42 Evil Roman? El Ro-Nevermind

Fuyuki, Japan,

A calm wind blew across the modern, somewhat ruined, city of Fuyuki. So calm that one might question if it didn't hold some ominous message considering the hectic days from before. The most well-built and expensive district (Miyama Town) in the city was gone, removed from the face of the planet and the one that was placed right after it (Shinto District) was in no better condition.

The high end buildings, complexes and skyscrapers that dominated most of Fuyuki's Shinto District just lay empty, dead empty and in complete shambles. Decrepit infrastructure, ruined roads, buildings that had either already fallen over or were on the verge of doing so...

Yet, the hectic, chaotic and highly costly events of the previous days hadn't ended. One could argue that all this was some build up to an even more destructive event and they could possibly be right too... Of course this would only happen if they were in any state to conclude anything.

Mass hypnosis and misdirection rituals had dulled the mind of the city's denizens to the point where they could willingly accept what were clearly orchestrated events as nothing but coincidental, unfortunate, gas leaks...

The War between magus that ensued in the background had taken a turn for the worse, with numerous more, immensely powerful servants being summoned at the same time...

Still, this day, would certainly have massive effects on what was to come moving forward.



"R-Roman, is that you?"

Waver Velvet couldn't help but tilt his head in confusion at the sight before him.

In the Edelfelt mansion, more specifically, the dining room/hall, Roman Trambelio, an old friend of his, was standing near him with.... Well, he seemed to be wearing a knee length black trench coat, his hair was neatly combed back, and his.. what to call it,

'Vibe' felt completely different.

The man wasn't smiling at all and the young magus admitted, he looked damn intimidating with that calm expressionless gaze of his... Though, that could have been because of the tall armed woman standing right behind him.

"It's El Ro-nevermind, I'm about to send Fuyuki sky high. Will you be able to stop my vile machinations?"

"Wh-" Waver was cut off by the sound of a trembling plate and looked back to see Thea with tea spilled... There was more to this than met the eye wasn't there? The homunculus was extremely professional with her duties and her reacting so intensely that she actually managed to ruin something was enough for him to understand that Roman was doing as Roman did.

"Master, not again." Even Thea had to speak out, raising both hands in a helpless manner... Oh God.. It was happening all over again. Her Master was about to 'go rogue' which translated to, 'horrible acting and a lot of property damage', the last time it happened... Well, a clock tower department almost got burnt to the ground by one of the teachers thanks to... insects and smells.

"Again, definitely again." Roman nodded with a pensive smile, it was fun and no one got harmed, what was there to be regretful about?

"Roman what are you abo-"

"Talk again and I shoot you in the head....bub."


"Too much? Too much." Roman nodded to himself, closing his eye, this wasn't working. He was just going to let his actions speak from him from here on out.

"Good morning, Master." Tamamo no Mae bowed politely, walking in with a tray in her hand and it seemed as if she didn't notice the tea Thea had spilled... Well, up until she just raised her head high and puffed out her chest, "I can't believe a 'professional' would make such a mistake.. Maybe you're not as good as you think you are?"

"Can it, mutt." Thea down at her expressionlessly, back to her usual cold demeanour, "He..." She gestured to Roman, "Is about to cripple his own accumulated wealth on a simple whim." As a dutiful servant, she supported him. As his caretaker and someone who cared, she wanted to urge him to cease his reckless behaviour... The maid found herself in a dilemma.

"I like how I'm no longer the main topic." Roman chimed in, having picked up a glass of wine to go with his whole 'villain' theme, the Trambelio twirled it around sporting a small grin.

"No no, you are most certainly the main topic. What are you about to do?" Luviagelita Edelfelt, finally unable to withhold her curiosity, looked at her 'fiance' with a dubious gaze; he had a reputation for going off on tangents.... Considering his facades though.... The Edelfelt put down her fork and stared at the man intently, this seemed interesting.

"I'm gonna test my nukes today.. You know, the ones from yesterday? They were controlled explosions." He gave her a thumbs up, pleased that at least someone had taken an interest, "Bet Kiritsugu'll be shitting out RPG rounds after that."

"Roman...no." Waver stood up with clenched hands, "That's too far. Too too far." He could see those things from the other end of the city, the number of people that would potentially die from them were too many to even count.

"Well then, you have all day to stop me. I'll relay it to the other Masters too. Better put your insecure ass to work eh?" Roman smiled, resting his head in his free hand.. It was definitely going to be interesting, "I'm proud that you went against my expectations and realised I wasn't joking.."

"How dumb do you think I am?"

"Dumb enough to steal from a Lord and think you could get away with it."

"That's o-"

"Dumb enough to not understand golemancy?"

"Damn you."

"Love you too."

The Magician sneered, closing his one eye as Waver quickly left, probably to make preparations or something. The kid was getting smarter, he wasted no time in trying to dissuade Roman and that was something that made him proud.

Still, he had work to do.

Clearing his throat, Roman tapped the side of his head, deploying his magic to ensure that his words would be transmitted to every Master in the war. By every Master, he meant every master, even ones he didn't yet know, his Magic was cool like that.

The Magician then spoke in a dramatic tone, "Due to certain events causing my fragile heart great distress, I'm going to give Japan a third and possibly fourth reason to call itself the Land of the Rising Sun. Stop me if you can!" Roman even managed to put in a slight bit of cued evil laughter before cutting off his connection.

"Sooo you think it worked?" He gazed at his 'audience', standing up to leave. He was going to head for the Shinto district, possibly the best place to make a battleground because it had already been cleared out by the Church. Having to control his abilities to avoid unnecessary casualties was more taxing than actually using them.

"It just sounded like one of those... Childish pranks I assume?"

Luviagelita slightly tilted her head, her chin resting on her hand, if someone just called her and said that, there was no way she would think that person was being serious...

"The voice came from the air though.."

"But Master has a strange reputation for childish antics so Tamamo doubts they did take it seriously." Tamamo no Mae's ears twitched as she smiled at her Master, enjoying the confused gazes sent her way.

Why? Well, she had no way of knowing his 'reputation'.

She enjoyed the fact that Roman hadn't shared the 'memories' with anyone else.

"Master, where do you keep all the sake?!"

Kagetora barged into the room, a room many would consider already overcrowded, holding out her hands in protest.. Her dressing was fairly lazy, the Lancer hadn't exactly slept ever since she'd been summoned and relished the opportunity to do so.. After waking up however, she didn't think much and put on whatever she could find.

Which, in this case, seemed to be just some random shirt she'd found clearly belonging to Iskander.. It reached her knees and was falling off from one of the shoulders, "What's with this crowd? Am I missing something?"

"Master seems to think making others think he's evil will be fun." Raikou sighed, looking down at Roman with a worried gaze, was he straying from the right path? It was her duty to correct him then.

"Huh, neat."

"And his declaration was a childish one." Luviagelita added, she planned on setting up some bounded fields of her own around the mansion. The current ones were shoddy and her counterpart was being too careless about what could essentially cost him his life.

"Alright, bet."

Roman turned abruptly, he wasn't going to have his actions be called childish!

"Let us venture forth, Lancer, for the emperor!"


The War God of Echigo didn't know what to make of her new Master's dramatic eccentricity.

Tamamo and Raikou both stood up to accompany them, they had their duties to him even if they didn't exactly app-

"You heretics can stay right here."

"Ooh, solo mission? I will make you proud, Master." Kagetora banged her fist against her chest, smiling widely, this right here was an opportunity to find out more and she was glad for it.

"What did Tamamo do?!"

"Not believe in the Emperor...."


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