A Fey's Gratitude

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The Class 1 Creation Master exam was just a doorstep. It was a filter to see if one had the qualifications to become a Creation Master, and it was considered the easiest exam. However, it was an exam that blocked out countless people.

The Class 2 exam was much harder because becoming a Class 2 Creation Master would mean that one was an all-round Creation Master.

It wasn't just to increase the fey's grade, but it was also to upgrade the quality of the fey and heal a severely injured fey's roots.

Therefore, this obstacle wouldn't be so easy for a regular Class 1 Creation Master to surpass. Moreover, Lin Yuan was still so young.

Ling Xiao still had that indifferent expression, but her hands were tightly clenched together.

Lin Yuan entered the breeding room and picked up the exam topic. It stated that Lin Yuan had to evolve a fey, and it was an Elite/Flawless Jasmine Lily.