Immeasurable Importance

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Cheng Rui was stupefied by this kick and felt a wringing pain in his stomach. Since young, this was the first time Cheng Rui was kicked in his stomach, and he was sent falling onto the ground.

Cheng Rui only had one thought in his mind, and it was constantly being repeated.

How dare he!

After consuming the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar, Lin Yuan's spirit qi professional rank hadn't increased, and he was still a C-rank spirit qi professional. However, Lin Yuan's body had a significant increase in strength. When furious, Lin Yuan's kick caused Cheng Rui to suffer quite badly.

If Cheng Rui wasn't a C-rank spirit qi professional, too, his gastric juices might have been vomited out.

The attendant, Xiao Zhang, didn't think there would be anyone who would dare to make a move in the Royal Capital's Creation Master Association, especially when it was to beat up Cheng Rui.