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Actually a very well thought out system novel. MC actually uses his brains. Title: Fearsome farmer/农夫凶猛 Rank: 60(quite popular) Status: 570(Ongoing) Author no. of works: 9 Also for people who keep reviewing will alter after reading. Go read the f,ucking novel first second you can't even edit reviews so your review is just a spam in end. Why are these people even commenting without reading is this some sort of race to you guys don't you have anything better to do.

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Pretty ‘Meh’ overall. It’s about a guy who got turned into an ‘NPC’ farmer. It’s a nice concept but the author doesn’t explain at all why he thinks its a Game World. He thinks of the local lord as a ‘Player’ for no reason other than the fact that the world has a status system. The MC is also quite delusional, coming up with explanations like he’s in a public lobby of Among Us. The Author is quite fond of his writing style of ‘Tell, Don’t Show’, and the MC comes of as retarded because of it. You could read it if you’re a binge reader like me and desperate for something to read. Definitely not for picky readers who like quality. Translation is good though


I like the MC!! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


This story revolves around an 'NPC' that holds a hidden identity of being a reincarnator from earth. He is summoned into a territory and slowly increases his strength by farming and chopping trees. The MC is not overly empathetic nor is he cruel, he's just one of those protagonists that have an OP near impossibly durable personality. The story has a relatively slow pace as it describes almost every aspect of the Mc's life from taking a dump to eating a pear. Don't read this story if your counting on character depth though as the only character with any real depth is the MC. Even most of the beasts in this story have a more "real" personality than the other NPCs.


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Mc reincarnates into a villager npc in a RTS age of empires kind of game, they can be upgraded and the enemies abide by the same rules. The lord collect resources and buys stuff from a system. Its estremely gamey and original. I like it so far but its not for everyone.


Just the right kind of pace and story progression for me, not to fast and not to slow.


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A very interesting story. The MC is smart and cautious. Doesn't take shit from anyone but also knows when open outbursts will be damaging to him. The grind is also real and it is really fun to read since every day we can see him grow at least a little bit. It is defenitly a novel which is worth your time. Hope it gets picked!


This is a good book 10 out of 10 i Suggest that many prople check it out the main character is really interesting and The details of this book is just fabulous l.


slow paced novel so far with lots of question. why MC thought he was transmigrated into a game ? have he played one ? and why he's sure he's an NPC ? I mean, he has stats and he can control the stat. Maybe they explained it somewhere but I'm too lazy and expected MC getting fearsome quickly everytime I turned the pages. which is not. perhaps it's better in later chapter but for me, the initial 10 chapters determined whether I'm gonna like it or not. I fell asleep at chapter 15..


I've read to chapter 36 so far. you know alot of people might not like this novel because of the slow pace compared to other trial reads but it's actually pretty interesting. we do not know much about the world yet but we know that the mc is not in a game but in a different world type situation. The mc is smart but not evil like in many novels. I really look forward to see where this novel goes.


Nice W W W W W W W O R D C O U N T S


Yah a farmer is fearsome. Think about it if they leave your kingdom and no-one else knows how to farm it would be a serious issue for any kingdom.


From what I’ve read so far this novel seems really interesting. It has a unique premise and honestly I just want this to get selected. This site needs more decent world building novels.


Main character is smart,cunning and knows his limits then proceeds to push past them. Overall great but I don’t think It’ll be picked this time around.


MC always one step ahead well multiple even us, grate work!!! 👌👌👌


I like books about farming. But I also like MC's that are smart and thoughtful and hard-working. All of that is true in this book, even though sometimes there's not as much farming as I would like. Definitely not an overpowered MC and so many tense adventures await.


Worth reading MC starts out as the lowly npc-type farmer, who main goal is to not to stand out and get himself killed... by the local monsters, his co-workers, or his nominal bos, the Boorish Lord and his minions. So he stealthily tries to improve himself Not a wham-bang “I am the greatest!” novel But Growth novel, with a cunning MC I hope it gets picked up (**: how are you supposed to rate Stability, like this?)


Overal the mc got trans. into a game? i think or another world... he can get vitality points from cutting trees,farming and upgrade his stats... working under a feudal lord and basicly its a survival/wild life with building novel...similar too forest if i should say..its relaxing and unique novel ...if you want many action maybe theres but i didnt read that much only till 60 ch... but its good if you want relax and enjoy it