7 Wounded Poseidon

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3rd Pov

Mordred and Kairi quickly came towards the Yggdmillennia Fortress, seeing that huge parts of the fortress have been destroyed Morded commented," It seems they had it pretty tough huh? Anyway, Master hurry up! You are slow as a snail!", she turned back looking at her Master carrying heavily injured and unconscious Poseidon, if one was to consider him by normal human standards he was pretty fast and was showing no hint of tiredness but that logic didn't apply to Mordred's dictionary.

Sairi continued not minding his servant's rants, looking around the destroyed fortress and said," There still will be quite a lot of Homunculus and some of their Masters", Mordred casually punched in the wall of the fortress destroying it and creating a big enough hole for them to pass through, she replied," I will just kill them then don't worry about it Master, anyway let's bandage this God up, I want to quickly join the fight in that floating piece of rock as well".

Kairi nodded and then they entered only to be greeted by a blast of Noble Phantasm, "Trap of Argalia!", Mordred just quickly comes in front of her Master, her Armor absorbs the attack as it provides no damage to her, and she shrugs it off and said," Another twerp, come out let me see who is the idiot attacked me".

Astolfo comes out while holding her lance, he looks at Mordred nervous as his strongest attack did no damage to Mordred, who smirked looking at her, he bravely declared," I am Astolfo! One of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne!", Mordred and Kairi became speechless hearing him giving away his True name and Mordred said blinking her eyes," Okay?".

Then quickly summoning her sword she attacked him without any further waiting, Astolfo tried parrying her attack only to fall back due to the pure difference between the raw strength between them,' Her parameters are way above me! ', he bit his lips nervously as he parried her attacks, Mordred grunted seeing Astolfo being able to dodge and parry her attacks though barely,' Damn! That f*cking b*tch's attack has made me more wounded than I thought, otherwise I would have killed this f*cking third-rate twerp already '.

*Clank* *Clank*

Sounds of the exchange of blows filled up the area, Astolfo barely managed to dodge and parry Mordred's continuous attacks which became harder for him to do as her attacks became faster and stronger with each passing second, Mordred's anger started rising and she angrily said," You are f*cking annoying".

Her speed suddenly increased by a level as she slyly attacked Astolfo with a sword and then kicked her away, he flew away tens of meters crashing into the wall of the fortress, Mordred got ready for the final blow which was sure to kill Astolfo but the moment she swung her sword at Astolfo he teleported,' What the-', she quickly turned around back to see Astolfo in front of her Master.

Astolfo himself looked surprised as his body went against his will attacking Kairi who was unguarded, but seeing the face of a familiar person on his shoulder he somehow managed to change the direction of his attack before it landed on Kairi and shouted, "Run away!", Kairi seeing that quickly moved to make the distance between them while Mordred was already behind Astolfo and kicked him away with full force.

"GUackkk!", blood came out of Astolfo's mouth as he was yeeted outside the fortress, his several bones broke and he tried standing up back against his will but his body gave up as he fell unconscious, Mordred grunted ready to kill him but hesitated and asked," Did you see that Master?", Kairi who was sweating a bit and said," He intentionally changed the direction of his attack".

Mordred unsummoned her sword and glancing at his unconscious body a final time she said," I guess he gets a chance to live", she smirked and said, "Anyway let's not wait any longer", he nodded as both of them started raiding Yggdmillennia fortress for medical supplies.


"That f*cking piece of sh*t", cursed Celenike seeing the unconscious body of Astolfo on the holographic screen," I wasted two! F*cking two command spells to give him the perfect chance to win and yet this pathetic servant failed to kill Saber's master!!!", she shouted angrily gnashing her teeth, behind her Gordes, Caules, and Fiore looked worried as well.

"Damn it! Currently, there is no servant with us as well!", said Gordes fearfully, Fiore looked at him and said," Sir Gordes there is nothing to worried, I can summon Archer anytime with a command spell", he looked relieved hearing that and asked her," Then summon him now!", she sighed and said," Sir Gordes calm yourself! Chiron is battling with Lord Darnic and Lord Vlad III summoning him now will prove disadvantageous to them!".

He gritted his teeth clenching his fists as he glanced at the screen where Mordred shamelessly demolished doors and walls as they searched for a room having medical supplies, he sighed and said," I am sorry for losing my calm", he apologized to them, Caules suddenly looked around to find Celenike missing and asked," Where is Miss Celenike?".

They looked around to find her missing, Gordes said," You two wait here I will go and look for her!", he then left both of them alone while they looked worryingly at the holographic screen.


Celenike with a sadistic smile walked towards Astolfo's unconscious body and then swinging her whip she whipped him, after a few times Astolfo woke up in pain and looked to see his master," Master? What are you doing?", Celenike angrily shouted," You f*cking b*stard how dare you to waste the chance to kill Saber's master?!! I wasted two command spells for it!", she kicked him on the stomach making him groan in pain.

She then sneered and smiled sadistically," I will show you your rightful place, servant!", she said as started whipping him continuously causing heavily injured Astolfo to cry in pain," Master Stop it hurts!", she put her leg on his head and said," See this?! You are nothing but a mere servant in front of me and now for making me waste two commands spells I will punish you till you regret it!".

Astolfo cried in pain as Celenike continuously kicked him, normally with his endurance it wouldn't have hurt him but he was heavily injured from Saber's attack and his chest bones were broken making him feel intense pain," What are you doing Celenike?!!", shouted Gordes making her stop, she looked back at Gordes and shouted," I am just showing this pathetic piece of sh*t his place!".

Gordes hesitated to see this as he was angry at Astolfo for failing them as well, and turned his head away and said," Fine, but make sure he doesn't die", she smiled hearing this and was about to continue whipping him when her head separated, Gordes seeing this fell on his back in fear and said," Celenike!".

He saw Saber in her terrifying armor holding her sword from which Celenike's blood dripped, he trembled seeing this and when she turned to look at him he begged," Please! Let me live!", hearing that Morded snorted and said," Pathetic", she then looked above and jumped above the fortress left making Gordes breathe in relief and he soon fainted due to the pressure.

"Sir Gordes!", shouted Caules looking at his unconscious body, behind him was a female Homunculi, he then turned to look at the dead body of Celenike and conscious Astolfo who groaned in pain as his body started disappearing, he quickly ordered," Take Sir Gordes to safety!", the Homunculi nodded and lifted the fainted Gordes and quickly left while Caules came towards Astolfo.

"Astolfo quickly make a contract with me!", said Caules hearing which Astolfo nodded," Fine, you will be a better master than her anyway", he said with a bitter smile as they started making a contract.


Poseidon Pov

My eyes fluttered as I opened them, only to find a certain blonde holding my hand," Lord Poseidon you finally woke up!!", said Jeanne happily, I grunted looking around to see Chiron, Astolfo, and another Blonde, "Finally The time you wake up! And for your information is it me who saved you!", said Mordred with a smirk.

I grunted a bit in pain and asked Jeanne," Can you leave my hand?", she blushed lightly and replied," Yes! Here you go", and left the hold of my hand, I came out of my sleeping position and looked to find Astolfo leaping at me and hugged me," Finally you are awake Lord Poseidon!", I grabbed his head surprising him and then placed him on the ground.

"Don't jump at me like that idiot", I said as Chiron came forward, "It is nice to see you well Lord Poseidon", he came and gave a bow I replied," You are Chiron right? Anyway, Now can anyone explain to me what exactly happened?", Mordred came forward and said," I and my Master found you half-dead on the battlefield and then saved your life, you can be grateful".

(Author's Note: For your information guys, Chiron knows all Olympus Gods, but of his world, all will be explained later)

I looked speechlessly at Mordred who looked at me as if I owed her my life which while true me being a Heroic Spirit made it technically wrong, I closed my eyes and checked on my Mana reserves, and then chanted," Maximized Heavy recover", a green light came out of my hand, I put my hand on my chest as all of my injuries healed.

I sighed and muttered," That's better", Astolfo seeing me all healed said," Woah! How did you do that?!", I ignored him as I unwrapped all the bandages around me, then standing up I looked at Jeanne who nodded and started explaining to me what happened.

I soon understood what happened it went as this, Mordred found me, then with her Master, she broke into Yggdmillennia fortress and fought Astolfo, who got heavily wounded, then got tortured by Celenike who got killed by Mordred who after killing her went in Hanging Gardens of Babylonia.

Then Ruler and Chiron escaped from there after Mordred broke in, and then she told them about me, when they came back they found Astolfo had made a contract with Caules, finally, they waited till I woke up which wasn't long considering my huge Endurance.

I sighed and looked at Mordred and said," Thanks I guess? Though I didn't ask for your help", she sneered hearing that and said," So what? Be Grateful!", I came near her and said," I am grateful but I am not going to owe you anything", she snorted hearing that and said," Fine".

"Now, What plans do you all have?", I asked them though knowing what they are gonna say probably, Jeanne came forward and said," Lord Poseidon I have decided to stop Shirou Amakusa", I nodded, and Chiron suddenly came forward and said," Lord Poseidon I have a question to ask".

I looked at him and said," If you are gonna ask who I am then it's stupid, I am Poseidon One of the twelve Gods of Olympus albeit from a different timeline", he stopped and then said," I see, that does make sense", I grunt and flexed myself a bit," You didn't tell me how you healed yourself!", asked Astolfo pouting.

I looked at him deadpan, and while he did look cute unfortunately he was a trap so eh! I replied," Divine Magic", others looked intrigued hearing my words, and well Overlord Spells are just Divine Magic even the lower tier ones, I started recalling how the future events were to play out and suddenly asked," Who is the Caster of the Black?".

" Our Caster is Aviceborn unfortunately for us he had betrayed us", said Astolfo, obviously only he will shout out other's true names without any concern, and now that I have realized they are the same with similar events happening here just like the canon then,' Ah f*ck here we go again ', I thought and soon a few seconds later a roar sounded,' Man what timing ', I thought amused.

To be continued...

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All of it somehow connects to others series with extreme plotholes between them, especially Kara no Kyoukai!! In this they have finally explained a thing called Origin, I mean in the other series it was briefly mentioned or used but wasn't prevalent but now they introduce a fricking core concept of an entire verse all of a sudden and just tell how important it is!

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