Fate/Ultimate Antagonist

Getting Isekai'd to another world is indeed awesome, especially embarking on an adventure as a hero to defeat the Demon King, who turns out to be a woman, and making her part of your harem. It is truly the dream of millions of people hoping to be Isekai'd to another world. If Reinhard were to get Isekai'd like that, he might smile for the rest of his life. However, fate has other plans for him, as he becomes the unfortunate isekai victim, landing in the rabbit hole known as the moonlit world. With numerous psychopaths roaming around to fulfill their dreams, he must strive to defend his small life in this chaotic world, especially when the world is set to last only another decade. Fortunately, luck from nine generations of his family comes to his aid in critical moments. Finally, he gets help to secure his small life: [Ding!] "Eh? Has my help finally arrived?" [Congratulations, Host! You have been chosen as the host of the Antagonist Simulator System!] "Finally! Fina-... wait... What do you mean by Antagonist? Shouldn't it just be a Simulator without an Antagonist?" [As the name suggests, the Antagonist Simulator System is specifically designed for individuals with high aspirations to become antagonists, and you have been selected to be the Ultimate Antagonist! Congratulations, Host!] "Huh? Ultimate Antagonist? Wtf? How does someone as gentle as me fit as the ultimate antagonist?" [Not so.] [Host, you undoubtedly possess a strong motivation, clear plans, firm will, undisclosed secrets, outstanding execution, remarkable personality charm, and the determination to subvert the world.] [Undoubtedly, you are the perfect candidate for the ultimate antagonist.] WTF? ... [You were borns as the son of the King Vortigern.] [You pulled out the sword from the stone but inserted it back, and the sword emitted a resounding mournful cry] [You promoted agriculture, popularized education, abolished nobility, knights scorned you as the ominous son of the disaster-bringing white dragon] [You sacrificed Vortigern, gathered the remaining flames of the remnant age of gods, and launched the final assault towards the inner sea of the planet] [Your wife and daughter died at the hands of Ares] . . . [You set the Olympus Temple ablaze] "Oh? Looks like my adventure won't be boring."

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130 Chs

[1] Moonlit World

"Are you refusing to participate in the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City?"


The distant sound of bells echoed in the outskirts of London.

The flickering flame blossomed at the man's fingertips.

Looking at the black-haired youth sitting across from him, El-Melloi II slowly lit his cigar, took a puff, and then exhaled a wisp of elusive smoke. His calm face revealed no surprised expression.

"As expected, the answer I anticipated. I've already told those guys that you wouldn't be swayed. After all, even the chance to make a wish directly to the Root with the Holy Grail isn't really significant for you."

The words may sound exaggerated, but El-Melloi II spoke with a tone of certainty. This was because the black-haired youth in front of him was undoubtedly a magecraft genius, making Waver, a magus with mediocre magic circuits who worked overtime every day, marvel at the unfairness of fate.

In the field of magus, having become the Lord of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory at the Clock Tower, Waver Velvet had almost absolute confidence in his cheap apprentice picked up from the roadside.

The reason was simple...

He witnessed Reinhard, in just a short year, rise from an ignorant Muggle to a dignified position in the Clock Tower.

Grand, Brand, Pride, Fes, Cause, Count, Frame.

These were the ranks of magus passed down by the Mage's Association.

Waver himself, as the Lord of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory, was currently only at the level of Fes.

In high emotional intelligence terms, he held the title of 'Honorary Fes' thanks to his outstanding achievements in teaching his disciple.

In reality, Waver's magical aptitude was quite poor, barely reaching the level of Cause, struggling even with hypnosis on old ladies. His magic circuits were bluntly evaluated by his foster sister, Reines, as 'non-flammable garbage.'

It could be said that he was practically a 'placeholder.'

So much so that the long hair he now had was to conserve a bit more magical energy, and even the cigars he smoked were a form of mystic code, a special cigar he makes to relieve his panic and something to make him seem more 'Lord-like'.

To put it bluntly, despite holding the position of one of the twelve lords at the Clock Tower, Waver's value as a magus was not very high.

The sensation, the magical energy, felt less than Gudako.

This is also the reason why every time he receives guests, he has to bring along Gray as a personal bodyguard to prevent the assassins from killing him.

And, compared to Waver's pathetic magical aptitude, Reinhard's magic circuits underwent a qualitative and quantitative mutation in his brain, seemingly outstanding in both quality and quantity. This made Waver envy to the point of almost having a heart attack.

Not to mention, his astonishing promotion to the rank of Pride within a year, even legendary magician like Zelretch, and that... 'Scarred Red' seemed to have never shown such an exaggerated performance in their magus careers.

The Clock Tower's ranking bestowed considerable importance on a magus's magical achievements.

In simple terms, being able to fight was a crucial factor.

However, the more important evaluation criteria were aimed at assessing the magician's broad and innovative understanding of magic, their understanding and construction of spells, and the magus's casting ability.

Of course, if you were a second-generation magus, everything was different, the Clock Tower had very flexible criteria.

In the simulated combat assessment for promotion, Reinhard easily defeated the sealing designation enforcer, Bazett, known as the 'strongest at the Fes rank.' This performance was already considered astounding.

Mainly due to his research paper titled 'Construction Ideas for Artificial External Micro Magic Circuits Participating in Controllable Nuclear Fusion Processes,' which was so shocking that it alarmed even the Clock Tower's hidden monsters, almost leading to a sealing designation.

Thanks to his thorough understanding during his year of studying at the Clock Tower, combined with the strong recommendations from the El-Melloi family and the Animusphere family, Reinhard avoided being imprisoned under the pretext of 'sealing designation' and was directly granted the rank of Pride.

Subsequently, the research paper that Reinhard put so much effort into was directly classified as the highest-level secret of the Clock Tower and was not publicly published.

This result made him lose the last bit of patience for the Clock Tower's outdated customs.

Ridiculous. Pitiful. Regrettable.

Although the Mage's Association claimed 'Mystery Concealment' as its first principle, even mischievous imps like Reines knew that it was just a gimmick.

Holding onto such a noble cause made it convenient to suppress those independent magus, especially since the industry standards were set by the Clock Tower itself. They could punish as they pleased without mercy.

The so-called principle of 'Mystery Concealment' was just a convenient excuse.

After all, even the sealing designation issued could be casually revoked. Even with the full efforts of the Sealing Designation Enforcer, there was nothing they could do about the woman known as the 'Scarred Red.'

So, in the end, the ultimate decision fell on the law of the jungle.

Officially, it was to 'conceal the mystery' and restrict the publication of this paper.

However, Reinhard was well aware that the true reason was, the Clock Tower, valuing bloodline heritage, did not want to see the development of secular technology, as it would render the various magecraft they held in contempt as a laughingstock.

Like deconstructing artificial diamonds, diamonds could only rely on blowing to provide value.

Just like the modern magecraft department now, since its establishment in the 19th century, it had always been looked down upon and ostracized by the aristocratic factions.

The final handling of this matter by the Clock Tower disappointed Reinhard greatly.

To pursue the daring act of refining the human body, violating taboos, and summoning souls but being afraid to publish a small research paper?

Even if you brought in someone to replace you directly, pushing your own research results?

As long as it could be published to promote the progress of the world, Reinhard didn't care about authorship or fleeting honors.

His motive was very simple, he just wanted to survive...

After all, this world was on the verge of destruction.

Reinhard, 24 years old, people who are commonly called isekai victims.

When writing his doctoral thesis, he suddenly had a splitting headache, fainted, and was urgently taken to the ICU.

After a CT scan, a blurry shadow was found in his brain, suspected of a malignant tumor, and various clinical manifestations matched the symptoms.

At the most ambitious age, he was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

After the initial shock, disbelief, and indignation, Reinhard emotionally accepted reality and gave up torturous chemotherapy. He decided to finish his thesis seriously and spend the last moments of his life peacefully.

However, when he walked out of the hospital, Reinhard was not met with the dull and gloomy city sky but the drizzling streets of London.

He had directly isekai'd into London 2002 in moonlit world.

His oriental face attracted the attention of the people on the street, and even chat and bank applications on his phones nearly became paralyzed.

Fortunately, Reinhard's spoken English was fluent, and he was brought home by Gray, who was out buying bread. Finally, through Waver Velvet's recommendation letter , he entered the Clock Tower and became an international student.

It was a good thing that the Londoners didn't speak Japanese, otherwise he would have been homeless because he couldn't communicate.

After Isekai'd into the moonlit world, Reinhard found that he had awakened the ability called 'Clairvoyance.'

In the early stages of stabilizing the control of Clairvoyance, accompanied by severe headaches, he could occasionally foresee vague images of the future of this world in his dreams.

All were scenes that would give people high blood pressure.

The bloodborne plague, the fallen empire, the contingency, insect invasion, the warp storms...

"Tell me, is this really the moonlit world?!"

"Let me go home!!!"

In the not-so-distant future, various strange and dangerous disasters would ravage this world, ultimately plunging this land into a complete hell on earth.

What's more.

Reinhard discovered that his Clairvoyance had never observed the future beyond 2016...

This likely meant that humanity in this world would be extinct by 2016.

Order collapse, life withering, civilization disappearing...

Human history was on the brink of extinction.

The images of the collapse of human reason foretold to Reinhard the tragic ending this world was about to face.

Seeing such a future, Reinhard was somewhat numb.

Even though he had become an isekai victim, he should have led a life of glorious life, fight the demon king, and build a harem like the protagonists in those Japanese novels. He should have welcomed the supposedly happy time like a dream...

But why did it turn out like this?

Isekai'd into the moonlit world, the original incurable disease had the possibility of being cured in the moonlit world view.

However, before he could be happy, he suddenly learned that the world would be chaotic in just over a decade...

It was as if he had suddenly isekai'd into a fantasy world and was enthusiastically preparing to start a grand beast-eared harem, only to find out that this was an NTR-type fantasy world!