69 I Think Not!

London, England,

Clock Tower,

"....How daring."

Roman put a hand over his mouth, commenting on Marisbury's proposal with mild enthusiasm, "Though, I'm afraid I have to say no." The Magician, in a display of sheer audacity and what could be presumed as arrogance, pointed his hand at McDonell, "Someone has to take his place too."

"Ah well, at least I tried." Marisbury Animusphere was quick to give up, it would be good if Roman accepted but he'd known the answer before even asking, "The offer will still be on the table in case something happens." The white haired man smiled with closed eyes, enjoying the looks of disbelief sent his way.

"I agree, proceed with the designation." Rufleus Nuada-Re Eulyphis was quick to agree, he was too much of a threat to be left to walk around freely... Perhaps it was because the man had something to do with his daughter's death, nay, it was precisely that.. While he bore no real love for the girl, it was an affront to his Family... That and who knew what Roman could do given time.

"Why are you doing what he's asking?!"

For the first time in a long time, McDonell Trambelio Elrod lost his cool, standing up as he smashed his balled up fist into the table placed in front of him, "Are you proposing we simply let these crimes go? And you!" He pointed at his son with eyes trembling in anger, "You killed your own mother and have nothing to say for it... Now, you attack our very family?" The man's fierce gaze passed over the Lords below, "And you, what makes you remain passive in front of this? Do you even understand the consequences?"

Still…. What was this foreboding feeling?


Roman sneered, shrugging his hands and then meeting his father's gaze, "Don't you get why the Democratic Faction isn't losing their shit right now?" He spoke as calmly as ever, simply stating the facts.. An attack on the Trambelio Family was an affront to innumerable houses part of the Democratic Faction BUT, "They're magus!"

Cold, unfeeling, and always seeking that which benefitted them the most.

"I too disagree. We see no need."

It was at this moment that Inorai Valualeta Atroholm chose to declare her decision, her lips splitting into a thin smile as she did.... Still, her gaze remained unfeeling. The older woman instantly chose to abandon the man who'd betrayed their very ideals, a decision made without deliberation, befitting her reputation.

And this, was a critical blow.

House Valualeta, the Valualeta Family, held great sway over the Clock Tower AND were among the greatest backers of the Trambelio precisely because they led the Democratic Faction but nay, Inorai considered not this a betrayal.

It was payback.

McDonell had, with this proposal, betrayed the very thing they stood for. It was fitting that he paid for it then.... Inorai's gaze lingered on Roman, he would do... It would be great to have such a powerful person leading House Trambelio now that McDonell had proven.... insufficient.


"You let your feelings get the best of you."

Roman tilted his head with a mocking grin, "How's it feel?" He asked rhetorically, placing a hand on his chin.... So far so good.. but perhaps that was to be expected, he'd spent a long time designing this and accounted for just about everything.

"A trait unbecoming of the Lord Trambelio." Inorai commented laxly, not giving a single thought to what she'd done... There was nothing wrong with it after all.

"I disagree as well, there seems to be no need." Lorelei Bartholomei showed a rare smile, though it was more because this went the way she desired... There were indeed reasons to her decision other than the deal with Roman but well, the boy had probably already known those too.

Every word uttered was akin to the strike of a hammer against steel.

The Aristocratic faction's head disagreed and only now did McDonell begin to realise his folly, he'd been played... again. He tried to regain his calm but for a 'family' man, it upset him greatly that his own son was doing this to him.

As for why Lorelei agreed?

Well, the reason was more fickle than one would expect.

The deal was to support Roman at the trial and in return, she'd get to see McDonell, one of her greatest enemies, break down or at least lose his shit... It was what he deserved for DARING to deceive her with a false report, she wasn't some fucking tool to be deployed. She was a Bartholomei! There was more to it though.

With her disagreement though, came the disagreement of the other houses from the Aristocratic Faction.. Their leader had made a decision, who were they to even think of going against it? Against her?

"The Solonea disagree."

"The Gaiuslink disagree."

"The Archelot disagree."

Some among them disagreed to avoid the shame of losing so so badly, some did because of obligations...

Point to be made was, Roman was winning this and judging by the massive satisfied grin etched across his face, it was going as planned.

The Lesser Lords didn't yet know what to make of this, this was only cementing their view of the 'cripple' while shattering the previous one... How the fuck were they played this badly? If the 12 Lords were taking his side here... What did that imply for them who disrespected him and by extension, the thoughts of the ruling body of the Clock Tower?

The Democratic Faction had lost trust in McDonell now though, such was their way.. He'd gone against their beliefs and had all he had stolen just like that, that simply meant their image of him was but an illusion and that he was... inadequate. The 'son' was an asset though, a powerful addition to their ranks... They'd support him if he just said so.


Well, they were nobles at the core, sure they believed in merit above all but they were still nobles.. The Trambelio Lineage had led them with great efficiency for centuries and they weren't willing to abandon them for the mistakes of one misbegotten foolish liar.

It also aligned with their beliefs: if Roman led them, who greater qualified, who had more merit here than he who stood on trial for the annihilation of those who opposed him, for destroying a city entirely and he who had the magical world fool for more than a decade now?

Bluntly put, Roman had just demolished his father's reputation in a matter of moments.. The worst or best part however was that the man standing with his hands behind his back wasn't deriving some sort of sick pleasure from this, 'revenge' had never been what he desired, that would be stupid.. Nay, this was a consequence of his immense hunger for power, his ambition.

Now, all gazes fell on the only faction that hadn't made it's decision.

The Neutral Faction, mostly impartial and withdrawn.

Feeling the gazes of so many land on him, Karmagliph Meluastea Deluc shivered, wrapping his arms around himself to somewhat alleviate his nervousness. Roman was dangerous.... it wasn't hard to surmise the Democrats would now be pushing for him to succeed McDonell and that would be very bad for them...

If someone who didn't respect lines and wanted to grow like Roman did took the reins, the power balance between the three factions would be tipped over. Karmagliph's gaze lingered on Lorelei for a fraction of a second, surely she saw that yes? What was her play here?

And so,

"T-The...." Inwardly lamenting the crack in his voice, he continued, "Meluastea ag-"

"Oh my.." Roman cut him off, slowly rotating his head in his direction.... They had a deal didn't they? "Is this perhaps a betrayal?" The Magician put a hand near his mouth, grinning from ear to ear, "You think your choice matters at this point?" It was true, the majority had already disagreed so Karmagliph agreeing or disagreeing wouldn't make any real difference.

"You will beha-"

"Add one more to my list of crimes."


"The destruction of the Meluastea."

He pointed his hand in Karmagliph's direction causing the latter to draw a sharp breath, the remaining magi getting ready to neutralise the sudden threat.

"D-Disagree! You could let me talk at least?" It appeared the Meluastea valued his life a lot, and the continuity of his house, already aware that Roman had the assets and the power to follow through... He didn't like being strong armed too much but then again, it was to be expected. He fucking sucked didn't he?

"Heh.. wimp." Roman only seemed to mock the dark haired man further, pointing a middle finger at the now angered lords of the neutral faction.

"Now then." The Magician clapped his hands together, "I suppose I'll have all Trambelio assets to myself soon enough."

"You won't be alive to see that happen."

McDonell had had enough.

His magic circuits flared on instantly and the massive man shot at Roman, showing speed one wouldn't expect considering his rather sizable frame..

Only... it ended in failure.

Roman put a hand up, freezing the man in his tracks, rendering him paralysed, having switched on his magic circuits in an even smaller time frame.. an impressive feat... And a cover if anything, the Magician didn't want to reveal his true nature...yet.

"You wanna know how you lost everything?"

He slowly walked up to McDonell, meeting the latter's fierce gaze with an eerily calm one, "It's cause you're outdated and forgot that the common world matters more than you think." Magi.. were stupid in this regard... not trusting/utilising things like banking systems and the likes.

This meant that all Trambelio assets were physically accessible and once found, it was easy to 'seize' them.

For the properties and ownerships, a death was easy to fabricate especially in this age, as were inheritance documents once a few hands were shaken under the table and some 'deals' were made. Strictly legally speaking, McDonell Trambelio Elrod wasn't alive as of today and he, Roman, stood to be the sole inheritor of all he owned. As he's previously stated, the right friends and acquaintances could mean a lot.

....Bluntly put, Roman was a cunt.

"No hard feelings, ja?" The Evil Deity grinned eerily, "Strictly business."

Though, most magi there were mostly unconcerned about this... It wasn't their business and it wouldn't much affect their own personal lives and research.... or so they thought at least.


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