Fate/Vengador | Reencarnado en Marvel

Author: Puffy03
Cómic FAN
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What is Fate/Vengador | Reencarnado en Marvel

Read ‘Fate/Vengador | Reencarnado en Marvel’ Online for Free, written by the author Puffy03, This book is a Cómic FAN Fanfic, covering Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Un dios le concede deseos a Angel, el cual pide reencarnar en ¡El Rey de los Heroes Gilgamesh! en el UCMGéneros: Acción,...


Un dios le concede deseos a Angel, el cual pide reencarnar en ¡El Rey de los Heroes Gilgamesh! en el UCM Géneros: Acción, Aventura, Seinen, R-18, comedia, romance, ciencia ficción. Renuncia de Derechos: Ni el Anime, ni serie, ni imágenes mencionados o utilizados me pertenecen, solo el concepto de Puffyverse es de mi pertenecía, créditos a sus respectivos creadores.

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welcome to the world of system. year 2031, one day with the sudden natural phenomenon and disaster over all around the world, almost 40% of the world population vanished from the earth, the day was also registered as the new Era of the system. people who survived the disaster were given a new opportunity and welcomed the era of the system where they were gifted system by the unknown entity known as queen AI. the work of system was to help the people to harness the power called magic, with the help of system they can do many various things such as sell, purchase and as well it worked as unique Identification of the person, the system naturally replaced many technologies in the world including mobile phones, TV and laptops. systems were classified in grades such as common grade, professional grades and supreme grades, common grade was a system which was most common in the world, without any extra functions while professional and supreme grade system were the only one with extra function and perks. professional grade system comes with perks of having specialized in any profession from minor as cooking, farming and major as alchemist, beast tamers and healers. supreme grade systems were same as professional grade system, the only thing which differs them is the opportunity given to supreme grade system, the one with the supreme grade systems were considered as possible future immortals of the worlds. people who unlocked common grade system in the world are 50% of the world population and the people with the professional grade systems are 30% while only 20% of world population are those luckiest person in the world who unlocked the supreme system. -------------------------------------------------------- Jason Wills was eagerly waiting for his 18th birthday, as it is the same day when he'll unlock his system, he is not the ambitious type of guy with a high goal in his life, all he wanted in his life was to unlock a professional system and make his parents proud. living in a small town with both of his parents in an Asian country, his parents are a professional system owner, the specialized trait of his father's system was controlling water element and life living in it so, he used it for fishing and selling the sea products while his mothers professional system's trait was beast taming which she mostly used in small farm while raising some chickens, sheep and cows. Jason's dream was to have same professional system as his parents and help them in their daily life but does life really is as simple as he dreamed of, unaware of darkness looming over him and his loved ones, a sudden incident changed his life forever. follow his journey and learn what is awaiting for him? [NO NTR] [NO INSCET] [HOT SCENE] [HAREM] [GORE] [ADULT THEME] [MERCILESS] [BEAST] [COVER IS AI GENRATED] [MC OWNED GLITCHED SYSTEM SO DON'T JUDGE HIS POTENTIAL, RACE, SPECIES AND LUCK] [DO NOT GET OFFENDED AT ANY PART AS EVERYTHING IN THIS NOVEL IS FROM ANOTHER WORLD WITH SIMILARITY AS OURS] [SUPPORT US SO WE CAN CONTINUE THIS JOURNY SMOOTHLY] [TOP CONTRIBUTORS WILL HAVE CHANCE TO BE THE PART OF THE NOVEL] AUTHOR: Sloth_Author

Sloth_Author · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
15 Chs


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