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"Yun Hua, you say that you like me, but you will have to prove it to me. Right?"

"How are you worthy of being Qi Ziheng's—my—fiancée if you don't even have this much courage?"

"Nine p.m. tonight, in the sports equipment room. I'll be waiting for you."

Yun Hua laughed softly as she looked at the QQ notification, her face full of mockery.

She opened her study table drawer, and sure enough, there was a bag inside. She would never forget the bag's contents! Within the bag laid a set of black lingerie!

The music teacher at the podium was currently on their phone, passing off the playing of pop songs as 'music class.' The classroom was filled with chattering.

It was the beginning of eighth grade; everyone was still in holiday mode.

Yun Hua sat in the last row of the classroom. She lay down on the table, tightly gripping the bag in her drawer with her hands, a bloodthirsty smile on her face.

It was only until now that she was sure that she had been reborn!

Yes, reborn!

She was back to being 13 years old, in eighth grade.

At this point in time, she had yet to be disfigured. Her legs were not broken, nor was her reputation in the dumps. Her engagement to Qi Ziheng was still on; she also wasn't suffering inhumane torture after being sent to an asylum—where she died with grievances only!

Perhaps the heavens took pity on her miserable previous life and gave her the opportunity to be reborn.

Yun Hua told herself that she would never be a softie like she previously was!

Other than her mother, she would not trust anyone.

She would not let those that abused her kindness and trust to get away with it! She would make those that threw her into the depths of hell in her previous life pay for it with their blood!

Her life should—would not be like this. She wanted to reclaim all her prestige, happiness, and pride. She wanted to give herself a beautiful life!

As for those who caused her death—an eye for an eye. She would make them understand what hell was really like! She would have them wishing they were dead!

Yun Hua's lips curled as she caressed the item in the drawer. Let it all begin tonight.

She picked up her phone and opened QQ, typing in the conversation from earlier. "Of course I dare to go—only I'm worthy of being your fiancée. But the sports equipment room is too far! Can we go to the archive room?"

Yun Hua's fingers practically trembled as she tapped send.

Soon after, there was a reply. "Ok, I'll wait for you. Don't disappoint me."

Yun Hua turned off her phone, barely able to control her anger.

How could she ever forget what happened when she was in eighth grade?

She had just found out that Senior Qi Ziheng, whom she had had a crush on for a long time, was engaged to her because of her grandfather!

This was Qi Ziheng, the famous school beau. He was the captain of the basketball team and the prince of piano—the all-rounded star!

Not to mention his looks. Just one look at him was enough to make one blush. Every day, countless girls pretended to pass by his classroom just to catch a glimpse of him.

Not only that, but Qi Ziheng's family background was one to behold.

The idols on television were nothing compared to him. Qi Ziheng was a real-life prince. He was the true-blue prince charming, who had it all!

All the girls had a crush on Qi Ziheng—this was normal. Anyone who did not was either blind or emotionless. However, this was just a crush that the girls teased each other about. The distance between ordinary girls like them and him was like heaven and earth; they did not even dare to think about it.

They would only fill their diaries with their thoughts. They'd also pen their thoughts down on scented paper and stuff it into his desk drawers, dreaming about becoming his girlfriend…

Yun Hua had a crush on Qi Ziheng, like 80 percent of the girls in school. She had even more of a reason to hold a torch for him than the other girls—Qi Ziheng helped her when she needed it the most. He saved her; he was her saving grace…

Of course, this was all a fantasy that would never come true.

But at the beginning of eighth grade, something that she did not even dare to dream of fell from the sky.

She had a marriage agreement with the unattainable Senior Qi Ziheng!

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