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Lin Yuan knew that Jin Qianxun had been aiming to cling to him and do whatever he asked.

But in spite of this aim, Jin Qianxun was still the head of a federation and needed to have the necessary aura that came with it.

The best way to increase his foundational power was to nurture a batch of subordinates who were loyal to him to increase the amount of power at his disposal.

Liu Jie went to see Jin Qianxun first to borrow the use of the martial arts hall.

Since Liu Jie had asked, there was no way that Jin Qianxun would dare to turn him down and immediately cleared the space for him.

Next, Liu Jie contacted some of the stronger white-clothed followers and led them to the martial arts hall in the Great Lush Federation's imperial court.

Lin Yuan, the City Lord of Sky City, was a mystery to the white-clothed followers.


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