78 Loved By The Planet

London, England,

Clock Tower Vicinity,

The streets of London were suspiciously desolate this particular day and mist seemed to be rolling in from the seaside, perhaps that was why many of it's denizens chose to stay inside, in the relative safety of their homes.

Yet two people seemed to be exempt from this, an old man following behind a smiling young man walking with a cane.

Zelretch's expression morphed into an unamused one, sharply contrasting with his usual laidback one and he put a hand on Roman's shoulder, putting some force into his grip, "Do you realise the gravity of your actions?" He probably didn't, how could he know the damages caused to other timelines with no way of even knowing about their existence?

"From the way you speak, kinda." Roman shrugged casually, observing his surroundings... Light rain showers had started a few minutes ago and so he'd gone for a walk...., "How many timelines did I doom?" He asked with a smile, glancing at his fellow magician from the corner of his eye.

"Countless, I don't know. Or so it could've been if the timelines weren't salvageable." Zelretch pinched the bridge of his nose, releasing a sigh.... This was the problem with youngsters with too much power, they didn't understand consequences at all, "There were occasions where the continuity of man depended on Tamamo-no-Mae's infatuation with a certain someone... you would've been directly responsible for their destruction!"

Roman paused for a bit, slightly sweatdropping, "You say that was a possibility, same as you getting assaulted is a possibility." He shrugged again, it didn't really matter if it all worked out in the end, all's well that ends well.

"Well yes, Empress Nero did serve as the substitute once you locked the Tamamo route." The Magician of the Second put a hand on his chin, nodding thoughtfully... The former's infatuation proved enough to get the 'good ending' in those scenarios where Tamamo wasn't available.

"Then why are you worked up?"

"Oh yeah, every day someone almost dooms infinite timelines right? No need to get worked up at all." Zelretch's tone was laced with sarcasm, of course it was.... This provided grounds for another theory of his actually...., "On a related note,... You are this timeline's Angra Mainyu aren't you?" The Magician's gaze sharpened as he raised his hand, raw magical energy focusing in his palm.

"So what?" Roman's response was short, followed by him stopping in place, lips splitting into a grin, "You're gonna get rid of me?" He brought his hand up to his chest, glowing red cracks spreading into the air from it.

For a moment it seemed the two would clash, and if they did, this city would surely go down in the initial clash.

"This isn't like you, Master."

To their side, leaning against the wall with her clothes wet, was Nagao Kagetora... The white haired woman stared between the two Magicians, her gaze devoid of any and all emotion.. As a protector of the people, she couldn't allow this clash.

"I'm just messing around." Roman chuckled, retracting his hand before materialising a hat in it and placing it atop his head, "Believe it or not, I'd love to get along with you even if you love staring at young children playing with long sticks..." The magician grinned, running a finger along his cane.

"I don't like... What are you even talking about?"

"What indeed?"

"You're making me out to be a pedophile here."

"Wha? Nooo, I'm talking about the other guy named Zelretch."

Roman snickered to himself, resuming his walk... The event he was looking forward to most now was the 'party' arranged by the Neutral Faction...., "Do my eyes deceive me or....." He touched his shirt before looking around, "What the fuck is going on?" The rain wasn't hitting him at all! It was actively going around him for some reason.

"I just assumed you were using a spell here, Master." Kagetora tilted her in confusion, her arms folded, she'd noticed the irregularity in the rain as soon as she arrived... She knew how he liked to be clean so she thought it was his own doing.

"This isn't me." The Magician instantly denied it, he enjoyed the feeling of the wet rain against his skin.., "Does nature have a hard-on for me now?"

"Oh.." Zelretch understood what was going on, Roman was right even if he put it crudely, "Tell me young man, do you harbour feelings of hatred for humanity?"

".....I rather like humans."

It was a simple answer and the complete truth, from what they could accomplish to what they couldn't, he liked them.. Humans were amazing.. He may have been biassed due to previously being one but Roman didn't really care about that, they could do what magus did through science, what was that if not amazing? Earth's inevitable death proved that fact.. The fuckers managed to kill a celestial body somehow.

"Then it is as I thought..." It all made sense now... Zelretch stared at the sky in silence for a few moments, this timeline had all the makings of another Angra Mainyu wiping out more than half of humanity and after Roman, it should have been pruned because it became a real threat, only it didn't and now he knew why..

"Let's go on a walk. Consider what I tell you,my apology for my rash behaviour."

He knew that by doing this he was going against his position as an observer but that was a rule he himself imposed himself and rules..., "Rules are made to be broken!"



"Nothing matters in the end..."


"We're all particles in the end."

"You aren't even composed of particles in the first place."

"Humans don't matter."

"They matter more than you think."

"We're good at this.."

"Yeah we are."

Roman and Zelretch sat at a bar, drinking bourbon provided by a golem bartender and seemed to be discussing menial things... The truth was those 'things' weren't even that, they were just saying random shit at this point and trying to make something of it.

"Still though... It's strange being told I could have been erased." Roman twirled his glass, whistling slightly.... The information provided by Zelretch once again reaffirmed his endless thirst for more and more power of all varieties as well as it's sheer necessity in ensuring his survival.

If he didn't have the power he did right now, after the Saber's failed attempt at his destruction. The Will of Humanity would have erased him altogether for the simple 'possibility' that he could be a problem to it's continuity.

While Roman was certain Zelretch had kept some things from him, he didn't really dislike him for that. No one with more than two brain cells would give away everything to someone else.

"So I'm a Beast now apparently... What a crude label.." Roman smiled widely, he was a noble wasn't he? To call him a Beast was a little too disrespectful, no? Meh, he didn't really care that much.

"Angra Mainyu is the Beast. Not Roman Trambelio... But do know that since I've told you this, I might interfere going forward."

"Always enjoy something going awry, fun when you can turn that around for the better."

"I noticed." Zelretch had his own eyes, he knew what the man next to him was like and honestly, it was rather amazing.. Truly, it was. A fully birthed Angra Mainyu was a Beast, set on destroying humanity and even if that weren't the case in this timeline, the authority and power of the Deity elevated Roman to the status of a Beast all the same... even if he made no effort to destroy humanity, perhaps that was why the will of the planet initially rejected his presence.

"It's also an ego boost to know even the planet can fall for my charms."

"It hasn't fallen for anything."

"Gaia over Alaya any day of the week."

Wind rustled the windows, alarming both magicians.

""We're not going to talk about that.""

However, the rejection was no longer there. Roman's prior actions regarding Tamamo no Mae almost destroyed humanity across a multitude of timelines, and that act cemented just how much he deserved the position especially because of the fact that it had been unintentional..

If Fate worked in a way that turned the Trambelio against humanity, who would emerge victorious?

The sole fact that the answer wasn't certain only served to affirm that he indeed, could be a Beast.

"I can see why you'd choose the planet.." Zelretch nodded his head sagely, it was understandable. The Celestial Body was actively protecting the timeline now, preventing it's pruning..... In other words, it was giving Roman a chance to do what it desired, the total annihilation of humanity.

"I mean, who would you choose? A bitch that's on her period 24/7 because you exist or a woman that's protecting you from said bitch?" The decision was rather easy to make wasn't it? And Roman was most certainly not a masochist.

"I see the point but what makes you sure they're women?"

"The fact that King Arthur is a lass."

"Point taken.." Zelretch let out an amused chuckle as he stood up, "Well, do whatever. Don't get boring or I might give you a kick..."

"I think you meant push.."

"I know what I said."

"See you later, glowing cunt."

"You too."

Waving his hand, the Magician of the Second exited the bar.


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