Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

As soon as Zhao Huai opened his eyes, he realized that he had become the last crown prince of the Great Yan Dynasty. However, he wasn't excited about it because the Great Yan Dynasty had already perished. In the current world, the New Dynasty reigned supreme. He had fled south and settled down, becoming a small pawnshop owner. From being the crown prince of the Great Yan Dynasty to an unknown pawnshop owner, the only thing Zhao Huai could rely on was a golden copper coin he received when he first transmigrated here. By flipping the coin, he could receive instructions in his mind, know the outcome of things, and predict the fortune and misfortune he would face. In front of you is a mysterious ring. Do you accept it? The instruction you receive is "fortune." You accept the ring and obtain the destiny of "Good Fortune." In front of you is a marriage proposal. Do you agree to marry her? The instruction you receive is "misfortune." You choose to marry her and obtain the destiny of "Divine Insight." In the chaos caused by demons and monsters in the Central State, you have achieved great cultivation. Do you want to emerge from seclusion? The instruction you receive is "fortune." You defeat the demon lord with a single sword, shaking the world, and obtain the destiny of "Sword Saint." As the New Dynasty was established, its foundation was unstable. Demons and monsters caused disturbances, and people's hearts were unsettled. The world was filled with countless bones, and small countries were on the brink of collapse. Foreign tribes on the border were watching closely. Even in this prosperous era, there were countless plagues. This was a world where cultivation was revered, and Zhao Huai knew that only by becoming an immortal could he protect himself. While the former officials of the Great Yan Dynasty were searching everywhere for the heir of the former dynasty, attempting to restore the nation and continue the imperial legacy of the Great Yan Empire, Zhao Huai said, "Restoring the nation? It'll not be too late for me to do that after I become an immortal."

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Chapter 15: Buying Cultivation Technique (x) Upgrading Destiny (√)

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In the center of the auction, there is a high platform where a refined middle-aged man stands, giving an opening speech to the audience:

"Welcome everyone to the venue of the Heavenly Treasures Trade Branch Association's event! My name is Li Yuanxing, I am the president of the Provincial Branch and also the host of this event. On behalf of Heavenly Treasures, I would like to thank you all for attending the second auction of this month!"

Zhao Huai props his chin up, looking at the refined man standing on the stage with a strong and upright posture, his voice revealing a rich True Qi. Without even thinking, he knows that the man must be a cultivator as well. After all, in a place like an auction, it is impossible not to have a powerful cultivator to manage it.

"We are all old friends here, President Li does not need to be so polite."

"Yes, let's save the pleasantries for later, we are all very eager for the start of the auction!"

After only a few words, many cultivators and Jinzhou businessmen in the seats were urging him to start.

"Alright, since that is the case, I will not beat around the bush."

Li Yuanxing is straightforward, and after a hearty laugh, he lifts the red cloth to reveal the first auction item.

"The first item to be auctioned off is a Strengthening Soul Pill made by a seventh-grade alchemist. It can strengthen the flesh body of a cultivator during the refining qi stage, acting as a blood invigorator and muscle strengthener."

"And as we all know, a seventh-grade alchemist is already a rare existence. After all, the top alchemist in the entire Xia Country is only third-grade. A seventh-grade alchemist is comparable to a money tree for a family. This Strengthening Soul Pill was made by the alchemist to raise the funds for purchasing expensive medicinal herbs. It's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed."

"The starting price is 3,000 silver or 300 inferior spiritual stones, and each price increase must be at least one-tenth of the minimum price."

"3,500 silver!"

Just as the host finishes announcing the price, a middle-aged man in a Taoist robe immediately raises his hand and calls out a bid.

"4,000 silver!"

A chubby uncle with a plump figure also joins the fray.

It seems that this pill is indeed very popular. For cultivators within the fifth stage of refining qi, the Strengthening Soul Pill can greatly enhance their flesh body. But beyond that, the effect is quite limited.

As a result, Zhao Huai is not interested in the pill wafting pleasant scents behind the glazed cover.

He has already reached the ninth stage of refining qi, with his flesh body having reached an initial peak. This kind of pill is no longer suitable for him.

However, the bidding continues and quickly rises to 7,000 silver!

With a single pill selling for 7,000 silver, it is equivalent to buying a luxurious villa in any large and prosperous city in Xia Country, including maid-servants.

Zhao Huai does not idle, taking out the golden bronze coins and flipping them in his hand.

He wants to develop a habit where he tries his luck every now and then. Who knows, maybe there will be a surprise?

[Misfortune and fortune are intertwined, let's see for now]

[Hexagram one: On the path of Immortal Cultivation, refining the body comes first. The Strengthening Soul Pill made by a seventh-grade alchemist, the guidance you receive is "Fortune."]

Reverse tracing guidance: The hastily-made pill is crudely made. After taking it, there will be no harm, but also not much benefit.

Zhao Huai can't help but laugh: "This guidance has become longer this time. Is it because of the appraisal of treasure? This pill is indeed the product of a dishonest alchemist trying to cut corners."

Before he can react, a bright yellow light ball directly enters his mind.

"Oh? Is it already here?"

Zhao Huai is surprised.

[Alchemy Maniac (Inferior Yellow Grade)]: Your speed at refining yellow-grade pills increases slightly, your efficiency doubles, and you have a special effect that allows you to refine two batches of pills at the same time. However, the consumption of your spiritual power increases.

Looking at the newly acquired destiny, Zhao Huai purses his lips, not feeling satisfied.

Because he does not know alchemy, so what use is this destiny? It would be better to disassemble and upgrade other destinies.

"Let it collect dust at the bottom of the box first."

Zhao Huai decides not to worry about it for now, and continues to pay attention to the auction.

However, the bidding for this Strengthening Soul Pill has ended, and a result has been reached.

Eventually, it is sold to a middle-aged businessman for a price of 7,000 silver.

"Next up is a Treasured Sword forged from deer demon bone. Unfortunately, it is a defective item. The blacksmith, who is also a weaponsmith, encountered some trouble during the forging process. As a result, this is a failed magical weapon, and it cannot be considered a magical weapon, but it is still better than an ordinary sword.

Li Yuanxing carefully introduces the pale white long sword that was just placed on the stage.

"The starting price is 5,000 silver or 500 inferior spiritual stones.""A defective one, nevermind then." Zhao Huai shook his head.

However, this didn't affect his following operations.

[Fortune And Misfortune Depend On Each Other, Let's Just Take A Look]

[Hexagram One: To do a good job, one must first sharpen their tools. In front of you is a failed magical weapon. The guidance you received is "Misfortune."]

Retroactive guidance: Even a meticulous blacksmith makes mistakes sometimes. Hopefully, he won't drink while forging next time.

Following the guidelines, a bright yellow destiny was created.

[Sword Heart as Firm as a Rock (Middle Yellow Grade)]: Your Taoist mind resembles a sharp and strong sword, not easily affected by external factors. Special effect: The sharpness of weapons increases.


Zhao Huai took a cold breath, couldn't help but smile bitterly.

He already had the destiny of [Taoist Mind Quite Settled (Mysterious Grade)], so the effect of [Sword Heart as Firm as a Rock] was quite limited. It's really unlucky.

"No problem, just let it gather dust in the box, let's continue!"

Zhao Huai didn't get discouraged. Instead, he revived his spirits and started the rapid destiny-refining process.

Several items appeared one after another on the auction stage, each attracting fierce competition, including pills, weapons, seeds of spiritual grass, Taoist talismans, demon armor, and so on.

Basically, every time Zhao Huai threw a copper coin, he could get a destiny, which could be described as an astonishingly high probability.

He came to this auction not really to buy cultivation techniques but to refine destinies.

Indeed, most of the time, he didn't necessarily need these dispensable items.

As long as he obtained their destinies, he could exert no less than their original effects.

In comparison, why should he buy them?

The atmosphere of the auction became even hotter, and Li Yuanxing was delighted to see such a scene.

The better the business, the more they earned.

"Once again, thank you all for your presence. You can take a break now, and I'll have someone bring up the next items on stage," Li Yuanxing said with a smile.

During the break, Zhao Huai also took the time to count the newly acquired destinies.

He started viewing them in his mind.

[Scholar of Wood Plants (Inferior Yellow Grade)]: The growth speed of the plants and medicinal herbs you cultivate is twice as fast, limited to low-level spiritual objects.

[Master's Ultimate Intention (Superior Yellow Grade)]: The power of the cultivation techniques and methods performed by your flesh body is doubled.

[Excellence in Talisman Inscription (Inferior Yellow Grade)]: The speed of your basic talisman inscriptions is twice as fast, with a special effect that allows you to simultaneously draw two talismans.

[Diamond Body (Middle Yellow Grade)]: Under the protection of True Qi, your flesh body becomes extremely hard, and ordinary swords can't cause you any harm.

Of the four destinies, except for the first one, the other three all have significant effects on Zhao Huai.

[Excellence in Talisman Inscription] can increase his efficiency in drawing talismans, perfectly matching the Three Thousand Thunderbolt Technique. [Master's Ultimate Intention], needless to say, is incredibly useful!

What does it mean to double the power of cultivation techniques?

One punch from me is equivalent to double damage. This is just a yellow grade. If it upgrades, this destiny will likely become even more terrifying!

Time flew by quickly, and Li Yuanxing stood in the center of the high platform once again, announcing loudly:

"The next item up for auction is a cultivation technique that our Heavenly Treasures Trade Association accidentally obtained. Rumor has it that this technique is incredibly abstruse, like a heavenly book. No one has been able to understand it or learn it so far. All we know is that it is a powerful Intention Technique, from a declined Great Immortal Cultivation Sect."

"No one can understand it?"

The words from the stage immediately caught Zhao Huai's attention. His interest surged, and his eyes filled with enthusiasm.

"Since no one can learn it, it has been idle for a long time and has become a decoration. That's why it was brought to the auction. You should know your limits, everyone. It's not bad to collect it either," Li Yuanxing said to the crowd with a smile.