9 End of pain

One day, Eschios thought as he always did. Why does he have to be in this much pain because of Apollo?

Eschios then decided to leave Greece. Away from the place which gave him so much pain, to a place where the gods can't reach.

However, all of his tries failed. The first problem was the terrain. There were two ways to get out of Ancient greece. First way was through the sea, and the second way was through the mountains.

At the sea, there are no places to run on other than the ship, and if Apollo finds him there... He didn't even want to think about it.

Also, the sea was the domain and territory of Poseidon. What if Poseidon falls for him, too? Poseidon was one of the gods with the most amount of r**e count if not counting Zeus.

Having another god on his tail is the worst that could happen along with the possibility of Apollo capturing him.

The second way seemed much more easier. Although the ways to the mountain are harsh, it has less risks than going through the sea.

Therefore, Eschios tried to leave Greece through the mountain, but-

"Oh, Eschios! To think that you would approach me for the first time! I'm so happy!"


-He encountered Apollo every time when he tries to leave through the mountain, for some reason.

Thinking that it was just a coincedence, Eschios tried to use other ways to try to get over the mountains.

After finding pathways which Apollo doesn't take, Eschios thought that he could finally leave Greece for once.

However, Eschios was forgetting one thing.

"...What... is, this...?"

Fog. Fog which covered all of Greece. Ancient Greece and other lands which the mythology took place in were the only places not covered by the fog.

Eschios couldn't see anything beyond the fog, only cliffs, which was above the fog and ended the path of Eschios.

In ancient times, humans in Ancient Greece thought that from some parts of southern Europe to the western part of Asia minor, with the northern part of the African continent were all of the world.

The strong belief of humans was made into reality, trapping humans like Eschios into the game-stage called Greek Mythology.

A week.

It took Eschios a whole week to get there while running from Apollo.

The feeling of being chained within a place along with the empty feeling of wasted time had Eschios fall into madness, having him pound the ground repeatively, causing counteless shockwaves.


Hitting the ground with his fists, he let out his anger at the edge of the world called Greece. He had memories of open world games, where there were things which prevented the users from going outside the boundaries of the game.

Eschios felt that the situation was the same, except it was real, and was happening to him.

It was as if the world decided for him, 'You can't go furthur than this'.

The overwhelming fear of anger and stress had countless teardrops falling from Eschios' eyes. He can't do anything but run now.

With his everstrong legs shaking, Eschios walked, his face void empty of emotion.


After Eschios came back from the edge of the 'world', Apollo's chase for Eschios continued.

Eschios, now completely used to the chase, changed his ways of running and hiding everytime.

"You saw Eschios around here?"

"Yes, Lord Apollo!"

When one of his worshippers called on him about finding Eschios, Apollo came down to the land right away.

The place where the worshipper told Eschios was hiding was a stinky, disgusting swamp.

Although it was better smelling than Augeas' stables, Apollo scolded his woshipper with an enraged tone.

"You insolent bastard!"

"L-lord Apollo?"

"Eschios is the most beautiful boy in the world! Do you think such a beauty would want to be in a disgusting place like this?! I too wanted run away one second after coming here!"

Apollo was sure that Eschios wouldn't be in a place such as swamps. However, what the worshipper said was true, as Eschios was watching from inside the swamp waters.

"There's no way Eschios would be here. I will make my leave!"

"Lord Apollo! Please wait! Lord Apollo!"

Smelling the disgusting stench of the swamp, Eschios watched emotionlessly as Apollo rode his cloud away.

Even if the smell seemed to be driving him crazy, Eschios felt comfort, as he knew Apollo would never come to the swamp again.


It has been two years since Apollo began chasing Eschios. During that time, Apollo used everything he had in order to catch Eschios, but to no avail.

Apollo was helped by nymphs, minor gods, humans, and his followers, but could still not have Eschios in his hands.

He even used what his father, Zeus, did when he seduced many beautiful women.

When he saw Eschios, he turned into a golden rain and approached him, turned himself to a beautiful animal and went near Eschios, or set up a deliscious display of foods. All of them failed to get Eschios.

Eschios' speed was fast as well, but it was also the sneakiness and self-concealing skills of him which doubled the difficulty. Normally, anyone would give up at this rate...

...However, Apollo did not give up. Rather, he was feeling more energetic and excited everyday. Even then, he was imagining a future of him with Eschios.

"Hahahaha...! I won't ever give up!"

Playing games together, putting flower crowns on his head, singing to him, viewing the night sky together... And when they're together in bed.

(A/N: My hands are twisting out of disgust for Apollo...)

Nosebleeding, Apollo called for Eschios again.

"Eschios~! I will surely get you today!!!"

The nymphs near the area move out, feeling sorry for Eschios.


The chase became a famous story to the gods in Olympus as well.

The fact that Apollo negated his duties as a god for two whole years had the story become popular to both gods and humans in Greece.

Poor Helios had to also take care of Apollo's duty while he was away, cursing Apollo and worried for his nephew.

Zeus was very angry at Apollo's postponing of his duties.

Today, as usual, Selene visits him and pleads for her son, like she did everyday for two years.

"Lord Zeus, please...!"

"About Eschios, I assume?"

Zeus originally was busy supporting Heracles and performing his duties as the king of gods, so he thought that the issues involving Eschios wasn't a serious thing.

"Please, please help my son...! I'll do anything... Even give up my position... I beg you...!"

"...Alright. As the chief god, I swear that I will help your son out."

Zeus' non-serious attitude about the problem involving Eschios caused Apollo to negate his duties as a god for two years.

To solve the long-awaited postponed problem, Zeus called all the twelve gods except Apollo to Olympus.

"You all know why I called you here."

"Eschios and Apollo, right...?"

Athena, as usual, knew from the rumours. It all began when Apollo saw Eschios and fell in love.

Usually, problems like this ended with the victim choosing to turn to something that isn't human, like Daphne, but Eschios managed to not get captured so far.

Athena dared to believe Eschios' speed and sneakiness surpassed anyone, which was very surprising for a demigod.

However, the main problem was Apollo's neglect over his duties.

The Delphi temple couldn't even do its duties and work properly. That's how serious it was.

"That's right. Apollo has been neglecting his duties as the sun god and is still chasing Eschios up till now. If this continues, it'll mock our image as the Twelve gods of Olympus. Also, there's no one overall to fill up Apollo's place for eternity, even Helios."

Although the sun god's duties can be covered up by Helios, there are no gods who can fill up music, poetry, and prophesizing all at the same time. Apollo may be troublesome because of his personality, but he was a skillful god.

Punishing Apollo was the real reason, but out of a little bit of guilt from ignoring Selene's pleas for two years, Zeus put his reasonings into helping Eschios.

"Today, we're gathered here to discuss how to stop Apollo and help Eschios."

"Huh... I knew Apollo is very draggy to the ones he likes, but he's putting aside his duties as well? Damn..."

Even though he only heard it through rumours, Hermes was curious. How beautiful does Eschios have to be for the problem to get to this point? But curiousity's over. Since Hermes himself did not want to be like Apollo, he gave up on his curiousity.


"....So, any ideas?"

Zeus, looking seriously at the other gods, asked for opinions from them.

Apollo putting aside his duties was serious as well, but many of the other gods were taking this serious for another reason.

The acts of Apollo were dragging the name of the Twelve gods, including them, through the mud. Zeus was thinking of eliminating Apollo from the Twelve gods of Olympus if they can't stop Apollo in any peaceful way.

But even if they act on that decision, there will be no god to fill up Apollo's place. They can't even do anything bad to Eschios, too. If they do harm Eschios in any way, then what becomes of the goddess Selene, who's been pleading for two years for her son?

One goddess quickly raised up her hand after a few moments.

Aphrodite, the goddess of Beauty and Love.

"Aphrodite. Do you have any good suggestions?"


As she stood up to share her idea, the gods gave their attention to her. Smiling, she gave out her answer.

"It's simple, I can just have Eros make Eschios love Apollo!"

The answer of Aphrodite was simple, but effective.

Eros has two types of arrows. The arrows made of lead could make the one shot with it hate someone, and the golden arrows could make the shot ones love someone.

Even though it was effective, Zeus knew that the answer wasn't what Selene wants. Before Zeus could voice his disapproval, Athena spoke up first.

"I think that will cause more chaos to happen."

"What do you mean, Athena?"

Aphrodite thought of her answer as the best choice. As the goddess of love, she viewed Apollo's love for Eschios romantic. (A/N: Ew)

Also, a love between Eschios, a handsome boy and Apollo, and handsome god... Aphrodite thought of it as amazing.

When Aphrodite was wondering what was wrong with her suggestion, Athena sighed and recalled what Chiron had told her when she visited him last time.

"It seems that Eschios does not like- No, hates the love between men for some reason. I've heard it from Chiron before."


"If we take his hate for gay love into consideration, I think he will commit suicide once he learns that he loves Apollo. That is one of the worst possible scenarios..."

And it's back to square one.

Some of the other gods were no help as well.

Ares' idea: "Just kill the demigod!"


Poseidon's idea: Let Apollo have Eschios. The love between gods and humans are incredible. You can take the love between me and Caenis, for example. (A/N: Dude really has no shame)

Pass + Poseidon got disgusted looks from others (Hera, Demeter, Hermes, Artemis, Hestia).

Dionysus' idea: Prepare a wine drinking thing for Apollo and Eschios where they can be honest with each other!

Pass, Eschios wouldn't come when Apollo is there.

Athena's idea was what set an end to the debate.

"May I share my idea?"

"Do you have any good ones to share, Athena?"

"Yes. I think that this will result in the best outcome."

After hearing her idea, Zeus found his face being brightened up. She wasn't his favorite daughter for nothing.

(A/N: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the conference between the Greek gods. it's pathetic, as expected.)


Eschios pov:

Fearing Apollo, I began to hide again, like always. To always be not caught, I paid special attention to my surroundings.

Recently, I eavesdropped from a group of people and found out what's been happening in the world during my chase.

Heracles hasn't gone mad yet. Good I can still help hi-

What am I thinking. How can I help anyone at this state? I'm pathetic.

'My story has been spread around, as I expected...'

Whether I hated it or not, the story about me and Apollo's chase became famous to be known throughout the whole Greece.

Apollo, who fell in love with a beautiful boy named Eschios, who managed to run from Apollo for two years...

Anyways, curse my bad luck. The place where I'm currently hiding at is near a village that worships Apollo.

I guess I have to move again.

As I prepared to leave while munching on a tree bark, I was faced with a problem.

"Mommy!!!!! Daddy!!!!!" (A/N: I swear to god if you guys make a sus joke out of this-)

Inside the village, young children was being held hostage. Not even by normal bandits, but by armed Centaurs, who've taken over about half of the village.

Along with their powerful strength and physical capabilities, Centaurs natural has way better combat abilities than normal humans, and has appeities and horniness which are beyond human comprehension.

Slurping their saliva while having degenerative looks, they demanded to the residents of the village.

"Alright, hand over all your supplies and women! If you don't you know what happens to the children!"

"Hey, the children look pretty, too! We can do satisfying things with them!"

"Please, anything but that...!"

"Huhhhh? You're resisting?"

*Woosh* *Bam*


The leader of the Centaurs lifted one of his front hoove up and kicked the village chief.

As the chief fell down, his daughter, it seems like? She supports him.

He didn't die, but he's knocked out from the shock, blood running down his head.

The villagers are angry or scared, but can't do anything... It's probably because the Centaurs' natural physiques are bigger.

Do I have to save them? Is what came up on my mind first. Centaur blood are known to be really smelly and hard to wash off.

If Apollo sees me after I kill them, then he can smell the stench and use that to track me. The people are the ones who serve Apollo, as well.

While I was in conflict over what to do, the Centaurs began their attacks on the women.

"Hey there, let's play with us, ladies!"


"Get your hands off of me! Please!!"


"Don't resist!! You know what will happen to the children if you don-"

*Boom* *Slash*

-Yeah, I couldn't ignore it. If I saw this and didn't do anything against it, I felt that I wouldn;t be myself anymore out of guilt, so I moved and sliced off the heads of the Centaurs near the children, ran to one of the homes, grabbed clothings, and quickly covered the eyes of all the children in one second.

Eww, some of the blood got on me. Hah... I guess I'll go find a stinkier swamp than last time to hide in...

"Huh!? What happened!! Why are you guys-"


"That's four killed."

Now, the remaining Centaurs got their eyes on me. I ran away, far from the village, running slower to let the Centaurs catch up while carrying and holding the dead Centaur bodies with me.

Centaurs are very friendly and comradely with each other. If I kill them all at the village, then the other Centaurs will come to look for the one who killed the original centaurs to the village.

To avoid more Centaur attacks from happening, I need to draw them all out and kill them far away from where people live.

After I stopped on top of a field of grass, the Centaurs formed a circle around me.

"You hurt our comrades...! Do you think you'll be able to get away with this?!"

"Yeah. That's why I attacked in the first place."

I'll have some of my stress put out on killing them…

I should let them have the first move.

"I'll give you three seconds."



"What are you talking about, dumba*s? You really want to die?!"


"Attack him! Give him the most painful death ever!"


They're charging at me now. I should make my move.









As the head of the Centaurs' dropped and rolled around on the fields, there was no one but Eschios and the last remaining Centaur left.

As Eschios' knife cut the body of the Centaur into pieces, some of the blood on the knife got on Eschios' hand.

Strong metallic scent filled the air.


That was all he said, as he stood on the field colored with scarlet blood.


Apollo was trying to find Eschios yet again, when he saw a field soaked with scarlet blood. Out of interest, he went down there, and found many dead Centaur bodies, with their head detatched from their original place.

"Ugh... they have absolutely no good points about them than having master as one of their kind... The smell is worse than the swamps."

And in the center of those bodies was Eschios. It seemed that he couldn't use the leather mask he used to wear before anymore, as it was soaked with Centaur blood.

Then, sensing the sticky sight of lust from Apollo, Eschios' expression turned from disgust to fear.

"Ooohh, Eschios covered with blood is so hot!"



Eschios left the place, quickly running as fast as possible.

However, as if he already got used to Eschios running away, Apollo started chasing him and shouted.

"I won't miss you this time! Centaur blood has a really strong smell."

All Apollo had to do was to follow the metallic smell.

Hiding in the shadow of a tree, Eschios started to quietly hypnotize himself with his voice.

"Breathe slower... Breathe softer... More quieter..."

His voice works as one of the points for his beauty, being able to sometimes hypnotize one's mind if Eschios concentrated enough.

Eschios felt like he was going to be found in any minute due to the smell, and quietly prepared to run. But then-

"That's it. Stop right there, Apollo."


A goddess wearing an armour and a helmet appeared, riding on a cloud. Just by looking at her attires and looks, Eschios could guess who she was.

Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom.


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Heracles marries and his children are born

Jason is nearing graduation, and plans the Argonaut

Asclepius earns his fame as a very skillful doctor

Atalanta kills two Centaurs who attempted to r*pe her

Castor and Pollux (The Dioscuri) earn their fame as heroes and warriors

Caenis gets r*ped by Poseidon and then gets turned into a man (F)


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