During the final battle between the Quincy and the Soul Society, Friedrich Braun, a simple soldat of the Wandenreich, is teleported into the void before succumbing to Yhwach's Auswählen and ends up by chance in the first singularity of Fate/Grand Order. What will result from this encounter between two different universes?

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The End And A New Beginning

The weapons of the two colossi were at a stalemate, the sheer pressure of their clash creating heaven-defying tremors around them. After ten consecutive crashes, the Argo started to tilt dangerously.

"My ship!" cried out Jason, seeing that his Noble Phantasm couldn't withstand the casual strikes of the two monsters. "We must leave, Jason-sama!" exclaimed Medea Lily as she saw the ship starting to sink. "We still have time to take the Goddess and sacrifice her to the ark!"

Jason looked at his friend, who was fighting Gerard, before turning back and running toward the battle against the rest of the Argonauts and Drake's crew.

"You must win, Heracles. You are the strongest of us!" he shouted as he ran. "Jason-sama, this disgusting trash Blackbeard is here too. I received a transmission from Hector that they'll help us fight the enemy servants!" declared Medea as they sped up toward the battle, leaving the two monsters to fight each other.

Gerard gave a glance at the departing figure of Jason, smiling. "You could have gone together to fight me. It would have been far more challenging, but it seems I'll fight only you, Heracles, as they call you." Gerard declared as he dashed to meet his opponent again, their weapons clashing as everything around them was destroyed by the shockwave.

"AHAHAH, this is the best!" exclaimed Gerard as he used his fist to impact Heracles' head, sending him flying toward the sky. Pointing his sword to the sky, he used it like a bow, firing a volley of reishi arrows.

The explosion generated from the arrows was enormous; everyone on the battlefield stopped to look at it.

"Jason-sama, it seems that Heracles is in a bad spot," noted Medea Lily, looking at this. "It's impossible for him to lose," declared Jason, absolutely sure of himself, before resuming his run toward Euryale and Asterios.

Gerard looked at the falling form of Heracles, smiling

"You're tough, I like that!" Gerard shouted before dashing toward Heracles, not giving him a second to breathe. He used Hoffnung to slash at him, and Heracles countered with his own axe-sword, making the two swords come to a stalemate again.

But soon, Gerard's strength continued to grow stronger and stronger. The stalemate was not lasting; Heracles started to feel the pressure. Gerard's sword, enhanced by his miracle ability, began to overpower Heracles. The clash of their weapons created shockwaves that rocked the surroundings.

"You're not going to last long if you stay that weak!" taunted Gerard. In a quick motion, he used his free hand to take Heracles' head and threw him toward the battlefield.

'With more belief in my Miracle, the ones that I invoke will be stronger,' he thought, before dashing toward the battlefield, following the body of Heracles.

On the battlefield, Ggio clashed swords with Caenis, while Starrk engaged in combat against Achilles. The remaining fleet members were locked in battle against Blackbeard's forces. Then, a big explosion occurred in the water between the two fleets, stopping everyone dead in their tracks, then they saw Heracles body se relever and take hold of the water to stand up, he cried toward the arriving Gerard like an angry bull before charging at blazing speed toward the man

Gerard charged to meet him, and in a deafening single hit, he cleaved Heracles in half from top to bottom, greatly shocking the Argonauts. A cry from Jason echoed through the battlefield.

"That's impossible! You were at a stalemate with Heracles. How could you become so strong so quickly?!!" Jason exclaimed.

Gerard looked back at Jason, who was fighting Asterios.

"My strength knows no bounds. As one of my Lord's royal Guard, I command you, enemies of Chaldea, to fight me all at the same time. Then, perhaps, I will feel a challenge."

Every servant is now faced with the overwhelming power of Gerard.

"You think you are hot shit, huh?" came the booming voice of Caenis. Gerard turned back to look at her. As soon as he turned, he heard a movement behind him. He didn't know how the body of Heracles miraculously healed, as if he wasn't cleaved in half just a moment ago.

Heracles swung his weapon, but Gerard blocked it with his shield. He then used Hoffnung like before to bisect him right down the middle, but this time his sword did no damage.

"What?" Gerard was bewildered. His sword effortlessly cut him in half just a moment before, but this time it was as if he tried to cut something that was impossible to cut.

"So this is your Noble Phantasm?" taunted Gerard, looking quite happy to continue the fight with the man.

"Indeed, this is Heracles' gift from doing the twelve labors. His body is immortal; as soon as he dies, he will resurrect and become immune to what killed him," declared Jason proudly.

Gerard parried even more of Heracles' strikes with his shield. Seeing this, Heracles roared and used his two hands to grip his weapon and smash it on the shield, violently destroying it. But as soon as the shield was destroyed, the body of Heracles was diced into pieces.

"You just struck the 'hope' of people bound together, so it caused you 'despair'," said Gerard as he looked at Heracles, who started to regenerate. Before he could fully reform, Gerard used his arrow to pulverize the agonizing man.

"You died three times. Can you regenerate again?" asked Gerard. As he asked that, a purple beam of magic came his way. He caught it with his bare hands before tossing it at Heracles, who started to regenerate again. "Four times," he declared.

"ARRRGH!" roared Heracles as he stood up, his body fully regenerated, swinging his club at Gerard again. Gerard began to dodge his strikes, thinking of ways to kill him more times, a smile etched on his face as he caught Heracles' weapon with his bare hands. This action made the water under him explode.

Using Blut and his Miracle to reinforce his fist, he swung it at Heracles's face at a speed that even he couldn't follow. One moment, Heracles was watching Gerard, the next, everything was darkness as his head was pulverized.

"I am already at my fifth Miracle reinforcement," noted Gerard. 'And I am out of solutions to kill him it seems, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to kill him again.'

As soon as he thought that, lightning came down, hitting the figure of Heracles. The lightning was extremely strong, abnormally strong even, killing the demi-god another time.

Heracles took a moment to regenerate as Gerard tried to hit him again with Hoffnung, enhanced with Blut, but it had no effect on the demi-god. The club of Heracles came down again, but this time, Gerard dodged and enhanced his red cloak with his Miracle, making it extremely sharp. It seemed to cut through space at the edge of it. He swung his cape in a quick motion, cutting the demi-god in half again.

'Eight times. If I go with the theory that he can resurrect only twelve times in total, it means that I have to find another way to kill him,' thought Gerard as Heracles started to regenerate again.

'This is fun, it's as if I was fighting myself, but weaker and dumber,' Gerard smiled as he rushed toward the Argonauts. Using his Miracle to pick up the boat, he enhanced it too and dashed above Heracles. As the demi-god tried to regenerate, he threw the enhanced boat at him, crushing Heracles under its enhanced weight.

Gerard landed on the water again, drawing Hoffnung, looking at the battlefield, thinking about other ways to kill the demi-god 

'It seems that Ggio is losing hard against this woman' he thoughts as the Arrancar already used his noble phantasm but was still losing against Caenis, his body full of cuts and bleeding in contrast to her that had no apparent wound, she was smiling like a predator was looking at his prey

"You are weak ! " declared Caenis to the Fracción of Barragan

"You are underestimating me a bit too much woman ! " shouted the arrancar as he charged a Cero in the tip of his blades 

"Double Cero ! " the shots departed the tip of his blade at blazing speed, despite their speed Caenis dodged them effortlessly before impaling the Arrancar with her spear

"What a waste of time" she mocked the dying arrancar on her spear

"I didn't aim at you," he taunted her amidst the echoing explosions of the Cero. Caenis glanced back to identify his target, only to witness the scene where the Argo was, where Heracles endured, his form punctured by the mast of the boat held in place by Gerard to immobilize him.

"Is that his final life?" Ggio chuckled as his form began dissipating in a golden glow. "I apologize, Lord Barragan. It seems I am not worthy of you." With closed eyes, his entire being vanished, leaving only his tiger-toothed mash on the ground. Caenis coldly stepped on it before sprinting towards Gerard.

"You're next!" she yelled as she closed in on him.

Observing Ggio's fading form, Ritsuka's expression soured. Though they had only known the Arrancar for a day, he was still their comrade. "Mash, let's put an end to this madness quickly!"

"Yes, Senpai!" Mash shouted as she deftly avoided a strike from Hector, Mordred joining forces with her against the relentless Servant. Meanwhile, on another front of the battlefield, green lightning pursued a blur as Achilles sought to engage Starrk, who skillfully evaded the attacks.

Starrk glanced at Ggio while dodging the relentless strikes of the fastest demi-god, a hint of disdain in his eyes. Catching Achilles' spear with his bare hand, he declared, "I'll end the charade here." Employing Sonido, he materialized in front of Achilles, landing a jab on his stomach that sent him soaring towards Blackbeard's ship. Starrk then conjured a blue-hued Cero, directing it towards Achilles, before turning back to make his way towards Caenis.

"I'll avenge you, Ggio," Starrk vowed, but before he could employ Sonido once more, Achilles reappeared behind him, his body resilient against the Cero's impact, showing no signs of damage.

"You think this much damage would kill me?" Achilles shouted, thrusting his spear again, attempting to find an opening amid Starrk's slippery dodge.

"And do you believe you'll ever hit me if you keep using the same attack?" Starrk retorted, effortlessly evading each strike. Growing weary of the repetitive onslaught, he unsheathed his sword, slashing at a speed that Achilles couldn't hope to parry.

"What?" Starrk's voice echoed as his sword dealt no damage to Achilles. Seizing the opportunity, Achilles impaled him in the stomach, but Starrk's Hierro shielded him from harm, though the force of the strike still sent him flying backward.

"Didn't my spear pierce you?" Achilles questioned, appearing above Starrk's airborne form. With a powerful blow delivered using his legs, Starrk's body was sent hurtling into the water below.

Achilles' danger sense flared as he swiftly retracted his leg, evading an arrow aimed at his vulnerable heel from above. Looking down, he spotted his teacher on Drake's boat, drawing his bow toward him.

"Teacher?" Achilles exclaimed with a smile. "This will count as the second round. In the last war, I lost, but in this one, I'll emerge victorious." With determination in his eyes, he dashed towards Chiron.

"Come, my pupil! Show me if the student has surpassed the teacher!" Chiron exclaimed in challenge. He swiftly dashed out of Drake's boat, heading towards the horizon. Before disappearing from view, he drew his bow and fired an arrow into the sky.

The two figures dashed away, choosing to engage in a distant battle. Chiron had made this choice to avoid interfering with Atalanta, instructing her to utilize her Noble Phantasm against Heracles. In this war where his own pupils were pitted against him, it pained Chiron, but he knew that to obtain the Grail, he must overcome this internal conflict and,eliminate them.

Observing Chiron and Achilles depart, Atalanta swiftly nocked two arrows on her bow, releasing them into the sky above Heracles. The arrows left a golden trail as they pierced the clouds, exploding in a blinding light. An immense number of arrows then rained down on the two colossal figures.

"Phoebus Catastrophe!" Atalanta shouted, activating her Noble Phantasm.

"Hey! I'm still here!" Gerard protested, fortifying his endurance with Blut and the Miracle to withstand the onslaught. Heracles roared, attempting to parry the multitude of arrows, but their sheer number overwhelmed him, and soon his form was engulfed by the relentless assault.

As the smoke screen created by Phoebus Catastrophe dissipated, the onlookers beheld the fading body of Heracles, disappearing in golden light.

"HERACLES!" Jason exclaimed in disbelief as his friend began to vanish. Gerard gazed at the disappearing form of the berserker.

"I hope that one day, you'll be summoned with your sanity intact and at full power, so our fight can be a fair one," Gerard said, offering a sorrowful smile at Heracles. All he saw was someone who had been tormented and robbed of their sanity.

Heracles, to Gerard's surprise, offered a smile before completely disappearing.

"So, you knew, huh?" Gerard mused, gazing at the sky. "Till next time, demi-god."

In a swift and decisive movement, Gerard utilized Hoffnung to slash at the approaching woman who raised her spear in an attempt to impale him. He skillfully parried her strike, engaging in a brief contest of strength before sending her spiraling back to where she had come from. Gerard then aimed the tip of his blade at her and unleashed a barrage of reishi arrows.

Caenis didn't remain idle, swiftly deflecting numerous arrows with her spear and using her shield to parry those she couldn't intercept directly. Despite the explosive nature of the arrows upon contact, Caenis emerged unscathed from the resulting explosions, her formidable defense holding strong.

"She's strong, no wonder Ggio died swiftly against her," Gerard noted before utilizing Hirenkyaku to appear in front of her at a speed she couldn't follow. Hoffnung raised, he slashed at her, attempting to cut her in half, but Caenis skillfully parried his strike using her shield. Seizing the opportunity, she tried to impale him once again. Gerard, recognizing the danger, attempted to block her spear with his arm. However, the spear effortlessly penetrated his arm.

Seeing this, Caenis swiftly spun herself, using the motion to make her shield push Hoffnung off it. Simultaneously, her spear tore through Gerard's arm, leaving him wounded and at a disadvantage, his hand was gone as he looked at his slump Gerard swung his remaining arm toward her. Caenis sneered seeing that, she used her shield to parry the hit that was coming for head and her spear to impale the man's heart.

"I win!" she declared within herself as she saw her spear coming for his heart. However, an enormous shock sent her hurtling in the opposite direction from her shield.

"What?!" she shouted, looking back during her flight to see the reason for the impact. The hand that had been torn out previously had miraculously regrown. She saw Gerard accelerate to appear above her, his fist descending. She attempted to parry using her shield, but since the hit he gave her just before, it seemed that his strength had become even more incredible. The shock between his fist and her shield was so potent that her already airborne body was sent plummeting below the sea, creating an enormous explosion of water.

"You are skilled, good!" Gerard shouted as he hovered above the water, throwing his arm toward the sky. "I'll turn this ocean into powder!" he declared, summoning hundreds of red-colored arrows above him and making them rain towards the sea. Each arrow created a small explosion beneath the water, turning the ocean into a literal hell for Caenis as she emerged, her body bruised by the relentless explosions.

"How can you regenerate at such speed?!" she demanded, a mix of curiosity and anger evident in her voice.

"My Miracle works like that. I'll always be in top form and the strongest. This is how His Majesty wanted me, so I am obligated to obey his command," Gerard replied, not revealing the whole truth.

"I'll just have to cleave you in two then!" she declared, dashing right for him.

'You'll be surprised,' Gerard thought amusedly, considering being cut in half not a significant wound for him.

"Come then!" he shouted back at her as their two weapons clashed again. However, this time there were no stalemates. Gerard had become far stronger physically than Caenis, sending her flying at such speed that she broke the sound barrier during the initial clash of their weapons.

She soon crashed onto Blackbeard's ship, her speed allowing her to break through the boat's hull easily.

"My ship!" cried out Edward as his vessel began to sink slowly due to Caenis's impactful collision.

Slowly, Caenis emerged from the hole and surveyed the chaos around her. Asterios and Euryale were overcoming Jason and Medea with the assistance of another Medea. Caenis squinted, puzzled for a moment, as she noticed yet another Medea attacking Lily.

Meanwhile, the enemy Master, aided by the traitorous Atalanta, had defeated Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Hector, locked in combat with Mordred, found himself in a precarious situation as Atalanta began to rain arrows down on him.

"At this rate, we'll be defeated soon," Caenis thought. Determined, she decided to unleash her strongest Noble Phantasm, even though she hated resorting to such a measure. She believed it was necessary to secure victory for the Argonauts, and she was confident it would be enough to eliminate Gerard.

Rushing out of the hole towards Gerard, her magical energy flared at an impressive level. As she closed in on him, he attempted to fire reishi arrows at her, but her shield skillfully parried every one of them. Despite the explosive force generated by the arrows, Caenis's body continued to soar toward Gerard. 

"Come!" shouted Gerard, smiling, Hoffnung raised to slash her in half. But in an instant, her body stopped, and the water across the Singularity began to agitate themselves.

"I'll show you my strongest Noble Phantasm!" she declared, dipping her spear into the water. "Poseidon Maelstrom!" As she unleashed her Noble Phantasm, Gerard's body began to be crushed as if an immeasurable force was closing in on him from all directions. Blood flowed from his body, resembling a tomato being crushed.

Caenis looked around in shock, realizing that her Noble Phantasm hadn't affected everyone on the battlefield, as it should have. Then, she heard Gerard's voice.

"It's a miracle that only I have been hit by this attack!" he laughed, despite his worsening wounds.

Gritting her teeth, Caenis used the full might of her Noble Phantasm on Gerard. His body crumbled even more, the pressure becoming unbearable as cracks appeared on his form.

"GERARD!" cried out Medea in worry. She tried to fly to his aid, but a purple beam of energy from her younger self blocked her way.

"How can you dedicate yourself to such a man when Jason-sama is here, my older self? You truly are disgusting!" spat Medea Lily at her older counterpart.

"Let me pass!" the older Medea shouted, swinging Rule Breaker at her younger self in an attempt to kill her and reach Gerard.

Gerard's body continued to be crushed as Caenis's Noble Phantasm weakened. Or perhaps, it was Gerard's durability that was growing stronger and stronger.

"Caenis, use your full power and kill this man!" cried out Jason, using two of his Command Spells. Before Ritsuka could replicate the command, Gerard's body exploded in a gory display, blood and remains splashing everywhere. All that remained was his heart and a Quincy cross.

The battlefield came to a stop as the Chaldeans and their allies widened their eyes. They couldn't have believed that someone like Gerard would be killed.

"NOOOOOO!" came the anguished cry of Medea. Her voice was full of anger as she glared at Caenis. Unbeknownst to her, a purple beam of magic hit her in the stomach, sending her flying

"Ah!" chuckled Caenis as she looked at what remained of Gerard. "Not so tough now, bastard, huh?"

Ritsuka shot her a hateful gaze, but his attention was quickly diverted as a screen appeared with Romani, Da Vinci, and the servants that remained in Chaldea.

"Ritsuka, are your reserves well?" asked the Doctor in worry.

"Yes, Doctor. Why?" Ritsuka questioned, puzzled by the inquiry, as he didn't sense any depletion of his reserves.

"Because, Ritsuka, there is an enormous amount of mana and Divinity coming from Gerard. It's so big that our sensors are not picking the exact level of energy!" said Da Vinci excitedly.

Ritsuka's eyes widened at this revelation.

"But Miss Da Vinci, Gerard just died!" he exclaimed.

Da Vinci's brows furrowed as the sea started to tremble. No, everything was shaking as if an enormous pressure was emanating from everywhere.

"What is happening?" asked Mash as every servant looked around, attempting to find the origin of the tremors.

"The singularity is shaking," Caenis started to say, as she looked at the cross that remained of Gerard's body, it was spinning and drawing something with his blood, then a voice came from Gerard's hearth

"Vollstandïg Aschetonig" the heart declared as an enormous light came down from below the sea, as the red light dissipated stood before Caenis, a Titan, Gerard had become absolutely colossal, his body the size of a mountain, without any wound on his body, fully regenerated.

His body as changed compared to before, he gained a norse reishi helmet, thick patterns covered his legs and arms, as he took Hoffnung that grew with him, he made a minuscule swing of his weapon, that swing was powerful enough to cut the sea bellow him, two enormous golden winds were now on his back

"What the hell are you!" shouted Caenis, truly shocked. "I killed you, and you still evolved?"

Gerard looked down at her, smiling, his voice booming across the whole battlefield.

"I am 'Aschetonig'. Noble warrior of God. Even in death, I wield this blade for my divine master!" he declared as he swung Hoffnung down at Caenis. The wind pressure alone would be unbearable for normal Servants, but Caenis was no normal Servant. She dodged the blow, but the strength behind it was enough to part the sea in two.

"What a monster," muttered Caenis as she used his arm to climb him, leaving a trail of blood with her spear as she ascended. "Your enormous size is a weakness!" she declared as she severed the nerves in his arms before jumping right in front of his face.

But as she aimed to impale his eyes, Gerard exhaled extremely hard, repelling her toward the sea.

"Goodbye, heathen," said Gerard as he generated his Heilig Bogen toward the falling figure of Caenis. A pure torrent of energy was launched from his bow, creating an apocalyptic explosion on the sea below. The waves created from this explosion were gigantic, reminiscent of tsunamis.

Jason was looking at the fight and sensed the loss of Caenis, "What the hell is this monster ! We're are the Argonauts and we're getting slaughtered like sheep, he could kill all of us on his own, how come a monster like that not be more famous ?" shouted Jason as his assuring façade started to crumble, letting out the stressed Jason, as he thought that he sensed the loss of Achilles as an enormous beam of blue energy emerged from the sea toward the sky.

"How can we lose ? " shouted Jason in desperation "we are the Arg-" before he could finish he sensed something pierce him from behind, as he looked back, he saw the smiling face of Medea Lily.

"You've done enough, Jason-sama!" Medea Lily declared as Jason started to disappear in golden light. "Solomon told me to summon a certain servant if everything went bad for us. He even gave a catalyst," she said as a white haori with the number 1 displayed on it.

"Why did you betray me?" asked Jason as he continued to disappear, the Grail that he owned was stolen by Medea Lily as she started the chant to summon the new servant.

"Because you are not needed anymore, Jason-sama. The Argonauts neither, though," she replied, flashing a beautiful smile at the man.

"I see," he replied, looking down, his eyes full of sorrow. "You truly are the Witch of Betrayal," he added as his body fully disappeared.

Medea, seizing the opportunity, rushed Lily with her Rule Breaker as Asterios made the same decision. However, they were too late. As they neared the young girl, the explosion that signified the summoning of another servant happened. In less than a second, Medea's arm holding Rule Breaker was cut, and Asterios was sent flying back toward Euryale.

As this happened, an enormous pressure crushed everyone on the battlefield. Gerard turned to look at the new arrival, his eyes serious.

"They summoned this old man?" Gerard questioned. Seeing what happened below him, he aimed Hoffnung and fired pure reishi toward the man. As the arrows were released from his sword, he scooped up Medea, Asterios, who was trying to come out of his grip, and Euryale, placing them on Drake's boat.

"Everyone, don't approach this battlefield. This old man is a monster!" declared Gerard as he looked at the old man in the air, carrying the young Medea under one of his arms. He gazed at Gerard with a frown.

"You bunch of bodies from a thousand years ago are still here?" asked the Shinigami.

"Don't talk too much, Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni. You lost against our king, and I'll kill you a second time for His Majesty!" declared Gerard as he swung Hoffnung toward the old man

"Reduces all Creation to Ash! Ryūjin Jakka!" shouted Yamamoto as an enormous inferno blazed from his sword, matching Hoffnung's strike. "Taimatsu!" he shouted. The flames tried to burn Hoffnung, but to no avail, as the sword could be destroyed only with pure strength.

As Hoffnung struck Yamamoto's sword, the two clashed in an immeasurable contest of strength. Despite Gerard's extremely large size, the struggle was intense and evenly matched. The battlefield trembled under the sheer force of their clash, and the air was filled with the pressure of two formidable forces colliding.

"I am stronger than you!" shouted Gerard as the contest started to turn in his favor, causing all the flames on the battlefield to disappear.

"Bankai, Zanka no Tachi!" declared Yamamoto as the entire sea started to evaporate at a rapid rate. Medea Lily turned to dust as his Bankai was activated. Yamamoto barely looked at her before walking leisurely toward Gerard.

"What the hell is this?" cried Drake, witnessing the sea disappear. Romani's voice could be heard from the screen, "The heat generated from the man is equivalent to that of the sun. If he is not defeated in the next few minutes, the entire Singularity will be a wasteland."

"Atalanta!" called Fujimaru as she nocked two arrows on her bow again. "Phoebus Catastrophe," she declared as the rain of arrows came again, raining down on Yamamoto. The old man chuckled, seeing this attack. He just walked toward Gerard, not even acknowledging the arrows. As they came near his body, they simply evaporated.

"You'll need something better than this, young girl!" declared Yamamoto as he swung his sword toward the ship.

"DODGE!" shouted Gerard as he saw Yamamoto's movement. When the Zanpakuto of Yamamoto touched the sea, an enormous fissure was created in front of the sword. The Chaldeans had the time to dodge as the ship was pulverized to dust from the swing.

"Doctor Romani, let us Rayshift!" declared Saber to the doctor as she saw the strength of the attack. "This was just a casual swing of his sword. If he gets serious, everyone will be endangered." 

"The Rayshift will not come in time in the Singularity " declared darkly Romani as he looked back at the other Servant "Ritsuka and the others will be using everything they need to defeat him" 

On the battlefield, Yamamoto was still marching toward Gerard, in less than a second he used Shunpo to appear behind Gerard, his body cleaved in half, but he regenerated in less than a second as he swung his arm toward Yamamoto, before the hit could connect, he was erased due to the power of the Captain Commander. The servants on the ground that could attack in the sky tried to help Gerard but to no avail, the shield of Yamamoto was far too strong.

"You Quincy need to be exterminated!" declared Yamamoto as he became serious. "Zanka no Tachi: North, Tenchi Kaijin," he shouted as he swung his sword from above his head to below. In less than a second, the body of Gerard was simply reduced to ash, Hoffnung cut in half as he used it to defend himself.

"You die here, abomination," declared the old man as he started to disappear, his reserves of mana reaching zero. "I just came here to kill all of the Quincy. You can have your prize, human!" he declared as he threw the cup toward Ritsuka. But as soon as he let the Grail down, an enormous hand of pure light took it. Yamamoto looked back and saw that where Gerard stood just a moment before, there was now an enormous colossus of light. It didn't resemble a human at all. Gerard's head looked like a knight's helmet with two spikes on his shoulders. He seemed to be devoid of clothing, with golden energy patterns on his shoulders and waist.

"Just like with His Majesty, you let your pride take the best of you, Shinigami. Who decided that I died? You?" Gerard taunted and chuckled, looking at the bewildered Yamamoto that finished disappearing.

"Next time, you'll die abomination" declared Yamamoto as his body disappeared

"Gerard ! " shouted Medea with joy as she thought that he would have died again with this sword strike.

As Gerard had the Grail in his hand, blue marking appeared on it just like before, soon they disappeared and he threw the Grail toward Ritsuka

"We won and just like I said I am the strong-" before he could finish a blue beam of light came from above and engulfed him, and a second later, the beam disappeared, leaving just a pile of bone that were falling on the sea. Medea looked at that eyes wide from shock, Ritsuka sensed the disappearance of Gerard through their link.

"Look", said Chiron as he aimed his bow toward the silhouette of a man, as he fired the arrow, a blue beam of light pierced him 

"Argh !" grunted Chiron as his Core was pierced by this, he started to disappear in golden light

"Chiron! Teacher!" cried everyone on the boat. Then, all eyes turned to the man who appeared. He was a tall figure with a long face, a broad chin, and pronounced cheekbones. His long black hair reached his lower back, and his reddish-brown eyes had thin eyebrows. He wore a white, double-breasted trench coat with the order symbol on the middle, large buttoned cuffs, and lapels. White trousers and trench boots completed his attire. Over all this, he wore a tattered, ankle-length maroon-black cloak with a red ribbon near the neck, fastened to the left with a single large button.

"You can live here, Gerard, my son. Your mission ends here," he declared as shadows started to form around him, engulfing him.

"Who are you?" shouted Ritsuka to the man as Chiron continued to disappear, rendering Ritsuka helpless.

"I am the Emperor of the Wandenreich, progenitor of all Quincy and their Father. I am Yhwach. Know my name, young man, as I find you interesting. Against all odds, you still persevere. Continue your struggles, as I will watch them. Continue to struggle and save Humanity. As for Gerard's death, don't be sad. He served his purpose; his time had passed." Yhwach's words echoed, leaving a sense of mystery and foreboding in the air.

"How can a father do this to his son !" Medea's anguished cry echoed through the air as she conjured vibrant beams of magecraft, unleashing them towards Yhwach. However, he nonchalantly pointed a finger, and the beams were promptly enveloped by an unseen force.

"Farewell, Chaldeans. Soon, you will witness the formidable power of our Empire. Our goals align – the flourishing of humanity," he declared calmly, hinting at a shared objective even as ominous intentions loomed, when the shadows engulfing him completely he disappeared.

In the shadowy expanse of the Quincy Empire's domain, 'Yhwach' materialized, cradling a cocoon marked with the letter "M." His form shifted, reverting to that of a familiar Quincy soldier, his head obscured by an ominous shroud of darkness.

With a smile, he gazed upon another cocoon, cloaked in pure darkness and bearing the distinctive Quincy symbol. "Soon, Friedrich will awaken, and we shall witness the extent of his newfound strength. Now, let us delve into the arrival of Hollows and Shinigamis in this realm," he declared, taking his seat upon a throne forged from the very essence of darkness.


Well it was exhausting, the fight between Gerard and Heracles was hard to write and I didn't know very well if I made Heracles strength stays true to the original

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