A man from an ordinary world finds himself in the Type-Moon universe. Originally, he was reincarnated with a Holy Grail just before the 5th Grail War. However, upon realizing how dangerous that 'Route' was, he wished for the Grail to eliminate the Grail War altogether. As a result, he avoided the Grail War and returned to London with Shirou, Rin, and Sakura. But the world of Type-Moon is unforgiving. Now, he must journey back in time when the servants from the Throne of Heroes were still alive. There, he must absolve them of their life's guilt, unravel mysteries, and uncover his own secrets related to the system and his reincarnated memories. --- Hey, guys! I am back with another fate fanfic. This time, I am making a mystery drama fic. People might get confused with the timeline, but fear not my lovely degenerates, I will thoroughly explain everything. Genre: Massive Drama, Politics, Mystery, Moon Cell, Fate/Extra, Romance, Moderate SEGGS Words: Around 2500 to 3000 words after some chapters. Schedule: 4 to 5 days a week. I will upload regularly if the chapter has 1500 words. Disclaimer: English isn't my first language, yada yada yada, I don’t own any character, yada yada. Author's request: If you don’t get anything or require some information from Type-Moon, you can comment in chapters and place any request. Warning: Heavy drama and romance element. If your cringe meter is low, read it anyway because you probably have too much free time. Tips: If you want to read advance chapters or help my sorry ass, do visit: patreon.com/J_Titan

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Chapter 10: I need a break

(Titus's (Tacitus) POV)

It wasn't long after Queen Octavia's death that I found myself digging another grave, this time for someone from the royal court of the Roman Empire. It was my foster father Seneca's grave, but there was no one helping to offer him a proper funeral as the former advisor of the Roman Empire.

Nero was infuriated by Seneca's death because, in her eyes, it seemed like Seneca didn't believe her promise to forgive him. Filled with doubt, Seneca had taken his own life. Nero's anger led to Seneca's body being left exposed, becoming prey for animals. She even forbade anyone from offering prayers for Seneca.

Yet here I was, burying the very same person. I was openly defying Nero's orders, but I couldn't help it. Seneca was my, or perhaps Tacitus's, only connection in this world. The body I inhabited was highly emotional, leaving me no choice but to provide my foster father with a proper burial.

"Oof! It's done..." I wiped away my sweat and gazed at the bright sky. "I'm probably going to die today."

The last I had heard, Nero was seething with anger, so it was clear that I would face severe punishment or even execution for defying her orders.

I was on my way when two guards approached me. Despite their imposing size, their tone was gentle because they were court soldiers responsible for protecting Nero. They were also considered my 'close friends.'

"I know. I'm heading to the court," I replied to their unspoken concern.

They exchanged glances before one of them spoke up, "But, Your Lordship, her majesty, Nero, is in a rage..."

"And your point?" I raised an eyebrow and continued walking ahead.

Running away would make me a traitor and jeopardize my mission. So, as long as Nero didn't kill me, I was willing to endure whatever punishment she saw fit.

The two burly guards followed me, and soon I found myself standing in front of Nero.

"Tacitus, it seems that my words hold no meaning for both father and son," Nero said, her eyes glaring at me with a fiery intensity.

The charming Umu Nero I had grown fond of had disappeared entirely. I could also see dark bags under her eyes and scratches on her temples, likely from constant headaches.

The other ministers in the court looked at me with a mix of concern and doubt. Meanwhile, the senators observed from a safe distance, knowing that getting too close to Nero would be perilous.

"Seneca was my only family, your majesty. I apologize for my audacity," I said respectfully.

"Then you must be aware of what awaits you!"

"Yes, your majesty." I replied with a smile.

Nero's face contorted even further as she called for the guards, "100 LASHES FOR TACITUS!"

'Ah, damn it,' I thought, forcing a smile as I saw the same guard approaching with an inch-thick whip. I believe his name was Nordo. Two other guards held my arms firmly to prevent any movement.

"Please forgive me, Lord Tacitus..." Nordo softly muttered, seeking my forgiveness before swinging the whip.

"ARRRGGGGGG!!!!" The pain that surged through my back was excruciating, causing my body to convulse. Tears welled up in my eyes, and blood trickled from my bitten lips. And that was just from one lash, with 99 more to go.

Nordo continued to whip my back, and I endured wave after wave of intense agony. After the fourth or fifth lash, my body stopped registering the pain because my back was already swollen.

But I didn't scream, nor did I look at Nero. Gazing at her would only fuel my anger and resentment towards the fifth emperor, jeopardizing my mission.

In my previous reality, my body had been treated like a dog, so I had some capacity to endure pain. It was all part of my unfortunate Nasuverse backstory.

However, I failed to notice how Nero's face grew uglier with each scream I let out. Finally, after around fourteen lashes, Nero cried out, "STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!"

At her command, the guards released me, and I fell to the floor, groaning in pain. My entire body felt numb, but I managed to sit up.

"How can he still stand after such a brutal punishment?"

"I thought the boy was just a plaything for the emperor. I didn't expect him to endure like this."

"Tacitus is a man who commands respect."


The court was in awe of my resilience, praising my strength for enduring such a brutal flogging. Gaining attention had been one of my objectives, but right now, IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!

At this point, all I wanted was to go home and take a break from all the drama.


Amidst all this chaos, Nero began screaming, clutching her head.

Concerned, I mustered what little strength I had left and approached her.

"Your majesty!"

Nero raised her eyes and glared at me. "GET AWAY FROM ME!"

Before I even realized it, I was airborne, propelled by Nero's forceful shove.

"Aarggg…." I rolled on the floor a couple of times before coming to a stop, landing on my already-swollen back.

Nero's expression shifted from anger to horror, as if she couldn't believe her own actions. She hastily dismissed the court and rushed toward her chambers.

I, on the other hand, remained on the floor and let out a sigh.

"I really need a break."


"Aa, aa! Do it slowly!" I yelled at Nordo, who was applying healing ointment to my back. The same guard had drawn a map on my back with his whips during the punishment.

"I am doing it slowly," Nordo replied, "Lord Tacitus, you have outstanding endurance despite having a frail body. An ordinary person would die with just ten lashes, yet you endured 16 of them."

"Flattery won't get you a bonus on your salary!" I raised an eyebrow.

"Lord Tacitus, I had to go easy this time. If her majesty found out I wasn't using my full strength, I'd be the one on the receiving end," Nordo replied, trying to plead his case for some incentives.

As the manager of this Roman "company," I held the power to manage their payments. I had taken on this role from Nero because I wanted some control over the ministers and guards of the palace. It allowed me to control the flow of information in my favor. And with Seneca gone, they had no choice but to listen to me.

"Lord Tacitus, you have such soft skin. It pains me to see what it has become."

"You son of a...," I wanted to kick the guard, but I knew it was simply part of the human physiology of this era where bulkier men didn't mind being involved with either women or pretty boys. I knew Nordo was straight, but I didn't trust anyone when it came to the sexual orientations of Romans.

I sighed and let the man continue rubbing the healing ointment on my back. I was exhausted from the day's events.

Then, a maid burst into the room.

"Lord Tacitus, her majesty is screaming and won't let anyone come near her."

Ah, just what I had been waiting for.

I hastily put on a shirt and rushed to Nero's room. There, I found a blond-haired girl writhing on the floor, moaning and holding her head.

"Your majesty!" I called out to Nero and hurried to her side. I also pulled out a vial of medicine for headaches that I always carried with me. Seneca had informed me that Nero sometimes needed such medication or sleeping pills, so I made sure to keep a pack of each in my pocket.

I knew Nero would be in desperate need of help this time. However, before I could inquire about her condition, she pushed me away.

I landed on my already battered back. But that wasn't the end of it; Nero came down on my stomach and started choking me.


"Y-your... majesty...," I tried to speak to Nero, but her eyes were filled with anger and despair. I wanted to push her away or break her grip, but she was too strong for me.

My vision began to blur, and consciousness was slipping away. I had to do something.

In a last-ditch effort, I managed to extract the sleeping drug and released the powder into the air in front of her face.

Nero's grip loosened, and I pushed her away without hesitation.


Nero continued to moan in pain as she rolled on the floor.

Rolling my eyes, I summoned what little strength I had left and crawled toward a glass of water on the bedside table. I dissolved the medicine in it and slowly made my way back to Nero, holding the treatment.

By this point, Nero had stopped struggling and was lying on the floor, breathing heavily but still conscious. Tears streamed down her face, and she looked like a complete mess.

I sat down beside her and cradled her head in my left arm.

Nero's gaze met mine, and she seemed to be pleading for help.

"Tacitus... please... don't leave... me...."

"I won't," I assured her, bringing the glass to her lips and allowing her to sip the medicine.

After she had drunk the liquid, her face began to relax, and color returned to her cheeks.

"This pain... this pain will kill me... please...."

"It's all right, your majesty. Everything will be all right," I whispered, smiling gently as I caressed her cheek.

I didn't understand how I could be so calm in this situation. Maybe it was something I had learned in a previous life, but I felt a strange sense of fatherly concern for Nero.

Nero's lips curved into a peaceful smile, and she closed her eyes, drifting into slumber.

I finally let out a sigh of relief.

"I really need a break."

(AN: I made some adjustments to Nero's character. While she still possesses arrogance, cruelty, and selfishness, I hope this portrayal is a better fit for both versions of Nero Claudius.)



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