Fate/Ultimate Antagonist

Getting Isekai'd to another world is indeed awesome, especially embarking on an adventure as a hero to defeat the Demon King, who turns out to be a woman, and making her part of your harem. It is truly the dream of millions of people hoping to be Isekai'd to another world. If Reinhard were to get Isekai'd like that, he might smile for the rest of his life. However, fate has other plans for him, as he becomes the unfortunate isekai victim, landing in the rabbit hole known as the moonlit world. With numerous psychopaths roaming around to fulfill their dreams, he must strive to defend his small life in this chaotic world, especially when the world is set to last only another decade. Fortunately, luck from nine generations of his family comes to his aid in critical moments. Finally, he gets help to secure his small life: [Ding!] "Eh? Has my help finally arrived?" [Congratulations, Host! You have been chosen as the host of the Antagonist Simulator System!] "Finally! Fina-... wait... What do you mean by Antagonist? Shouldn't it just be a Simulator without an Antagonist?" [As the name suggests, the Antagonist Simulator System is specifically designed for individuals with high aspirations to become antagonists, and you have been selected to be the Ultimate Antagonist! Congratulations, Host!] "Huh? Ultimate Antagonist? Wtf? How does someone as gentle as me fit as the ultimate antagonist?" [Not so.] [Host, you undoubtedly possess a strong motivation, clear plans, firm will, undisclosed secrets, outstanding execution, remarkable personality charm, and the determination to subvert the world.] [Undoubtedly, you are the perfect candidate for the ultimate antagonist.] WTF? ... [You were borns as the son of the King Vortigern.] [You pulled out the sword from the stone but inserted it back, and the sword emitted a resounding mournful cry] [You promoted agriculture, popularized education, abolished nobility, knights scorned you as the ominous son of the disaster-bringing white dragon] [You sacrificed Vortigern, gathered the remaining flames of the remnant age of gods, and launched the final assault towards the inner sea of the planet] [Your wife and daughter died at the hands of Ares] . . . [You set the Olympus Temple ablaze] "Oh? Looks like my adventure won't be boring."

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130 Chs

[123] Wisdom and Change

Reinhard gazed intently at the paper paper before him, now dried and slightly curled after having been soaked.

Upon writing the question "Who are you?" in his own blood, the paper began to display bizarre, twisted, and seemingly illogical words... unimaginable characters appeared:

[Your father!]

[A cheerful, sunny boy 🥰]


[Lol! He believed it! He believed it! 🤣]

[A fun-loving person]

[Speaking the truth~]

[My name is Yoshikage Kira, I'm 33 years old...]

[Fourth Crisis], [Passing Kamen Rider], [Edible Starfish Canned Goods], [Seduction!], [Saffron], [I'm Honest, I'm a Pervert], [Come Push the Buttocks], [All-Brother Here], [Urgent, Urgent, Urgent]...

Reinhard could read each word clearly, yet the content was so bizarre and incomprehensible. The answers kept changing, swirling in a chaotic dance, until finally settling into a string of text that left Reinhard's mind frozen in disbelief:

[We want to see all the characters get feminized. Whether they can be seduced or not, the team seduces them all here!]


What kind of answer was this?

It seemed...he understood.

These perverts who watched his every move day and night from beyond the record were actually Slaanesh's followers?

No...something seemed off.

Reinhard rubbed his temples, feeling a strange dizziness blocking his thoughts. He felt he was on the brink of understanding something profound, but his mind couldn't grasp it clearly.

Or rather...he wasn't supposed to understand it fully.

Reinhard reached out to retrieve the paper, but the moment his fingers touched the paper, it crumbled into dust, leaving no trace behind.


"So, did it fail, Young Master?" Xu Fu asked, seeing the paper disintegrate instantly after Reinhard finished his incantation.

The thin boy, drained from the effort, swayed slightly. Xu Fu quickly stepped forward to support him.

Just writing this paper had left Reinhard feeling utterly exhausted, as if his entire magical energy had been siphoned away. It was as if he had been squeezed dry by a certain witch for seven days and nights.

"No...I'm fine." He muttered weakly, though his lips twitched into a subtle smile despite his depleted state. "It's already worked. I have summoned a spirit."

"Which spirit did you summon?"

"The Lord of Trickery, the Master of Treasures, the embodiment of cunning and deceit. I have summoned the God of Wisdom and Change."

"The Lord of Trickery?"

Xu Fu murmured these unfamiliar titles. As a magus from the first empire, she knew many spirits and gods, but these names were unknown to her. What kind of lineage did they come from?

However, Young Master had many secrets, as numerous and mysterious as the stars in the sky. Xu Fu knew better than to ask too many questions.

She understood that she had been asked to oversee this ritual because of her proficiency in magecraft. She had studied his Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan in-depth, a text focused on summoning outer entities.

Such scriptures weren't rare.

Since ancient times, this land had been coveted by various otherworldly creatures.

The first emperor had once attempted to build a great wall around the heavens to secure his empire's eternal reign. However, he died abruptly before the project could be completed.

What had he seen when he ascended to the heavens that made him return in a withered state?

Xu Fu, tasked with finding the elixir of immortality, had little time to ponder.

People said the first emperor sought medicine for his ailments, sending her to get elixir of immortality. But he had already achieved a semi-immortal state. How could he fall ill like an ordinary man?

Yet...he was indeed gravely ill.

Xu Fu remembered his emaciated face, saying the earth was facing a plague and instructing her to take three thousand boys and girls to preserve his bloodline.

The emperor sent her off, then fell severely ill.

Upon hearing of his death, Xu Fu did not follow his instructions. After settling the children, she returned across the sea, wanting to see his remains.

However, by then, the first empire was already in turmoil.

She encountered Xiang Yu and Yu Mei-ren and traveled with them. That was a time when Xu Fu felt a rare joy.

Four hundred years passed, and the landscape changed drastically, bringing sorrow and the inevitability of change.

After Xiang Yu's death, only her lady remained on this land, wandering like a living corpse, seeking a way to restore her dearest friend.

Xu Fu felt fortunate that now her lady seemed to have found a place to anchor her soul.

That place was...you, Young Master Zhang Jue.

Her lady had started to behave like a living person again, with a vibrant demeanor and gentle thoughts.

She could be irritable, coy, and even bashful like a young girl, no longer sitting still all day with a gaunt face.

Xu Fu was delighted to see this transformation.

However, the task Young Master aimed to accomplish was even more shocking than that of the first emperor. This path would be exceedingly difficult.

Yet, as a loyal servant, Xu Fu would not obstruct him. She would serve her master with all her might.

She had once thought of killing her lady.

Because...that was what her lady wished for her happiness.

But as an Incarnated Elemental, her lady could not die. No matter how she tried to end her life, she would instantly revive... she had no choice. Immortality, sought by so many, was a curse.

Immortality was the cruelest curse.

Living too long, one would change completely. One day, if Young Master were no longer by her side, her lady would eventually forget his face and voice, blurred like a fading memory.

The human heart is fragile and soft. Such boundless loneliness would drive even an Incarnated Elemental mad. Xu Fu did not want her lady to become a monstrous being, losing control entirely.


Xu Fu couldn't bear to lose her lady's smile.

Even if sadness awaited in the foreseeable future, the fleeting splendor of this moment was eternal.

She would give her all.

When Reinhard drew his spell Gate to Kadath, only Xu Fu could assist him. She understood that this was why she was summoned.

"Thank you, Miss Xu Fu, for overseeing the ritual. I'm fine. I just need a moment to rest."

Reinhard covering his dizzy head and gazing at the bronze mirror in the room. His reflection stared back at him.

Is this the younger Zhang Jue, or the older Zhang Jue?

Is the small Zhang Jue meeting the older Zhang Jue?

"So, now it's clear..." He muttered to himself, "I am currently living in both the end of dynasty reality and the modern illusion simultaneously."


"No...is this truly an illusion?" The black-haired youth, sitting in a restraining chair with his dark eyes half-closed, felt that things were far from simple.

"Is it possible that you can no longer distinguish between illusion and reality?

"Your brain has mistaken the illusion for reality. The dynasty side is your illusion, Reinhard."

Since the last time he attacked a doctor, Reinhard had been classified as having violent tendencies. He was no longer allowed to leave the ward.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but he needed to be observed for another half month.

During this time, the doctor had listened to Reinhard recount the entire story of his journey through the moonlit world. It was remarkably detailed, logical, and coherent.

...it was fascinating, even for someone without a wife to relate to such a tale.

The story of Reinhard was convoluted and thrilling, with twists and turns that gripped the audience's heart. Most importantly, it was a harem fantasy, smashing into the face of a middle-aged man like him.

Despite being in his twenties, why did he keep imagining himself as a handsome young boy adored by beautiful women? The doctor realized that this patient's fantasy system was quite peculiar.

It was 2013, not 2003. Even if you liked anime's onee-chan, they might not be older than you now.

But, he must say, the content perfectly matched the fantasies of a teenage otaku. If this were turned into a novel, whether it would sell well or not was another matter, but it certainly piqued one's interest halfway through.

Unfortunately, traveling to another world inherently defied the laws of physics.

"Reality isn't a light novel, Reinhard."

"I guess when you were diagnosed with a brain tumor, unable to accept such an illness, you subconsciously created an escapist fantasy where you went outside and immediately traveled into another world.

"For instance, people faint when they're overwhelmed by grief. Traumatic memories can become blurry over time. This is actually a stress-response mechanism of the brain."

"Don't patronize me with such nonsense, doctor." Reinhard scoffed, shaking his head.

"You think I've mixed various settings and immersed myself in a fantasy? Then tell me, are there any Type-Moon works here?"

"Of course there are." The doctor hesitated for a moment but chose to admit it, "But there's no such thing as the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. Only a few anime series have been released."

He had crammed a lot of anime in the past few days.

Hearing this, Reinhard's smile broadened. He knew exactly what was going on.

Ha...it seems Type-Moon has exhausted its creativity!

"Those anime series must be Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night, Fate/Apocrypha, and Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note."

"That's right..."

"I won't even mention other open-world games. Considering Fate/Grand Order's revolutionary gameplay in the otaku world, even someone outside the fandom knows it's just characters fighting. How hard could it be to develop that? If they had the money, why wouldn't they make it? Nasu must be an idiot."

Reinhard laughed.

"Do you know why this is the case, doctor? Look, this is the evidence... because I've never played Fate/Grand Order, this world can't conjure up information I don't know. So you can't provide the mobile game for me to play."

Despite being bound, the black-haired youth spoke lightly. He was the truly free one.

"Then." The doctor hesitated, "It's been a while since you touched it, but would you like to play any...game? I can lend you my phone."

Reinhard glanced at his bound hands.

"Uh, right, you're tied up..." The doctor laughed awkwardly.

"You know." He said, "Your story is logically coherent, even though imagining yourself as a handsome young boy constantly engaged with beautiful women is really twisted, Reinhard...but no matter what, you can't explain how you can get this isekai."

He adjusted his glasses. This was the crux of the matter: how could you possibly travel through worlds?

You didn't even get hit by a truck!

"So, Doctor, you still think the whole Type-Moon world is just my delusion?"

The doctor was silent for a moment.

"Emotionally, I want to believe you. Rationally, as a doctor, I must guide you, cooperate with you, Reinhard..."

"But, we are already friends, so I won't lie to you... you're sick, very sick."

"I'm not sick." Reinhard said firmly. "I can prove it to you."


"Give me a mirror. Not a camera, but a mirror, or anything that can reflect clearly."

The doctor thought for a moment, then turned off his phone's display, showing the black screen to Reinhard.

"Is this okay?"

"...That works."

Through the dark screen, the young man could see the boy from the dynasty side.

He spoke directly.

"Reinhard, hey! Reinhard, get to work! Damn it, draw another spell!"

From the mirror, the boy heard the familiar voice of the young man, yet Xu Fu beside him had no reaction.

...Only I can hear it?


Despite his words, he was too exhausted to move his legs.

The boy raised his trembling hand and showed the young man in the mirror a middle finger.

"Are you the Master of Fate or am I? Master of Fate Zhang Jue my ass! I created you, and you still want to exploit me? Do some work! Can't you see the corruption over there?"

The doctor was speechless, watching Reinhard talking nonsense to his reflection. After a while, the black-haired youth showed a defeated expression.

"So...this is your proof?"

"The me in the dynasty side...is tired. Drawing this spell drained all my magical energy. Damn...why am I such a useless person, always playing with women!"

Reinhard lamented, cursing his younger self for fooling around with Yu Mei-ren and wasting magical energy on women.


"I'm not sick. I'll show you some real magecraft next time."

Reinhard said nonchalantly.

"I already know you're not Nurgle or Tzeentch, Doctor. But what exactly are you... I haven't figured it out yet. Just don't rush."

"Alright, alright, I'm not rushing." The doctor reassured him.

"It's okay, Reinhard. I will guide you, I will help you gradually. Your primary concern right now is to solve the Nurgle corruption at that singularity, correct?"

To treat this patient, the doctor had crammed various anime and game settings, even delving deeply into Warhammer lore, becoming quite the otaku himself.

How can you tell if someone is an otaku?

If they ask what otaku means, they're not one.

If they say they're not an otaku, they are one.

If they say they are an otaku, they might be a kid.

"Whatever you saw in the dynasty side, make sure to tell me. I will guide you. You're not alone, we can tackle Nurgle's corruption and heal the world from that great plague together."

The doctor encouraged the black-haired youth. Though he didn't know how to deal with Nurgle, he knew how to treat mental illness. Understanding the other person was the key to healing.

Reinhard was silent for a moment, then nodded.

"Yeah, I'm trying to trust you, Doctor. Even though I shouldn't trust anyone here."

"Thank you for your trust. Keep it up." The doctor handed him a box of ballpoint pens and some books. "You asked for pens and books. I bought them for you. Tomorrow, you'll be moved back to the rehabilitation area. Please, please don't hurt anyone again!"

"I won't."

The doctor smiled and raised his hand, ruffling the boy's hair.

"For the past half month, you've been stable. Your parents want to see you. I wanted to get your opinion first."

Hearing this, the youth's lips trembled slightly.

"They're not my parents... but please, don't let them appear before me. I beg you."

"Alright, alright..." The doctor sighed, "When you want to see them, let me know."

A nurse came in to unbind Reinhard, and the closing of the door brought tranquility back to the room.

On the title page of one of the books the doctor brought, the black-haired youth wrote down a few important questions for contemplation.

[Who am I?]

"I am Reinhard, but this body's identity is Zhang Jue, and I am the Fate Keeper of the boy Zhang Jue from the dynasty side."

Reinhard murmured to himself.

"Like Alvin and Kratos, I was supposed to occupy the Throne associated with Tzeentch after completing my simulation and fully developing.

"But, due to my latent reality-warping abilities, I was prematurely developed by the version of me on the dynasty side, and brought here."

Organizing his thoughts, Reinhard slowly wrote down the second question.

[Where am I?]

"The Throne of Chaos?

"No... that's not entirely accurate.

"Since I am destined to become Tzeentch and was sent here by the version of me in the dynasty side, this place should be the Outer Side close to the moonlit world.

"But it has been corrupted by Chaos, forming a pseudo-warp space."

Reinhard now understood that on Earth in the moonlit world, there were three distinct spaces.

The Surface Side, the normal world where living beings flourish.

The Inner Side, which carries the soul of the planet, the inner sea of planet' dreams, where the gods and divine spirits reside post-Age of Gods.

The Outer Side, the space beyond the world, where the Throne of Heroes and the Root are located.

Contemplating this, Reinhard drew a circle on the paper.

The outside of the circle represents the Surface Side, the inside represents the Inner Side, and as for the Outer Side...

Reinhard paused, then planted his pen vertically on the paper.

"Compared to this two-dimensional paper, I, a three-dimensional being, am its outer side. If I am in the pseudo-warp space outside the moonlit world, this explains a lot."

Finally, the last question.

[What am I seeing?]


Reinhard closed his eyes, meditating.

"No, everything I witness is not mere illusion but should be a kind of projection, like how light casts a shadow on an object.

"Just like when I stand a pen on paper, beings living on the two-dimensional surface can only see a dot. It's like looking through a tube, seeing only part of the whole.

"Because the pseudo-warp space is a dimension of consciousness, my consciousness and memories have also merged into this space.

"As a human, I can't comprehend the true structure of the pseudo-warp space.

"So, using my reality-warping abilities is like reducing dimensions... transforming incomprehensible, unspeakable information into something I can understand.

"The faces I see appear this way because this space integrates my memories. They symbolize my family, my cherished ones, my attachments.

"And this mental hospital symbolizes suppression, confinement, a manifestation of self-imposed limitations.

"If this is the case, just by realizing this, I should be able to break free... no, I mustn't leave.

"A cage is also a protection, an isolation. Since this pseudo-warp space is corrupted by Chaos, the parts infiltrated by Tzeentch and Nurgle must appear here, taking some form.

"If I let them get close... I could easily be influenced."

With this thought in mind, Reinhard's thoughts fleetingly conjured the vague images of girls and women with hair colors of red, blue, green, and purple.

"I see now.

"Are they the embodiments of Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh, the Chaos Gods infiltrating this realm...?

"But why are they women, appearing as young girls and voluptuous women? If someone told me they were all Slaanesh, I might believe it.

"Is it because I imagined them this way? Did my expectations shape their forms here, making Khorne appear as a young girl because I anticipated it?

"In that case, if Khorne is now a young girl and I'm an adult, could I... could I just spank her against the wall? It seems plausible...

"Wait, why am I thinking this? Am I being influenced by Khorne's thirst for battle?

"Fuck with that! Let's just go for it!

"And what about the so-called Outer Entities from beyond the record? Why are they saying to turn all the characters into a woman? Who are they? And why do they want to screw everyone? Is this Slaanesh's corruption at play?"

Reinhard found it difficult to suppress his intense thoughts. Ever since he received that paper from the young Zhang Jue, his mind had become significantly clearer, his nerves no longer muddled, and he felt an endless surge of profound wisdom.

"...Wait! Someone warned me earnestly not to think, not to ponder...

"To remain... bewildered?

"I get it! I must not understand Them! I can't get too clear! I need to trick myself into staying unclear!"

"Because... not understanding, making myself dumber... if I don't get it, nothing can corrupt me!"

Reinhard excitedly grabbed the philosophy books he had requested from the doctor and began reading them intently.

Simultaneously, he murmured to himself, as if hypnotizing himself, his gaze gradually becoming increasingly confused.

"I don't understand anything, I don't understand anything, I don't understand anything..."


"Though I understand nothing, you can't just kick me out like this, junior brother! After all, I, senior sister, am an immortal, nothing in this world can harm me..."

"Master... next time, this won't be allowed. Although you should know, my magical energy is no less than yours."

The young man, looking somewhat weak, leaned back onto the bed, resting his head on the laps of two kneeling women, their soft, full thighs providing comfort.

Yu Mei-ren and the plump fox spirit glared at each other, their expansive breastpressing against each other, almost spilling out of their robes, quivering slightly.

From Reinhard's perspective, looking up, he could see the round, full curves of their lower hemispheres, the hills stretching on, their slender waists adorned with four plump, dangling fruits that made one want to sink their soul into them.

"Even immortality has its weaknesses, senior sister... Your knowledge is too lacking, I worry about your mental state."

Considering it was a Chaos spell, Reinhard had no idea what might happen, and the four tricksters were adept at confusing minds. He continuously raised several spells to isolate external influences.

"Ha? Are you saying I'm stupid and easily influenced?"

Reinhard found that being tactful didn't work with Yu Mei-ren. Despite his best efforts to be diplomatic, she lacked emotional intelligence.

Jade giggled, covering her mouth with a hand.

"You're no better, Foxy. You've been lazing around at manor, eating and sleeping all day."

Reinhard's tone was tinged with regret.

Indeed, Jade's magical energy had grown stronger, allowing her to remain in human form all day long, but she'd become dizzy at the sight of arithmetic, only perking up when they practiced bedroom arts.

Apart from that, she spent her days rubbing her belly, lower abdomen, tail, and buttocks, using her fur as a scarf by day and a mop at night.

Yu Mei-ren snorted, feeling a sense of superiority.

"Hmph... did you hear that, fat fox? You're dumber than me."

Jade's bewitching eyes narrowed into crescents, unfazed by the remark.

"Eating and sleeping? That's only because Master lavishes me with care."

"Grr..." Yu Mei-ren clenched her teeth, feeling an urge to show off her prowess, but seeing the young man's haggard face, she felt reluctant.

"At least I can recite poetry, discuss romance, and write beautifully with Master."

Fox tails were naturally suited for calligraphy.

Jade plucked a golden strand from her tail, blowing it into a quill. She then gracefully wrote 'True greatness lies in embracing all' in mid-air.

The plump fox spirit's breast swelled with pride, her seductive eyes fixed provocatively on Yu Mei-ren.

"I can learn too! Xu Fu, teach me poetry and calligraphy tomorrow! I want to practice as well!"

Their bodies pressed together, their luscious forms leaning forward, brushing against the young man's face, their robes rubbing together, thick and soft.

Ah... double cleansing milk, I'm done for...

The exhausted young man closed his eyes, drifting into a long-overdue sleep.


But in the middle of the night, an unsettling, tingling sensation reached his ears, a peculiar touch brushing against his cheek, moist and sticky.

Reinhard slowly opened his eyes, instinctively touching his face. His fingers were immediately covered in wriggling maggots...

"Holy Fuck?!"

He shuddered, scrambling out of bed and shaking off the maggots, stomping them to death.

"Where did these maggots come from..."

The ward lights were all off, and the room was dark.

Using the dim hallway light, Reinhard looked at the floor.

Maggots were crawling out from under his door, almost covering the entire room, accompanied by a strange, slimy chewing sound from outside.

"Damn it, who's launching a biological attack?"

Unable to tolerate such filth, Reinhard donned his slippers and squashed the maggots on his way to the door.

He opened the window grate on the door.


Standing outside was a voluptuous woman with green hair, stuffing her mouth with rotting, maggot-infested food, chewing noisily.

"Are you out of your mind?" Reinhard stared at the familiar face. 

It seemed like a redundant question, after all, they were in a mental hospital. How could they not be?

"Yes... I'm sorry, I was just so hungry."

With a mouth full of filth and a disheveled appearance, the green-haired woman stammered an apology. She then hurriedly ran down the corridor, carrying a plate of rotten, maggot-infested food that looked like it had been scavenged from a garbage heap.

Reinhard was baffled.

A lunatic.

Even if you're hungry, you shouldn't eat garbage. Some junk food would be better than this.

He looked back at the maggots wriggling all over his floor, feeling a wave of nausea. When would he finish stomping them all?

Staring at the bag of snacks the doctor had given him, Reinhard clicked his tongue. He thought of himself as a nice guy, a true gentleman.

"So hungry her breast grew bigger... better give her something to eat."

He picked up a bag of chips and, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, effortlessly opened the supposedly locked door of his room and stepped out.

The corridor outside his room reeked of damp mold, giving it a sinister atmosphere.

The green and pink walls looked awkwardly out of place.

Weak, decayed light barely illuminated the hallway, shrouding the distance in a misty gloom.

The walls were cracked and peeling, the crumbling plaster resembling human eyes.

The overall atmosphere was eerie, with a faint green emergency light flickering at the far end of the corridor.

Wait... had it really become this dirty and rundown after just two weeks?

Reinhard, ever the cheerful and sunny boy, didn't pay much attention to these details. He simply followed the trail of sticky footprints.

The empty corridor echoed with unsettling sounds from the rooms on either side... grinding teeth, snoring, and the sharp screech of something being cut.

Well, everyone seemed perfectly normal.

Reinhard walked casually, as if he were at home, and soon reached the rehabilitation area where patients engaged in their recovery activities. He pushed open the door to find the room dimly lit, with patients actively participating in their night-time activities.

The green-haired woman crouched in a corner, eating garbage. She was filthy, emitting a rotten, moldy smell similar to the corridor. It seemed she hadn't bathed in at least half a month.

A red-haired girl was wildly splattering paint in the art corner. Whenever a blood-red painting displeased her, she would angrily smash the canvas on the floor.

A blue-haired girl sat in the reading area, engrossed in a book under the dim light. Books were piled into a small mountain around her... clearly a diligent student.

A purple-haired woman practiced singing with a toy microphone, her eyes brimming with hearts. Reinhard wondered if it was an illusion or if the hospital staff allowed patients to wear colored contacts.

Finally, a stern-looking black-haired woman sat on a sofa, solemnly staring at a static-filled TV screen. Unlike the others, she didn't wear a hospital gown but a Pikachu onesie, standing out from the rest.

The four colorful women kept a distance from the black-haired woman.

Noticing Reinhard's arrival, the four women turned to stare at him, their faces lighting up with an intense, almost infatuated expression, like three certain onee-chans seeing a cute shota.

Unfazed by their gazes, Reinhard walked up to the green-haired woman eating garbage and offered her the bag of chips. No matter how hungry, eating garbage was unacceptable.

"Hungry? Here, have some chips instead."

The green-haired woman looked stunned.

"I... I'm sorry! Reinhard, I shouldn't have eaten in front of your door!" She apologized frantically. "I... I'm a good cook. I'll make soup for you next time to apologize!"

"That's not necessary..." Reinhard forced a smile. He remembered her cooking, even an Indian chef might have trouble handling it.

"Reinhard! Reinhard, Reinhard! Did you come to learn painting with me?" The red-haired girl, covered in red paint, grinned broadly, full of energy.

"Reinhard, I found many great books recently. Want to read with me?" The blue-haired girl with a monocle smiled gently. "We have great chemistry, you know."

"Reinhard~❤️, or would you like to practice singing with me?"

The purple-haired woman licked her microphone seductively, her eyes full of playful hearts.

"Very... very deep singing, Reinhard. I'll treat you as my microphone..."


Reinhard was sure he hadn't told them his name.

And... his fellow patients were incredibly enthusiastic, giving him a sense of coming home.

"Do you all want me to join your activities?"

"Yes, yes!" The women nodded eagerly, delighted by his interest.

"But…" Reinhard scratched his head, "Didn't you say I could only choose one of you?"

"So, who will you choose? The choice is yours."

Reinhard pondered for a moment, then spoke decisively.

"The strongest one."

At his words, the women exchanged glances, their eyes narrowing in mutual challenge.

The atmosphere in the room grew tense.

Reinhard, seemingly oblivious to the change, continued earnestly.

"I'm interested in all your activities, but I can only choose one. So, I want to pick the best, the most skilled, the strongest one among you."

"What do you mean by strongest?" The red-haired girl laughed, revealing sharp, shark-like teeth. "I'm the strongest!"

"Learn painting with me, Reinhard! I can help you cover the canvas of the world, painting over everything unfaithful with the color of loyalty!"

"That's not necessarily true. Strength isn't just talk. Why don't you all fight it out? Whoever wins, I'll go with them."

He was very popular.

He was tough, fierce, cunning, and passionate, embodying all the elements of a fallen, chaotic force.

Occupying two thrones of chaos in this world with a mortal will was an achievement to be proud of. Once he became a chosen of chaos, he would be destined to hold a divine position for eternity.

In this realm, words reflected emotions. Unless he could deceive even himself, what he said here represented his true thoughts and couldn't be taken back.

The women exchanged glances.

"This guy is mine!" The red-haired girl declared with a wild laugh, grabbing her paint bucket and splashing blood-red paint onto the green-haired woman, pouring the Khorne's wrath into her garden.

The blue-haired girl began chanting, and the purple-haired one started singing loudly, a warhorn blaring as Nurgle opened its warm embrace.

The women started pulling each other's hair.

With the emotional fluctuations and blessings of the four chaos gods, corrupted planets received orders, and the followers of the four chaos gods engaged in relentless warfare.

Red skulls, misfortune's offspring, dark purple hands, emerald scepters... The human empire watched in astonishment as chaos cults waged ultimate battles like a boiling stew.

They vowed to determine the strongest, who would claim Reinhard as their own, using an entire star system as the battlefield.

The black-haired woman in the Pikachu onesie turned her gaze from the TV to the brawling women, then slowly shifted her eyes to Reinhard.

She said nothing, but her tired, stern expression showed a rare trace of emotion.

Reinhard vaguely remembered someone mentioning that if he encountered difficulties, he could seek this woman's help.

He wasn't interested in these four crazy women's activities, but if they really fought to the end and came looking for him, how could he back out?

So, after some thought, Reinhard walked toward the black-haired woman in the Pikachu onesie.

"Excuse me, may I sit with you?"

The black-haired woman squinted at him.

"...What's your name?"

"Serena." She replied in a cold, indifferent tone.

"So, Miss Serena, why are you just sitting here?"

At his words, Serena glanced at Reinhard, her cold, indifferent eyes scanning him up and down. After a moment, she slowly stood up from the sofa.

"Sit here."

Reinhard hesitated. "Uh..."

"I said sit. Stop wasting time."

Her voice carried an undeniable authority.

Fine, fine, sit it is.

Complying with her demand, Reinhard settled into the soft single-seater sofa.

Wow... It's actually quite comfortable.

It felt like his whole body was being sucked into the soft cushion, no wonder she didn't want to get up.


He watched in surprise as Serena walked over and slapped the four women, one by one.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Get out! Get out of here!"

Wow, so you're the real boss around here?


"Am I really that violent? Junior brother... I've really been studying hard these past three months."

"Don't listen to those rumors, senior sister is very gentle."

Reinhard stood at the foot of the mountain, watching the verdant fields, feeling proud of their efforts over the past few months.

The eight senior brothers of Water Mirror Manor now worked under assumed identities and operated in various counties and prefectures.

They controlled the weather, promoted farming, mechanized irrigation, and drove away pests, exchanging information and progress through flying letters.

As winter passed and spring planting began, they had gathered quite a following of farmers and believers.

Starting with feeding more people.

The young men, burning with passion, were gradually transforming this world.

Watching the land come to life with vibrant green, Reinhard whispered softly, "Things will only get better."

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