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one thing I did realize was that there are a few men like me , with tail and ears but they're not a lot in number compared to the ones who don't have but can turn into an animal " I wonder why ?"

I was about to hide behind the tree I was currently leaning on continue to watch them ( I mean you never know if they're cannibals so ) only to be lifted off the ground by huge sturdy, muscular ( STOP!!!) ...arms (tsk).

the owner of those strong ' ehem ' arms then proceeded to turn me so I was facing them and OMG WAS HE HANDSOME , not to mention his powerful figure, omg imagine all the things he could do to m- looking further down pass his firm abdomen muscles to this strong sturdy muscular legs , he also has big feet and you know what they say ' big feet equal big di-'

??? : DISGUSTANG !!!!!


??? : your a disgrace to human beings you , you uhg

" I didn't know you thought I gave a flying f*CK about your opinion you dump hoe .

??? : whatever you drooling pervert (-_- )

back to what I was saying before I was RUDELY interrupted the ikemen Infront of me was roughly six foot three and his have I never felt so small in my entire time of existence.

???: that's only because almost everyone you've met had to stoop to your level you tiny hooman you should be grateful to your parents , said ??? in its mind .

Back to the main topic - he picked me up by the waist turned me to him and asked in the most heavenly leg weakening voice ever it was so deep do masculine so hot so-

???: I pray for my future, oh mighty one please help me and shine down your light so I can make it through this idiots rants , my poor brain cannot take this .

' technically you don't have a brain since you don't exist physically and might I add calling me an idiot while praying will make it harder for your prayers to be recognized , who's the Idiot now ?"

???: still you

' I know '

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ehem , now normally you wouldn't go with a random stranger who just suddenly picks you up as if you weigh nothing but - that's you this is me and I certainly will go , most definitely so when he asked if I wanted to go home with him I . shakes my head yes , then rapped my legs around his waist placed my hands on his pecks - I may or may not have fondled a little bit , who knows - and leaned my body on his . he placed his hands on my ass to ' better support my body ' and we were off .

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