1 Disappointment 1

In a big hall, young men and women were sitting on their seats and looking towards the stage with their shining eyes. Their role models and important personalities were sitting there while looking at the crowd. Among them, most of their eyes were glued on a boy of around 16 years old with handsome features. He had a handsome white face, black hair, and a pair of blue eyes. His young face still had the aura of a naive child while his sharp eyes seem like a bright sword that could pierce through the sky. He was wearing branded blue suit and pants and elegantly walking toward the podium.

"Let's welcome the brightest star of our Earth federation, Mr. Luke Bennett." the anchor of the program welcomed Luke and left the podium for Luke.

Luke stood behind the podium while looking towards the crowd who were clapping exuberantly.

"Greetings to the chairman of this program, chief guest, professors, other guests, and all the students present here." Luke started his speech without adequate greeting but the people doesn't seem to mind him at all.

"Today many people are here to congratulate me and the university for my successful graduation. It can be considered one of the historical moments of the university. For the first time in the whole world, a 16 years old boy is going to be graduated from the university after completing his studies in various subjects. There may not be another Luke who will also complete his university life at 16 years old so all of us are here to celebrate this rare occasion. Most of you may be thinking if he is going to share his secret of this extraordinary feat. While some of you may think I may talk about the university or about one of the majors I studied. No, I am not talking about this nonsense. I am going to be serious here."

"Most of you know, I am called the brightest star, the greatest genius, and so on by many people. I know that I can be considered a prodigy never seen before with the highest IQ ever noted. I also know that many people call me the greatest disappointment." Luke stopped for a few seconds and observed the crowd again. Many people were silent while some were whispering to each other. In the Earth Federation, the Bennett corporation can be called an economic giant. It is famous for its spaceships. In the field of spaceships, the Bennett corporation comes first while people never bothered to give any company title second because there was always a gap of a generation between the Bennett corporation and other companies.

Luke's father was the owner of the corporation while both his father and mother were known as the genius couple in the federation. Both of them introduced one after another change in the design of spaceships causing huge improvements in the spaceships. So, the citizens were expecting Luke to carry on the legacy of his parents but he has shown very little interest in spaceships which caused many people to be disappointed in him. Luke was more interested in guns, armor, and cars. He studied mechanical engineering, particle physics, metaphysics, mechanics, and many more subjects which had very less to zero relation with spaceships and space voyages. What was even the use of metaphysics in spaceships or real life? Particle physics and arc reactors were the only ones that were related to spaceships.

For one to know why were the citizens disappointed in Luke just because he wasn't interested in spaceships one must know the history of the Earth Federation. This Earth was nothing like the Earth Luke came from. If we use the language of the previous Earth this Earth is a Super-Earth. It is three times bigger than the Earth Luke used to live in. The gravity is higher, atmospheric pressure is higher even the star of this solar system was twenty times bigger than Sun. The Earth was significantly far from the Sun. There were three continents and many countries on Earth. It was plagued by war until scientists found the existence of aliens.

The whole world was shaken by this news. Soon the wars were stopped and people began to focus on developing new weapons and spaceships. The aliens were coincidently living on the third planet of the solar system. That planet had a thick atmosphere similar to Venus so scientists couldn't discover them until it was pretty late. The aliens were a generation ahead of humans. So, humans became united and researched together finally producing results at the same time as the aliens. Soon, both sides were in front of one another in space. The humans wanted to stay peacefully but the aliens were too arrogant and demanded to humans become their slaves.

According to them, they were the ruler of the universe and all of the races of the universe were their slaves. Soon the war broke out which had been going on for two hundred years. During these two hundred years spaceships of both races improved by leaps and bounds. The aliens had an advantage in their defense because of the exclusive metal of that planet while humans focused on attack power but these few years the aliens have managed to produce a new weapon that is as powerful as human laser cannons and atomic bombs. With the emergence of Luke's father and mother, the spaceship went through another qualitative change but a new crisis is going to rise soon. All the important metal deposit of the Earth and the surrounding planet has started to deplete. If this war isn't stopped or won in time the entire future of humanity is at risk so when people knew that Luke is a super prodigy all of them got hope but when he didn't show any interest in spaceships they were disappointed.

Luke knew all of this but they weren't the only ones who were disappointed he was equally disappointed in the civilization. He looked towards the crowd for a few seconds and continued his speech.

"All of you know I could speak, read and write when I was only 6 months old. I was always ahead of my peers but you don't know that I was disappointed before you were disappointed in me. When I was one- year -old I was already disappointed with the medical facilities and food research and food industries. I had a very active mind since my birth so I needed more nutrition but milk couldn't provide it, eating too much wasn't the solution either so I was suffering from malnutrition. Can you imagine the son of a tycoon suffering from malnutrition? It must have been the greatest joke of the century. After consulting many doctors my new food routine was created. My food intake was slowly increased but not too much because how can an infant's digestive system handle too much food? So, slowly my system adapted to it and my health improved.

I was again disappointed when I was three years old but this time for my peers. I went to a primary school for a visit not to study there I saw the same educational system that was the same as hundreds of years ago. There was very little chance when I compared the past and present. There was a second thing that disappointed me which was toys. Children of age three years old play should play with toys but there were very few kinds of toys in the market. Toys aren't only a means of passing time or a means to make a crying child silent it is also a means of mental development of children. Have any of you noticed a child's interest can be seen in their toys? A child who loves cars and bike toys have little to huge interest in vehicles while a child having a spaceship toy develops an interest in spaceships.

It also affects the psychological development of children. You can ask more to the psychiatrist to know more. Again I was disappointed when I was growing up. There were very few means of entertainment. There weren't animated series like in the past or any interesting movies. Now some intelligent people may have begun to guess right? It was me who 'forced' my parents to open Bennett's toys and entertainment company. The story of movies like toys story, frozen, like animated movies then naruto, one piece, dragon ball, and similar animated series were written by me. Then I wrote movies like fast and furious, star wars, harry potter, avengers, and other similar movies.

Most of you enjoyed it and some were even criticizing that kids stopped learning and other similar blah, blah, blah. I don't care about this criticism. I am doing what I like and what I think is right. Now that you have heard this much you may be now happy to know that I was disappointed yet again." Luke looked at the crowd again. The professors and important personalities were amazed while the students were holding their breath to know what happened next.

"That's right I invented the hoverboard and other similar inventions. I was disappointed yet again and again but these aren't the greatest disappointments. My greatest disappointments are these." Luke suddenly pointed towards the holographic projection in the middle of the stage. In the holographic image, there was a war machine standing on the battlefield radiating an aura of the war god.

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