Fated For A Demon Book

novel - Fantasy

Fated For A Demon


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  • 137 Chs

  • 4.9

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Demons, Witches, Shifting Giant Eagles, Giant Snakes, Mates, Love and Steamy moments in a lake? What wouldn't you see in a period novel that's full of drama and romance? Quinn is the princess of Neather who the demon king, Vincent asks for her love in return for saving her kingdom from war with their neighboring kingdom. She returns to the demon kingdom with him to be his Queen while the witches and faes are after him, and his step mother tries to destroy them both. Quinn faces drama, love, fighting and enemies everywhere together with her King, Vincent. Can she fall in love with him with no consequences? Will their relationship survive as other creatures are against it? Can She survive the drama of a palace or the attacks from his enemies?

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