect a one punch man type of God just because he is, well, a God. This is not your story. Don't say I didn't warn you. This is my first time writing something and I will surely make mistakes, I hope you can kindly point them out so I can improve and bring all of you a better reading experience! ============================= DISCLAIMER ============================= I don't own any of the characters from Fate/Grand Order, all characters belong to their respective author. Make sure to support the original work. Cover not mine.

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