FATE: The Man with Divine Keys

This is the end of the Age of Gods, the beginning of the Age of Man. This is... Britain. In order to save Britain from its fated destruction, the adopted son of Scathach embarked on a path known as a hero with his Divine Keys. "Next, I'm going to unleash a badass attack. Let's see who's the lucky one to face it." Arkhan wore an innocent smile on his face as he held the burning Might of An-Utu in his hand and looked at the trembling gods before him. === The MC is a reincarnator with a non-sentient system. This story is an Alternate Universe (AU) in Nasuverse with a mix of Divine Keys from Honkai Impact and Norse Mythology. Don't expect the lore to remain identical to Nasuverse. Think of it as a new story infused with Nasuverse elements, since some of the lore has somewhat modified. === This is a translation. I'm translating as I read and making some modifications to the story if needed. Original: https://wap.ciweimao.com/book/100197196 The cover image is not mine. === Support and read advanced chapters at: patreon.com/VALRRR

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Almost in the instant they received the news, the knights who had been staying at Tintagel set off for Ector's estate.

They had stayed here for so long just to have a chance to see the new king.

"So many people..." Kay stood by the window, looking down at the crowded courtyard below, his face showing a hint of envy.

He had never seen anyone with such a strong presence, capable of gathering so many people in such a short time with just a few words. Even his father, Ector, who had a high reputation in Tintagel, couldn't do such a thing. These people were not ordinary townsfolk; they were knights truly recognized by the people.

'No wonder Father didn't stop Lily back then. I'm afraid he had already realized that Teacher was more suitable to be king than Lily...' Kay couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

"Brother Kay, what are you doing here?"

A familiar voice came from behind. Kay turned around to see Artoria looking at him with a slightly furrowed brow.

"Hurry up and change your clothes. Teacher is waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?" Kay was taken aback. "Didn't Teacher gather all these knights? What's that got to do with me?"

"Are you pretending to be ignorant?" Artoria appeared increasingly displeased. "As a squire, you should naturally follow the king. Don't you even know that?"

"Wait a minute, a squire? When did this happen?! Why wasn't I informed?!" Kay's eyes widened in shock.

"We don't have time for all these explanations now. If you're not willing, I'll go by myself."

"Wait! Who said I'm not willing?! I'll be right there!"

With a mixture of curiosity and excitement, Kay hurriedly ran back to his room to change into his knight's armor and then followed Artoria to the hall where Arkhan was.

"You're a bit slow, Kay. Being punctual is a good virtue for a knight." Arkhan smiled.

Kay opened his mouth, but his complicated emotions left him unsure of what to say. He could only bow deeply to Arkhan and say, "Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Teacher."


"Ouch!" Kay winced in pain as he rubbed his head, looking at Arkhan in confusion.

"Who stands before you now is not your teacher." Arkhan said calmly.

Kay finally understood.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Arkhan nodded. "In private, you can address me however you like, as your teacher or by my name, it doesn't matter. But on formal occasions, you must remember our respective roles, or else it's a breach of etiquette in the public eye.

Arkhan then glanced at Artoria, "Doing the right thing in the right place is something a king must understand."

Artoria nodded earnestly, "I understand, Teach—Your Majesty!"

Kay looked somewhat resentful. For some reason, he suddenly felt like he was being treated as a tool to teach Artoria.

"Alright, it's almost time. Don't keep them waiting too long."

Arkhan touched Caliburn hanging on his waist and walked outside.

"It's the Black Knight... No, it's the new king! The new king is coming out!"

"I never thought the Great Mage Merlin was actually telling the truth. The new king really woke up."

"So even the great mage has moments of honesty after all..."

As soon as Arkhan appeared, the courtyard with around three hundred knights erupted into excitement. All the knights' eyes converged on the new king.


Arkhan wore a warm smile on his face, and although his voice was not loud, it instantly quieted the scene.

"I'm glad that all of you came promptly after receiving my summons. Your trust honors me deeply."

"Your Majesty, I made an oath back then. As long as you can bring hope to Camelot, I'm willing to forsake all glory to follow you. Whenever you need me, even through the toughest challenges, I will be there."

A knight stepped forward, and Arkhan felt a sense of familiarity about him. After a moment of careful recollection, he suddenly realized.

"Are you the knight who cleared the way for me on the king selection ceremony before?" Arkhan smiled as he gazed at the knight. "Can you tell me your name?"

"Lamorak." The knight responded firmly.

'Lamorak...' Arkhan's eyes revealed a hint of surprise. To those unfamiliar with the Arthurian legend, this name might be somewhat unfamiliar. But he was well aware of the significance it carried.

Lamorak was one of the Knights of the Round Table, and while his name might not be as famous as Gawain, Lancelot, or Mordred, he was one of the most powerful knights in the Round Table, especially known for his unparalleled spearmanship, which even King Arthur could not match.

Arkhan glanced at the spear on Lamorak's back; there was indeed a long spear.

He hadn't expected to meet one of the future Knights of the Round Table here, and it seemed that Lamorak had become his loyal follower.

This filled Arkhan with a sense of delight.

"Sir Lamorak, I have truly felt your loyalty to Camelot. Your strong determination is truly moving." Arkhan extended his hand toward Lamorak. "I happen to be planning to form a knight order recently. Would you be willing to join?"

Lamorak knelt without hesitation, placing his hand over his heart and bowing his head. 

"Lamorak, willing to follow and defend your glory, Your Majesty. Your will is my mission."

With unwavering determination, Lamorak spoke solemnly.

Arkhan nodded with a smile and drew Caliburn from his waist, gently tapping Lamorak's shoulder three times.

Thus, Lamorak became one of his recognized knights.

Seeing this scene, the other knights couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy.

They had stayed in Tintagel waiting for the new king to awaken for the sake of earning the favor and recognition, hadn't they?

Receiving the king's recognition was the ultimate honor for any knight!

As Lamorak had taken the lead, the rest of the knights couldn't hold back any longer.

"Your Majesty, I too am willing to offer my loyalty to you!"

"Me too!"

"Please accept my loyalty!"

Amidst the clamor, an unsettling voice suddenly rang out.

"Black Knight, do you truly believe that you are qualified to sit on the throne as King Arthur?"

A hush fell over the scene.

All eyes turned simultaneously toward one direction.

Standing there, under the scrutiny of everyone, was a knight of exceptional height, his heavy armor snugly fitted to his body, his massive frame exuding an imposing presence. His face displayed no hint of fear.

"In the end, it's just a sword. Even if you pulled it, it doesn't prove that you're the chosen king."

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