Plans for the Royal Capital

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Lin Yuan made calculations. He might not be able to make an accurate calculation of the Insect Queen's recovery time. Still, after a preliminary calculation, if the Insect Queen recovered in the Pure Land of Bliss inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone, it would take around two months to reach about 80% recovery.

As the Insect Queen's contractor, Liu Jie was naturally able to sense the Insect Queen's changes. When the Insect Queen was able to thump constantly, Liu Jie's heart had also started to thump suddenly.

Liu Jie was able to sense that his Insect Queen couldn't recover its spiritual consciousness yet, but its body was gradually recovering, and Liu Jie could feel it clearly.

During this one hour, Liu Jie had been carefully holding the cocoon and didn't dare to move an inch as he was afraid of disturbing Lin Yuan. When Lin Yuan shifted his hand away from the cocoon, Liu Jie asked carefully, "This… How is my Insect Queen's situation?"