62 A God Is Born

Fuyuki, Japan,

Mount Ryuudou (Destroyed),

"Do you feel that?"

Tamamo looked at her fellow servant estranged, somewhat confused by the white haired woman's words... They'd just been discussing things of little to no relevance as well as talking about their individual lives when all of a sudden, the Lancer shot to her feet and started looking around startled...

"I think something is coming." Kagetora spoke again, grabbing her favourite golden tipped lance firmly with both hands, her gaze running across the barren remains of Mount Ryuudou, "Caster, what role will you play if a battle commences?" The War God of Echigo asked off-handedly, her instincts telling her to actually strategise.. Something they didn't do often.

Tamamo no Mae, while unable to understand the reason for the servant's sudden behaviour, listened attentively all the same, slowly rising to her feet as her three (incredibly fluffy) tails waved about curiously behind her figure, "I can give you buffs, or set up traps, or even fight if need be." The fox eared woman was unlike the conventional Caster class servants and was fully capable of fighting at the frontlines, with her own two hands, if need be.

"Then I will rely on you, we must defend Master." The Lancer cautiously neared Tamamo, her gaze constantly checking for any variables... Her master was maybe in turmoil or doing something to himself... Not drastic enough to be noticed but noticeable nonetheless, the Caster had probably missed the change but not her.. It was a bit shameful of her but Kagetora paid more attention to the connection than necessary, mostly because it allowed her to feel what he did... It was also what let her know when his actions were genuine..

"You know, you say all that but I really don't ge-"

"Here it comes!"

Before Tamamo could finish were words, a sharp clang cut off her words. Somehow, even she hadn't noticed the man creeping up on them until now... How careless of her, for Kagetora to have to block a hit in her stead...., "There's not just one." The War God of Echigo spoke solemnly, nary a hint of emotion in her voice as she held up her lance to block a military grade dragger threatening to rip out her throat.

She pulled back her Lance, tilting her upper body backwards at the same time and shoved her armoured foot into her attacker's groin drawing a grunt as the man was forced to back away. In the very same movement, befitting her title as a War God, Kagetora drew one of her many blades and threw it to the side making another clang.

Tamamo, silently apologising for her mistake, immediately got to work too. Alarmed by the appearance of three new servants, three immensely powerful servants considering that the Assassin among them avoided even her godly senses, "Who are you? How are there servants still active?" The fox eared Caster questioned in vain as she threw around multiple symbol covered tags.

With a flick of her wrist, a lightning barrier was erected around both her and Kagetora, granting them a moment to recollect themselves.. A moment they didn't really have much need for...

"A Saber... An Assassin... And.." Kagetora scratched her lip, sword in hand, and peered into the distance with a thoughtful gaze, "An Archer... Well, this was unexpected.." She didn't think she sucked at maths and even if she did, Roman most certainly didn't... He wouldn't have left three servants running amok unchecked.

"Master isn't responding." Tamamo notified, biting her lower lip slightly annoyed, how the hell was this fair? How the hell did this even happen? She may have had her divinity but she was a god damned caster... Still, she supposed it depended on whether their opponents had it too or not..

A grey haired, heavily tanned man with a small dagger in his hand in a strange bodysuit she failed to recognise, her initial attacker and presumed Assassin... A similarly coloured young woman wearing high heels with a massive katana, larger than her own body, in one hand... The servant Kagetora had stopped by throwing her own blade.

"Saber? You yet live?"

Kagetora seemed to recognise the latter, donning a pleased smile as their gazes met one another, all the while brandishing all seven of her armaments. The same armaments that had earned her her moniker as the Avatar of Bishamonten... Or rather she just ripped off the damn concept cause it looked cool and paid homage to the original.

"An Archer too..." Tamamo put a hand on her chin, thoughtful. If he/she was at a great distance, then they were at a proportionally great disadvantage... Sighing, the Divine Spirit rolled up the sleeves of her shrine maiden dress before smiling strangely, "Let's just beat them all up." Her Master wasn't here so being a proper lady could go shove itself.

"Now you're speaking my language."

"You need to stop watching Master's movies."

"Never!" Shouting defiantly with a massive excited grin on her face, the Lancer practically leapt at the Saber, feeling somewhat vindictive when she remembered the woman had tried to kill her Master a good few times..., "Let us battle! To our deaths!"

"Damn battle maniacs." Tamamo wiped her mouth, grumbling at the missed opportunity to kick in the Saber's face and turned to face Assassin. She also kept an eye out for any projectiles that might make their way towards them being the more powerful between the two of them regardless of what many might think.


Not long had passed since the engagement truly began but the destruction it caused may as well have matched any other, longer conflicts during the war had it happened in the city.

Traces of coloured prana still hung about in the air, as did deep gashes across the plain earth that was now Mount Ryuudou, a storm of Tamamo's making raged overhead, throwing down lightning that tore asunder all in it's way from time to time.

Locked in combat, the two servants actually did fairly well for themselves, even with the constant rain of exploding swords coming from the distance, either dodging the barrages entirely or expertly deflecting them... Had it been any other than them, they'd have long fallen in the face of these mysterious empowered servants but not them for they too had been significantly empowered by the master they loyally served and wished to serve.

Still, the battle looked like it was mostly a stalemate, with neither side truly managing to do something decisive to the other and it seemed as this would be the state unless something happened and something did happen alright.

And that 'something' was the land under them cracking apart, releasing a mud that rotted all it touched, forcing the four servants it touched to immediately back away lest their clothes not be the only damage it delivered..... This mud then disappeared and a massive explosion rocked the land, nay, the entire city of Fuyuki, with flames spewing about it's epicentre, setting barren Earth on fire, in a complete defiance of logic and 'rules'.

Strangely enough however, only the silent servants were forced to back away, with Tamamo and Kagetora barely hindered by what should have been detrimental, if not somewhat dangerous. Only now did the two servants notice,


Alarmed, both turned around to face the source of this arguably reviling Divinity to find their own Master staring at them with a massive grin etched across his face..

"Master?" Tamamo asked in a quiet voice, slightly afraid... She felt the connection between them but the other things she 'felt' made her afraid... To clear any misunderstandings, it wasn't fear of something like oppression but rather fear of the fact that THAT didn't feel like her Master at all.... Only something in his shape... Yet it was his body... An influx of possibilities, each worse than the one before it, ran through the Caster's mind as she gasped for air...

"Who're you?" Kagetora pointed her lance at the Deity before her, a being not much different from herself but at the same time, completely different.. The only trait they shared was both held Divinity..

"Human thought he could overwrite me... how foolish.."

Both servants drew in a sharp breath, estranged by the malice in their own Master's voice, never having heard him speak in such a tone before...

"You...." Kagetora clenched her fist, unsure of what she felt at that moment but then,

"Nah, I'm just fucking with you." Roman sneered, laughing as the dreadful aura around him disappeared as if it had never been there in the first place... He closed and opened his fist a few times, "So this is Divinity eh?" He looked at his hand with a small smile.... it felt a bit strange... He didn't feel much different than before but at the same time, he did... It felt like he could truly do whatever he wanted... Not to mention the abilities that came from Angra Mainyu, mainly to do with corruption and acts of evil.. Rather broad terms.

"That's you, Master?"

"Ja, who else would it be? You think a little shit that rage quitted could take me over?" The Magician, nay, God chuckled again before looking towards the servants he never knew were here, "You must be humanity's dogs then.." He put a hand on his cane, fixing his black coat with the other and looked at the sky with one eye, the other concealed by an eyepatch except there was something both Tamamo and Kagetora noted immediately..

Where there had once been gold, there was now crimson.

"Fuck off, take them back or I'm waking up that thing sleeping in South America."

The servants disappeared instantly, as if they'd never been there ever, period. They were gone as quickly as they came...


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Roman is now officially a Deity.

This is going to be expanded more in the next coming chapters.

The Grail War arc is officially over.

Keep in mind that Ahriman isn't just a God of Evil, he's All The World's Evil. That distinction is important.

When Roman said, "That thing sleeping in South America." He was referring to ORT, the Ultimate One of the Oort Cloud, a being that can wipe out humanity entirely. A very real threat to Alaya, who should by now be well aware of the possibility that Roman might actually do it now that he's a Deity.


Facing a God in the flesh is like facing an enemy that's beyond you.


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