9 The Sea

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Poseidon Pov

I walked on the sand leaving my footprints behind me as I gazed at the sea before me, the sky was orangish red, and I stepped on the water waves moving to and fro cleaning my legs, my mind felt peaceful looking at the Sea, I felt like I was at home, I continued walking forward as my body slowly submerged in the water of the sea.

I dived down and then like a jet of water I moved straight at a fast pace going to the deeper parts of the sea, soon I reached the deepest part of the Black Sea which was 1000 meters deep, I could barely see any fish due to the nature anoxic nature of the sea which made it inhabitable for the majority of the species of fishes.

I closed my eyes and started meditating trying to connect with the significant body of water, hours passed as my connection with the entire Black Sea and the Ocean, in general, became deeper and deeper until it reached a breaking point.

[Master! Your Divinity has reached A- Rank! With this, by using a huge amount of Magical energy or gaining faith energy you can ascend to a Divine Spirit for a short period!], system informed me.

I opened my eyes looking calmly at the blue water,' It feels nice to be at home, and I guess my divinity works similarly to what it worked previously ', I thought, I am a God of Water, which means I am God of Seas and Oceans as well, not only that I am God of Earthquakes and Horses and if we were to go by fate standards then the Divine Core I should possess within my saint graph should be the Divine Core of the Sea God.

Now comes the interesting part, Divine Spirits which are deteriorated forms of the God that appeared at the end of the Age of Gods, in this state a God needs a vessel to descend and their battle power is depended on the amount of faith of the humans they are receiving, real Gods are independent of that and just basically can destroy mountains with their Divinities.

For me, for example, I can flood the entire world within the ocean if I am a fully-fledged God but as a Divine Spirit I can barely control the water of a lake with my current power and I will get strong enough to control a big part of the ocean if millions of people have faith in me, that's a big qualitative difference.

" System, tell me when the Age of Gods ended?", I asked, to be honest, one of the biggest mysterious things about of Age of Gods is when it officially ended, in Mesopotamia, it ended thousands of years ago while in different places in the world, it lasted longer.

[Master, Age of Gods officially ended in 700 A.D, and there have been two phases of the end of the Age of Gods in every part of the world which normally people don't know.

In the first phase of the end of God of a region the local Divinities became unable to descend into the Human World anymore, they stayed in pocket spiritual Dimensions in which they resided after being unable to descend to the material world, it is called Divine Realm and which is different from the Divine Realm of Throne of Heroes which is more of a sub-Throne of Heroes, especially for Divinities.

Gods stay in the former Divine Realms which are their actual homes when they are alive and then they materialize or descend into the actual world, in this case, Gods still live in the Divine Realm though are unable to descend while the latter is Throne of Heroes for the Dead Gods.

In the second phase of the end of the Age of Gods, the local divinities start dying and if they are famous enough then they are immortalized in the Throne of Heroes sub-system Divine Realm, it actually doesn't have any actual name and despite being part of Throne of Heroes it is basically for Divinities so it can't be called Throne of Heroes either, and now that I think it will be more confusing If I was to continue calling it Divine Realm so let's prefer to say it as Throne of Divine.

Anyway, master in the second phase all gods die residing in their local Divine Realm, and the famous Divinities get a chance to be immortalized in the Throne of Divine, and officially the second phase of the last age of Gods in the entire world ended at 700 A.D marking the end of the age of Gods, and please note that Master depending on the timeline the Age of Gods might end at different periods], system explained.

I sighed and muttered, "That's a lot to take in and it is too much complex stuff", I decided to not worry about it now and instead focus on winning the great holy grail war, I also was disappointed by the level of divinity I achieved by connecting myself to the entire Black sea and somewhat shallowly to the entire world ocean.

If I were to spend a few weeks then I might be able to ascend to a proper God by connecting myself to the entire ocean of the world, since I am a God who embodies an aspect of Nature by getting a deep connection with that aspect I can ascend my level of Divinity, this quality is special to the Gods related to forces of Nature, for example, if Zeus my moronic brother was in a similar situation as me then during storms or severe rain he would have been able to ascend to a Divine Spirit by connecting himself with storm temporarily.

As a God of water, I have an advantage over him as the ocean is permanent but storms aren't, so only during the duration of a storm he would have been able to ascend to a Divine Spirit, same implies to Gods of sun and moon, as only day and night this process will work, anyway I am aren't worried about my shallow divinity.

I just wanted to check if this was to work, with this I can be more assured in my battle prowess in my future battle, I am a God, not a heroic spirit and if I want to fight against a powerful opponent in fate then I would need to be at my best, it will be unrealistic to fight against a freaking Evil of Humanity as a mere Demi-Divine being.

My most powerful weapon, my divinity won't be effective if that were to happen and I won't be able to win, heck no matter how much I learn new things if my base parameters weren't increased then it won't make much of a difference and for that, I need my Divinity to be effective.

Satisfied with my test I jumped out of the sea in a few seconds nearly at the speed of two Mach, due to the force of my movement a big wave erupted from where I jumped out becoming calm after reaching a few hundred meters, chanting fly spell I flew up looking at the ocean," What a nice view", I commented.

Now it is time to have some sightseeing before I chase after Team Red and I am very curious how they are gonna fight, they have five opponent servants while they have only four servants excluding Shirou, even if we were to go overall quality they are at a disadvantage and I know they clearly understand it as well.

' I wonder if they are gonna surprise me by doing something amazing and different like they summoned Hercules ', I thought curious as a bloodthirsty smile came on my face," I hope they don't disappoint me, otherwise one-sided beating is all they will receive", I said.


3rd Pov

"We are clearly at a big disadvantage", said Shirou, others looked at him, Serimanis said," That's obvious, they have four servants, same as us but if we were to consider Ruler is going against us well that will make five servants, overall it will be four top class servants against us and a highly supportive servant, while we have only three high-class servants, including me, Achilles, Atalanta, and a completely useless one".

Hearing her words William Shakespeare quickly denied," O great Queen of Assyria you have mistaken something! I am fairly useful as well, even if I am a Support servant I am still useful", he said, Serimanis snorted and said," Really? Then tell me how you failed to defeat even the berserker of the Black? She was fairly weak if we were to consider as well, other than that your battle prowess is complete garbage, it makes you as good as useless", a smirk appeared on her face.

He wanted to retort further, but suddenly Achilles stepped in and said," He isn't completely useless", Serimanis raised an eyebrow and asked," Really? Then please do tell me", Achilles said," He promised to write a love poem with me and Missy as lovers", she became speechless as she really considered his words seriously.

Atalanta just ignored it as she did every time Achilles courted her, Shirou started laughing while Serimanis started fuming in rage, Shirou came forward and stopped Serimanis from killing poor William Shakespeare and said," Now, that's something hilarious, anyway Williams has proven to be useful, after my incarnation I lost many of my abilities including True Name Discernment and my Noble Phantasm, but with the sword he made I can join in the battle as well, though unfortunately, I won't be able to as I need to handle to Greater Grail".

"About that world salvation or whatever, you earlier told us that you would need to get inside Greater Holy Grail to manually handle it to realize it, so how much time it would take us?", asked Achilles, Shirou replied," At most a few days, once completed we will win and they won't be able to do anything to change it but if I was to interrupted during the process then it will fail".

"I doubt they will give a few days, at most after a day they will attack us", Atalanta said, Shirou nodded and said," Yes, so it makes stalling for a time a risky strategy, we will need to win this war", Achilles said,"*Sigh* Our chances in winning this aren't very good considering we will be fighting Lord Poseidon as well".

Serimanis said," He is the most worrisome to deal with, he defeated Hercules who coupled with his Noble Phantasm was enough to finish the team black, I regret that we sent him to deal with Poseidon first, if we had deployed him against the servants of black then we would have to worry about it only".

Shirou said," What is done, is done, regretting about it won't help us, that leaves us with a single choice, we need a new servant", others raised their eyebrow hearing him, Achilles said," Hey, I don't wanna sound rude but, is your mind working correctly, summoning a new servant now is impossible".

Shirou smiled and said," I thought you all would say something like this, don't worry being a Ruler has its own perks, and I know there is another extra servant class beside Ruler, Avenger a class which has fairly dangerous servants, but we have no choice and need to do it".

Everyone hearing him became surprised," Well, well what a sudden turn of events", commented William Shakespeare, and just like that another big deviation occurred.


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