2316 Magnificent Sacred Item

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After consuming the Muscle Hyperthymesia Grass, Lin Yuan's combat skills and fighting techniques had reached an exceptional level.

But the main reason for not summoning Blackie during battle was that he did not want to expose its exclusive skill, Spirit Essence Explosion.

This was the only way to keep the secret under wraps.

Even if other feys had Spirit Essence Explosion, they could not unleash it with as much power as Lin Yuan.

This was because the core of Spirit Essence Explosion was the purity of the Spirit Essence Explosion. If the spirit qi was not pure enough, the explosion would not be able to cause much damage.

When Blackie heard Sun Ningxiang praising it, it manipulated its body into a twist in the sky. As a result, Sun Ningxiang felt as though she was riding on a rollercoaster.

Lin Yuan could already see Thick Soil City in the distance.


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