28 The Demon King Rages

Fuyuki, Japan,

"Oh my.....God."

Many prayed to whatever God they believed in.

"What.. is that? What is that?!"

Others panicked, not knowing what to do in the face of such calamity.

"This is a dream right?"

Some tried to deny the reality before them.

"This can't be happening, how is this happening?! What... What even is that?!"

"Are we being attacked by someone?!"

Still, there were those that tried to rationalise what they witnessed.

The truth however, was one everyone knew deep down in their hearts, this.... this was something they could not hope to have anticipated or expected. For the sky, the very heavens burnt a scarlet red, encompassed by flames, the clouds nowhere to be seen, the Sun had been blotted out.

Forget hiding, every man, woman and child in Fuyuki witnessed something they could not understand that day.

The Day the Heavens burned.


"Roman! Roman, do you understand what you've done?! You think, you think this can be covered up?!" Waver panicked, shakily pointing at the flames that drew closer with each passing moment, how was this going to work? How were they going to remain hidden after.... this? Did he not understand the consequences?!

"..." Roman didn't answer, not smiling for the first time in a very long time as he fixed the collars of his white suit in a calm and relaxed manner. Clearly, the magician wasn't perturbed by the deployment of such an insane noble phantasm.. No, he was actually calmer than he usually was.

The Servants remained silent, they were all from a different time, a time from when spectacles like the one now were a common sight. Artoria however, was quite concerned about the immediate consequences of a literal rain of fire, what of the innocent people that were about to get caught up in this?

The cocking of a gun was heard and the next thing anyone knew, a pistol was pointed at Roman's head. Kiritsugu looked at the sky in poorly hidden awe, and slight despair, had he once again helped someone bring calamity to the innocents?

Kirei Kotomine smiled, though it went unnoticed by almost everyone, this development immensely pleased someone like him. How many would die screaming in pain once that fire collided with the ground? The initial sonic boom was surely enough to have killed a few with how much force it carried.

"Magus, what now?" Rider, Iskander, folded his arms with an unusually serious expression, he gained nothing from the suffering of innocents.

"My... I'm disappointed." Roman raised his hands, shaking his head in disapproval at their reactions, "I come from the Trambelio sure, but do you really think I'm a psychopath?" Even he had more than a few things to say to those that would kill off an entire city with no thoughts about it, "You want to know why right?"

Roman leaned back under the gazes of everyone there, placing a hand on his chin as a wide smile formed on his face, "Well, I thought it'd be interesting."




Before any could actually process his answer, the Trambelio gave a small nod to Raikou and the Berserker reacted instantly, they'd talked about this. Drawing her sword in less than a second and appearing behind Tokiomi, Raikou slashed down diagonally, cutting the man down before many could react. Her boosted parameters allowed for it.

"Did I do good?"

A corpse fell to the ground, the Tohsaka's expression was still the same annoyed one as before, he'd not even had the time to react before she cut him apart. Blood flowed from his bisected body, dyeing the white pavement in a crimson colour.

"Huh." Gilgamesh didn't react much, only scowled and turned his gaze to Kirei, the King of Heroes didn't even mind the death of his summoner. The man was a boorish and uninteresting person with nothing but calculated movement on his mind.

"EEK!" Waver shrieked, not used to such acts of brutality, the inexperienced Magus fell back on the ground, startled and afraid. Only now did he realise that despite his shortcomings, Roman was indeed a 'magus'.

"So, that's that." Roman walked to the front, the tapping of his cane an eerie sound to those that heard it and waved his hand.

In an instant, the fire disappeared.

"Fuck yeah to timing." The Trambelio chuckled.

Of course, despite it seeming as if his movement had dissipated the fire, he truly had nothing to do with it.

"....Why?" Irisviel couldn't understand why a boy like Roman would do such a horrifying thing. Tokiomi's corpse wasn't exactly pleasant to look at.

"It is the hubris of man to think that all can be rationalised." Gilgamesh looked intrigued by the smiling priest.

"Nothing like that, just he'd have tried to capitalise on my prowess." Roman explained in a relaxed tone, he was about to reveal to the world just what he was. Tokiomi Tohsaka would either try to blackmail him or sell the information to others, something the Trambelio couldn't allow anymore.

Trembling, Kiritsugu pointed his pistol at Roman's head.

Of course, while they discussed, a battle ensued at Mount Ryuudou.

For just a few moments ago,


"By my command seals, I order you, Archer! Cancel your noble phantasm!"

"You....How dare you?"

In an instant the fire covered sky returned to normal, the flames disappearing as if they'd never been there in the first place. Of course, the mountain had already exploded into bits and the parts of earth that flew about were still there, some in houses, others in stores, so was the damage of the hypersonic booms.

People had undeniably died, crushed under debris or pierced through by smouldering stone.

The perpetrator of that was the woman, no girl, standing in the air, glaring down at the man below. Her crimson cape flew in the air, her own dress a pitch black military uniform. Long flowing raven hair, and scarlet eyes were her defining features... Though, at this moment, her eyes trembled, not out of fear but out of rage, rage at being forced to back down.

"Heretic knave, what makes you stop me?" She spoke sharply, a hand resting on the hilt of her blade, the other behind her back, "Speak!"

"Demon King Oda Nobunaga, what makes you attack innocents?" Dressed in what appeared to be a mix of samurai armour and European robes, her assailant spoke in a calm manner, pointing his blade at her, "This isn't something I can overlook as a Ruler." To think he would be summoned in such a hectic war, what was going on?

His question seemed to freeze the Demon King in her place.

Soon however, her figure started trembling and she roared, "Innocent? Innocent?!" Leaning forward with rage filled eyes, Oda brought her hand near her face, "Look! What has become of my country?! My land! What is this?! They walk about like fools! Their statures are relaxed! Their postures are weak! We are warriors! Not...." She pointed at her surroundings, "... This! What has become of my glorious Japan?! Unforgivable! Unforgivable!" The Archer roared in rage, her scarlet pupils distorting as the air around her heated up.

The Demon King of Sixth Heaven was angry.

"What are you even saying? Do you hear yourself? You're outrageous." The Ruler Class Servant looked at her disbelief, was she insane?

"Not another word. Complacency like yours is what brought this about. Speak again and you will die. How dare my country be lowered to this?!" She looked around in anger, "What caused this?! What has become of my people?! The same people that would rather die standing then fall to an oppressor?! You... Is it your blasphemous God?!" Oda raged at the crosses on the Ruler's clothes, that would make sense.

"....Archer, you must realise your foolishness... One such as you, how have you not yet noticed that you killed your own Master?" Ruler spoke calmly, ready to fight at a moment's notice, he now knew that the Demon King of Sixth Heaven was insane. Still, he understood that boosted by being in her own country, it was next to impossible for him to win in a head on confrontation with Oda. His only solace was that without a Master, she would run out of prana and disappear soon enough.

Oda Nobunaga only sneered in response, before leaning down with a mad grin on her face, "Fool, we stand over a leyline. Name yourself." She drew her blade, her correction was going to start with this heretic.

".....Amakusa Shirou Tokisada.." Ruler raised his katana, holding his other hand near the tip of the blade, this was..... going to be an uphill battle. In his haste to stop her from turning the city into scorched earth, he forgot to check many significant things.

Before the battle could actually start however, Oda suddenly turned her gaze to another part of the city, one that had golden lightning arching towards the sky from it, and her grin widened further, "Kenshin is here?"


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The Grail War became a Great Holy Grail War and 8 more servants got summoned, servants summoned in the same manner Raikou was summoned, as in, at max power and that in Japan. The Archer Class that got summoned is Oda Nobunaga, who's raging at what's become of her people and deployed her Noble Phantasm. The Ruler Class servant that got summoned has command seals, Shirou used one of his to order her to cancel this NP so she turned her rage to him instead. On the side of the original participants of the War, Roman is making it seem like he did it for no reason other than the chaos (Do you believe that to be the case?) it would bring and killed Tokiomi because he could mess with his plans.

That name 'Kenshin' Nobunaga mentioned at the end when she saw the golden lightning is another name for Nagao Kagetora, a famous warrior from the Warring States Period which nobunaga is from too.


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