The Flower Calamity Beautiful Devil's Hopes Fulfilled!

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Since the main ingredient and most of the supporting ingredients in the Fish World Sea Trump Card contained the mermaid bloodline, only lifeforms with the mermaid bloodline could wield it.

The mermaid bloodline also substantially boosted the Fish World Sea Trump Card.

What Lin Yuan needed to do was to use his mermaid bloodline to boost the Fish World Sea Trump Card and unleash his absolutely strongest attack to see if it would be enough to take on the 26th attack and secure Begin Lady's survival.

Besides the mermaid bloodline, a large amount of spirit qi was also needed to wield the Fish World Sea Trump Card.

The more Stars the precious instrument, the more spiritual power it needed.

This was why even if the disciples of royalty possessed precious instruments from a young age, their precious instruments could not surpass 5 Stars.