Female Supporting Character Transmigrates into a Book: Sir, Let's Get Married Book

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Female Supporting Character Transmigrates into a Book: Sir, Let's Get Married

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"Are you even a man? I already came to you with arms wide open. Are you impotent?" Lin Yi, who was drunk, pressed her hands against the man's chest. She thought the man under her was a male prostitute her best friend hired, and that's why she behaved wildly all night long. However, the moment she opened her eyes, she realized she had transmigrated into a novel she had read in the past. She even turned into the cannon-fodder female supporting character who would die early in the story. Meanwhile, the man she thought was a prostitute was actually the devoted male supporting character who was infatuated with the female lead! In the novel, the female supporting character was from a decent family. She was also pretty and attractive. However, she had poor taste and fell in love with the male lead. In fact, she married the male supporting character, Wei Luan, out of spite! Last night happened to be the night they got married! Wei Luan was the poorest man in the village. However, Lin Yi knew how the entire story would unfold and was well aware that he would end up as a rich man. The only problem was that he loved the female lead. However, they were married to each other now. so Lin Yi decided to spend the rest of her life with him. If Wei Luan insisted on being with the female lead, she would let him go. To her surprise, she found out she was pregnant before her anticipation of Wei Luan wanting a divorce came to pass. She was going to have twins! Lin Yi, who wanted to have the children on her own, decided to get a divorce before Wei Luan found out. However, Wei Luan actually teared up and started pleading with her. "Honey, please don't leave me!" Even more surprisingly, the female lead in the novel reincarnated! She patiently waited for Lin Yi and Wei Luan to get a divorce so she could marry Wei Luan instead. The female lead, who knew the story very well from her past life, had no idea that Lin Yi's body had been possessed by someone else. While waiting for Lin Yi and Wei Luan to get a divorce, the female lead had already turned into an old woman.


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