33 32. The Chase

"What are ye doin!?! Shoot the orses ye crazy Elf!" Tony had been shouting profanities at Ranger for the last couple of minutes hoping that with his urging she would either better her aim and her arrows would hit their targets or, as he had mentioned, she could just shoot their pursuers horses to prevent them from following them at all.

Ranger had a very annoyed face right now and even though she wasn't currently looking at Tony, Marlet and Mizu knew that it was directed at him. "I shall not kill creatures for simply following the instructions of their masters, otherwise I shall put an arrow through your throat for what you did as a slave. Dwarf." Ranger was fed up with the whining constantly heard beside hear ear and decided to just shut him up, without resorting to violence.

Ranger knew it was a low blow to say that to the dwarf but it was the truth. Yes it was partially her fault they were in this situation but had Kronos knew who was with them on the wagon he would have sent a larger capture force instead of this little retaliation party. Ranger could only thank whoever was looking out for them that Kronos had not sent out his stronger adventurers to ensure their capture.


One of Marlet's arrows shot past Ranger's face, causing her to inadvertently gulp the saliva in the back of her throat and send a quick glare at the feathered girl. Yes, the shot was necessary but did she need to have the tail feathers brush the tip of her nose?

Marlet had shot one of the perusers in the knee, causing them to be flung off their horse by the momentum and exponentially increasing the medical fees the poor soul would have to foot if they ever wanted to continue with this lifestyle. A small smirk had found its way onto her face unintentionally at what she had just done as well as the fact she had a 'Dragonborn System' for lack of a better term.

"Shoot tha bloody horses lass!" Tony had seen where the arrow had struck a scowl was forming on his face at the accuracy displayed by the two archers but their unwillingness to take an animal's life was starting to grate on his nerves. Marlet only briefly looked at the stout man beside her before continuing with what she had been doing before.

Shooting down those closest to them had yielded the desired result though as those chasing them had been whittled down by half and those still mounted had given the getaway carriage some distance so as not to be the next target of their former familia member or the strange girl with horns and wings.

"There's a clearing up ahead!" Mizu shouted over her shoulder whilst still clutching the reigns with white knuckles, "from what Tony says it should be close to the Elf's forest border." Mizu cracked the reigns hard hoping to get there a little faster.

Upon breaking the tree line the group entered a large clearing about the size of the coliseum in Orario and Marlet shot off into the sky to get a bird's eye view and hopefully provide cover from the air, positioning herself so that the sun is behind her. The wagon sped up slightly because of the decreased weight but it wasn't enough as seconds later 19 horses became visible and also spread out to cut of any other direction besides forward.

Marlet began drawing her bowstring back, ready to hail down a storm of arrows when she suddenly saw another group exiting the forest area before them. A small contingent of Elves had made themselves known, drawing bows and nocking arrows prepared to unleash a volley at a moments notice. A single Elf with more extravagant armour took a few steps ahead and launched a single arrow ahead of them, took a few steps back once it landed and shouted something with authority. The other elves all aimed their bows ahead, their intentions made abundantly clear.

Both Mizu and the group behind them came to a quick halt with the carriage almost in the middle of the clearing, everyone on guard for any funny movements the others might make.

"This doesn't concern you tree-folk! Leave us to our business and we shan't bother you!" Presumably the leader of the pursuers yelled out whilst still keeping an eye on Ranger specifically.

"You are about to enter the Elves domain, cross the marker and you shall be shot!" The same Elf who had shot the marker shouted back whilst another quickly ran back into the woods.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A third group had made their presence known whilst also walking into the clearing. Wearing typical adventurers garb and surrounding a blonde woman in a very protective manner whilst she didn't seem to have a care in the world.

"Now, now," Aphrodite had a smile as though she had just won a lottery, "here I am out on a peaceful stroll in the woods and happen to come across what is mine. How very interesting." Mizu let out a soft wimper only Tony and Ranger could hear and bundled up her tail in her lap, playing with it nervously. As Mizu was about to stand up Marlet came crashing down between the goddess and Renard, staring menacingly at her.

"We are no-one's property." There was a tone of finality to her voice that made Mizu only slightly less nervous. Seeing Marlet's back and wings partially blocking her view of the goddess also helped.

"We only want the Elf for crimes against Lord Kronos! Let is take her and you may do with the rest as you wish." The lackey shouted out to no-one in particular. They saw they couldn't get the whole group so they settled for their main target instead.

"What say you Elves? I am interested in the other 3. We won't even come close to your borders." Aphrodite had a very satisfied smile on her face seeing as she would get back what was hers and no toes would be stepped on after the last headache the escapees caused. The Elf leader only nodded once in agreement.

"Wonderful" Aphrodite all but sang in pleasure at getting what she had wanted. She gave a small motion for her familia members to complete the enclosure the lackeys had began to make. This blocked off the path before, behind and the left side for the escaped slaves. Marlet and company knew this as well but seeing the tired state of their steeds and the increased number of individuals after them it wouldn't take long before they were eventually caught up.

Marlet simply thought of having her 'sparks' on one hand and an axe in the other, ready to fight her way out and cause as much damage to these sick people as she possibly could. Ranger had also gotten her quiver ready to draw as many arrows in the shortest amount of time possible. As Marlet was about to subtly limber herself up in preparation for the fight ahead she heard a whimper behind her.

Casting a quick glance behind her she saw a sight the angered and confused her greatly.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so useless" Mizu was whimpering with tears at the corners of her eyes.

Right behind Mizu was Tony, using Mizu as a meat shield and his axe pressed against her throat. "Sorry lass, didn't want it to come to this bu ye gave me little choice." It was funny to Marlet though, he didn't sound remorseful in his apology. "Drop ye weapons an slowly walk over to the beautiful lady there." Tony continued whilst motioning his head to Aphrodite.

"I SAID! I DONT EAT BERRIES!!!" A very annoyed shout was heard from the only open direction and when everyone looked over they saw an irritated Werewolf and timid Elf also making themselves visible, "are you sure you saw her from this direction?" Bete gave her an angry glare, "not that I doubt you!" Lefiya quickly added to mitigate as much of the anger directed at her as possible. "I smelt the problem…" Bete didn't get to finish his sentence because right before him were 3 other groups that seemed to be antagonistic towards his familia member and 3 more people who seemed to be her companions, or well, now 2 looking at the dirty look Marlet was shooting towards the Dwarf.

After a short pause of Bete looking at all the different groups before him and assessing the situation he slowly looked at Lefiya and pointed a thumb in Marlet's direction, "told you I'd find out problem." Marlet was royally irritated now that she even subconsciously switched out her 'sparks' for 'flames'.

Seeing another player enter the fray complicated things for everyone except the Elves. Tony started subtly shifting towards Aphrodite but stopped the second Marlet made eye contact with him. "Oi, why are there idiots and weaklings surrounding you like that?" Marlet heard Bete shout at her. "Things are a little more complex than they seem." Marlet kept her eyes trained on Tony, "whatever, the weak get left behind and die. Let's go back before it gets late." Bete remained as apathetic as usual but his words resonated with something inside Mizu.

An internal debate was going on in her mind, 'Will I remain weak? Am I to always be a burden? What if I get left behind, isn't it safer by lady Aphrodite's side?' A lot of self deprecating thoughts went through her mind that years as a slave had instilled within her. Just as she was about to accept her fate and return to her 'Mistress' she caught the look in Marlet's eyes that hadn't left the traitors' behind her and she remembered that feeling of running freely after their escape, the joy she had while travelling with everyone.

Mizu steeled her resolve and took a deep breath to calm her nerves, when she opened them again her tail shot towards Tony's fist connecting the steel cap he had put at the tip all those years ago with his knuckles, breaking his hand and flinging the axe away from her. Mizu dived forward as far as she can to get away from the Dwarf and heard a loud shout in front of her.


Tony got sent flying backwards towards Aphrodite who got out of the way of his rag-dolling body and looked at Marlet with even more interest now. "Useless Dwarf. A simple information gathering task and he couldn't even complete that. Tsk" the rest of her familia heard her comment but felt no sympathy for the Dwarf as they all feel they could have done a better job themselves.

Marlet had collected Mizu and held her in a protective manner with Ranger not to far away, eyeing everyone.

"Uhm!" The sound of Lefiya trying to get everyone's attention could be heard and under everyone's gaze she wilted away a little but then also tightened her grip on her staff and took a step forward, "You are all interfering with a child of Lady Loki! Any actions taken now will not only be an affront on her but Ladies Hephaestus and Freya." Lefiya didn't even need to continue as the lackeys already started retreating after hearing Hephaestus' name.

A scowl came over Aphrodite's face, "Child, do they know you are using their names right now?" Lefiya didn't even get a chance to reply as Bete stepped forward and looked the goddess in her eyes. "They are also aware of what your weaklings have done and will hunt you down. Dear Goddess." Bete had aggravated Aphrodite to no ends but she also knew he spoke the truth. She could only grind her teeth and motion for a retreat.

Before anyone left though an arrow was loosed and shot past Aphrodite. Embedding itself into Tony's throat whilst he was on one knee, wide eyed the light in his eyes slowly dimmed.

"Whoops. My arm got tired from holding it too long" Ranger said in a completely monotonous voice. Aphrodite was on the verge of a tantrum but the smile on Bete's face only made her huff and leave with all her familia members.

"Finally a familiar face!" Marlet almost shouted in glee and took a step forward with Mizu hiding under her wing in a very protective manner.

Ranger had also relaxed considerably and was about to follow when an arrow lodged before her feet, making her whip out her bow, nock an arrow and crouch down low whilst twisting towards the Elf contingent to shoot her attacker.

"Please wait Lady Laurelei"



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