Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

As soon as Zhao Huai opened his eyes, he realized that he had become the last crown prince of the Great Yan Dynasty. However, he wasn't excited about it because the Great Yan Dynasty had already perished. In the current world, the New Dynasty reigned supreme. He had fled south and settled down, becoming a small pawnshop owner. From being the crown prince of the Great Yan Dynasty to an unknown pawnshop owner, the only thing Zhao Huai could rely on was a golden copper coin he received when he first transmigrated here. By flipping the coin, he could receive instructions in his mind, know the outcome of things, and predict the fortune and misfortune he would face. In front of you is a mysterious ring. Do you accept it? The instruction you receive is "fortune." You accept the ring and obtain the destiny of "Good Fortune." In front of you is a marriage proposal. Do you agree to marry her? The instruction you receive is "misfortune." You choose to marry her and obtain the destiny of "Divine Insight." In the chaos caused by demons and monsters in the Central State, you have achieved great cultivation. Do you want to emerge from seclusion? The instruction you receive is "fortune." You defeat the demon lord with a single sword, shaking the world, and obtain the destiny of "Sword Saint." As the New Dynasty was established, its foundation was unstable. Demons and monsters caused disturbances, and people's hearts were unsettled. The world was filled with countless bones, and small countries were on the brink of collapse. Foreign tribes on the border were watching closely. Even in this prosperous era, there were countless plagues. This was a world where cultivation was revered, and Zhao Huai knew that only by becoming an immortal could he protect himself. While the former officials of the Great Yan Dynasty were searching everywhere for the heir of the former dynasty, attempting to restore the nation and continue the imperial legacy of the Great Yan Empire, Zhao Huai said, "Restoring the nation? It'll not be too late for me to do that after I become an immortal."

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Chapter 4: A Series of Unfortunate Coincidences

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At the same time, in a courtyard of the matchmaking agency.

Cold light flickered, and sword shadows filled the sky.

A woman inside was wielding a treasured sword, her moves sharp, ferocious and decisive.

The woman wore a white gauze skirt embroidered with plum blossoms, paired with a silver costume, resembling a cold plum in the snow that came to life, which gave her a cold and aloof atmosphere, making her seem like a beautiful woman with plum blossoms in her hair.

"General, the people investigating have blocked off the entire Jinzhou City."

A beautiful maid bowed to the woman in front of her.

The figure holding the sword stopped, revealing smooth black hair that flowed down her back, an exquisitely beautiful profile, and skin that was even whiter than snow, with a clean collarbone that looked as delicate as mutton fat.

However, her sharp slanted eyes made people feel apprehensive at a glance.

The woman's phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and her red lips parted lightly: "I wondered who it was, but it's just a sixth-rank commander of bodyguards, daring to cause trouble for the Master of this Palace."

The beautiful maid nodded in agreement, also feeling resentful.

"Indeed, although the General has already retired, at least on the surface, she is still the First-Rank Princess personally appointed by His Majesty. How dare these lowly creatures be so presumptuous? If there were no one backing them, even if they had ten times the courage, they wouldn't dare."

"Could it be King Qin? But he is Your Highness's elder brother."

The woman held the sword in silence, her eyelashes trembled slightly, and upon hearing the maid's words, she seemed to remember something, memories surged in her heart, her gaze dimmed, she retracted her sharpness, and sighed:

"Nevermind, the father has ascended the throne, Xia Country is just established, and the prosperous age has just begun. It's a busy time, so I won't cause trouble for him. Just investigate as much as possible without alerting anyone."

"Also, since I have retired, there's no need to call me General anymore."

The woman turned her head and said calmly:

"By the way, have you found a suitable candidate?"

The beautiful maid nodded gently: "We have found a young man who meets Your Highness's requirements, and he should be here this afternoon."

The woman put down the sword, drained the tea on the table in one gulp and muttered to herself: "To live in seclusion and marry a suitable husband is a way to give an account to my elder brother and father. Although I, Yu Qinghan, do not like to compete, I am not someone who can be manipulated."


On the other side, Zhao Huai followed the matchmaker into an elegant room and slowly sat down.

The matchmaker smiled and said: "Young Master, please wait a moment. I have already informed the young lady you wish to meet. Their elders have also agreed to meet after listening to your conditions. However, it will take some time, as the entire city is currently under lockdown, and it will take some effort to come here."

Although the city was under control, powerful families still had special channels to use.

Zhao Huai nodded slightly, expressing understanding.

After the matchmaker finished explaining, she left, allowing peace to return to Zhao Huai's ears.

At least the meeting was helpful; he wouldn't have to listen to the matchmaker's sales pitch anymore.

However, he still had to think in advance about how to reject the young lady. After all, he was content cultivating on his own and had no time to take care of another person.

Having some free time, Zhao Huai took out the golden bronze coin from his pocket and carefully examined it.

The origin of this coin was quite mysterious.

On the first day of his escape, exhausted, he slept in an old Taoist temple in the suburbs.

The next day, when he woke up, he found a golden bronze coin in his arms.

Even now, Zhao Huai still had a clear impression of the temple's furnishings in his mind.

Over the past three years, he had revisited the site once, trying to discover the secret of the coin, but the old Taoist temple could never be found again.

After thinking about it, Zhao Huai tossed the copper coin in his hand, trying to see if staying here would go as smoothly as he had imagined.

[Misfortune and fortune are intertwined, let's see.]

[Hexagram one: Gentle and graceful lady, a good match for a gentleman, there is a marriage proposal in front of you. Whether you agree to accept her and marry her, the instruction you receive is "Misfortune."]

[Hexagram two: No women in the heart, naturally divine when drawing the sword, prepare to reject the proposal, the instruction you receive is "Fortune."]

"It seems my choice is correct."

Upon seeing the results, Zhao Huai showed a proud smile.

Almost at the same time, a blue light flashed into his mind.

"Ever since I got [Lucky Strike], the probability of triggering destiny has been really high."

Zhao Huai couldn't help but sigh.So, this is the fate that emerged because he chose to remain chaste and not get married, right?

[Stable Taoist Mind (Superior Black Grade)]: Maintains a clear and transparent state of mind, making it impossible for inner demons to breed. The cultivation speed of the primordial spirit and spiritual power is slightly increased.

[Would you like to absorb the fate?]

"Absorb it."

As soon as Zhao Huai spoke, a refreshing feeling instantly entered his brain, making his mind, consciousness, and awareness extremely clear.

His sensitivity towards the surrounding grass, trees, and various inconspicuous breaths also improved.

This is because his mental perception received the blessing of [Stable Taoist Mind].

"This fate is useful for maintaining a Taoist mind, enhancing spiritual power, and dispelling the interference of inner demons. Not bad, it suits my current situation."

Zhao Huai was very satisfied indeed.

The Qi-Refining Realm is about absorbing spiritual qi from the universe, strengthening spiritual power, and improving the constitution by cleansing the marrow and changing the tendons.

Although his current cultivation level was still one step away from the Initiation Stage and far from encountering inner demons, having this fate meant he was prepared for any eventuality.

With [Stable Taoist Mind], he now had five practical fates in total.

Zhao Huai divided his fates into three categories according to their types.

The first category was martial-arts-oriented fates, such as [Light as a Swallow], [Swordsmanship Specialization], and [Stable Taoist Mind], all of which fall into the realm of cultivation.

The second category was flowing qi-oriented fates, [Lucky Strike] being one of them, which belonged to a newly developed type.

The third category was backup fates, which were the fates Zhao Huai was most troubled with. These fates generally seemed rather insignificant, but it was unclear when they would come into effect.

For instance, the [Dragon Seeking] fate, aside from finding paths, it was really unclear what other purposes it served.

However, it seemed a pity to break it down.

Zhao Huai knew that the fates in his mind could be broken down. The purpose of breaking them down was naturally to enhance other fates, such as raising his yellow-grade [Swordsmanship Specialization] from [Skilled Swordsmanship].

"Knock knock."

At this moment, there was a knock on the door outside the room.

"Come in."

Zhao Huai spoke loudly.

A young servant wearing short brown robes walked in, his hands clasped in front of him as he reported, "Young master, the old lady asked me to inform you that the person you were waiting for has arrived."

Zhao Huai nodded, then asked another question, "Where is she now?"

The young servant showed a helpless expression on his face and explained, "The officials have come to search the manor, and the old lady is stopping them, arguing with them."

"I see."

Zhao Huai suddenly realized and understood the matchmaker's methods. If she let the imperial envoy in, wouldn't the matchmaking agency's business be ruined?

Places like matchmaking agencies were also institutions set up by the government. It was no big deal if there were internal disputes, but common people would not dare to interfere.

Soon, Zhao Huai followed the young servant through a courtyard filled with peach blossoms into a corridor with rooms on both sides, all of them with closed doors.

There were three large characters written on the corridor plaque - "Peach Blossom World."

"Young master, this is the place."

The young servant gestured with his hand.

"Go straight and enter the third room on the turn, and make sure you don't get the wrong one, young master."

"I understand."

After giving the instructions, the young servant left.

Zhao Huai walked to the end of the corridor, and another two rows of rooms appeared in front of him. His gaze landed on the third wooden door.

Zhao Huai pushed open the large door on the right, stepped into the partition, and lifted the bead curtain in front of him. What he saw was a folding screen with a picture of cold plums and a snowy scenery.

In front of the screen were a pair of soft brocade chairs, accompanied by a square red wooden table. On the table was a set of glazed tea cups, shimmering brightly.

There was a faint but not pungent wisp of white smoke in the room. Zhao Huai looked down and saw that it was the gentle fragrance emitted by the incense burner.

The plum blossom shadows on the wall flickered as a beautiful woman approached.