32 Slaying Herc again

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3rd Pov

All the crewmates struggled to keep the ship afloat, Ritsuka lay on the ground bloodied helplessly while fear struck his heart,' It's all over!! ', he thought as his eyes glanced at the Mightiest Greek Hero, Heracles as he ran rampart on the ship as all the servants struggled to try to defeat the Berserker.

"Senpai!! Senpai are you Ok?!", Mash shouted asking him worried, her face horrified seeing the bloodied state of her senpai," Doctor! Senpai's life is in trouble!! Do something!", she shouted, Kiyohime replied," We managed to stop the blow!! He has just fainted from the shock! Don't worry his life isn't in danger!".

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"Bu-But! Just see how much blood he has lost!", she said as tears appeared in her eyes, Kiyohime slapped her surprising her, and she gritted her teeth and said with teary eyes," You are our first line of defense! Get a hold of yourself! and don't worry! I have used a scroll on Master, I won't disappoint him, not again", Mash became silent hearing that and then clenching her fists she nodded.

"I will take the front! Keep Senpai safe!", she said standing up, she held her huge shield and walked towards the battle, in front of her eyes Heracles easily fended off the attacks of Asterious, the Minatour, another servant who possessed green hair, and fought with a shepherd staff, Francis Drake too fought valiantly while the group was supported by a barrage of Arrows of Goddess Artemis from behind.

Mash glanced at the Heracles who easily fought against their strongest servants and contracted at that, as if fighting against kids, memories of Poseidon flooded in her mind as fear struck her mind seeing the expression of Heracles who charged at her, she remained stunned unable to react only to be saved by Asterios.

"Asterios!", she said as she broke from her daze looking at him worry as he shielded her against the Berseker," Grhh... Grahhh!", Asterios shouted throwing Heracles off the ship, taking this chance Francis Drake and Artemis fired their fully powered attack at him, everyone held their breath waiting for the result and the water calmed down revealing a not injured Heracles standing atop the water of the ocean.

"H-He is unharmed?!!", said Francis Drake terrified, Jason started laughing madly and said," Hahaha! You Imprudent trash thought that was enough?! His Noble is quite powerful! Such Weak attacks can't even scratch him!!", he looked at them arrogantly enjoying their despair, Medea Lily beside him giggled and Hektor watched this bored.

"H-He is standing on Water?!", said Francis Drake shocked as she glanced at the Mightiest Greek Hero who stood on the water as if it was nothing, Teddy Orion came beside him and explained," That isn't some skill but just a Magical barrier between his feet and water surface", Medea said happily," You see, I am helping him out after all I am a Caster!".

Jason praised his dear wife for a bit before ordering Heracles to finish them off, he heeded his command and charged at the enemy servants who took a defensive stance only to find out that Heracles was moving towards Eurayle, they looked horrified and quickly moving to stop him but knew it was futile.


A huge crashing sound reached everyone's ears, Jason sweated wondering if Euryale died, and looked there hurriedly, he became surprised to see a bloodied Asterios who acted as a shield for Euryale, the goddess shouted surprised with tears in her eyes seeing him in such a sorry state.

Jason laughed at thanked him for keeping Eurayle alive mockingly and then ordered Heracles sternly to kill them quickly while making sure of Eurayle's safety, Heracles again charged and Asterios tried his best to fight against him only to be beaten black and blue, Asterios lay struck on the sheep's broken floor, Heracles charged at him swinging his Axe-Sword with huge force.


'What the-', before everyone eyes a fist landed on Heracles's face, his face disfigured and then his body was thrown away like a ragdoll on the sea, Heracles rolled dozens of times before he managed to regain his balance and looked at the person who punched him with rage," That was satisfying, hey Mega cockroach we meet again", a man with dirty blonde hair said with a grin.


Poseidon Pov

I looked at Heracles with a grin and said," That was satisfying, hey Mega cockroach we meet again", he roared while others looked at me surprised," A new Servant?!", shouted David, Mash, Kiyohime and nearly unconscious protagonist looked at my back shocked, with my sense I could tell Ritsuka instantly fainted off from the fear.

"Im-Impossible! You are-", said Mash trembling, Kiyohime too had a similar expression, others noticed this and looked at me warily, " A new servant? Tch. It doesn't matters Heracles get rid of this trash!", he said, Heracles charged at me only for a wall of water to appear in front of him suddenly, he stopped due to his instincts but it was already too late for him and he got trapped in a sphere of water.

"What?!", Jason looked surprised seeing his strongest servant struggling to break from the water, I jumped on the water and then stood on top of it, I looked at him with a mocking look, and he glared at me and said," How dar-Ghuh!", he couldn't speak more and grabbed his chest with a pained expression.

"Dear!", Medea lily said coming near and stopped seeing him coughing blood, I looked at him as if looking at some insect," You have guts to badmouth me mortal! Where did you get such baseless arrogance? Oh, don't tell me you got it after getting the Divine Protection of that Whore, Aphrodite? Laughable", I mocked him.

In my hand, I held an astral projection of his heart and grabbed it gently which was enough to end him in this sorry state, Medea struggled to break him from my spell and I looked amused, not ending his life and after using more than half of her Mana she successfully broke off my spell.

I glanced at the trapped Heracles and with my will crushed him underwater, his body busted and his muscles and insides floated inside the orb of water while the blood turned the water red. A golden glow suddenly appeared as his body reconstructed under the tremendous pressure of water greater than the water pressure inside the Mariana Trench.

He broke outside roaring and charged at me only to fall underwater suddenly and then again turned into pulped meat," Im-Impossible! His Noble Phantasm should have negated it", said Hektor shocked seeing the bloodied water, I silent chanted some spells one after another rapidly, the skies darkened as clouds covered the blue sky.

"Wh-What is happening?", said Mash, I grinned as huge amounts of lightning cracked on my fists, it took the shape of a thunderbolt as a huge amount of thunder surrounded me," Tha-That's!", said Jason horrified looking at me, Heracles jumped out of the water to be greeted by a strike of Magical bolt of thunder tens of billions volt.

"Arghhhh!!", he screamed in pain as his body turned into ash, others behind me remained gobsmacked even not commenting on how Heracles even resurrected," There goes your Nine lives", I said with fun, my first attack claimed four of his lives, the second one three lives, and third one took two of his lives".

His ashes gathered again glowing brightly as he resurrected, he quickly made distance as soon as he regained vitality and looked at me cautiously," Wh-Just who he is?!!", shouted Eurayle behind me, Mash said trembling, "He is on-one of the twelve Gods of Olympus... Poseidon!!", she said surprising everyone.

"My father!!", shouted Teddy Orion surprised while Jason trembled in fear," Im-Impossible, I can understand fighting Goddess Artemis, bu-but God Poseidon?!", he shouted shocked by the revelation, I silent chanted another spell increasing the power of my Mystic of Terror simultaneously with my Divinity temporarily by a single rank and glanced at Heracles.

He roared and charged at me only to suddenly lost balance and fell near my feet, ' There goes another one of his lives ', I thought, I kicked him in the air and grabbed his neck, he resurrected again roaring and tried breaking from my gasp only to die, his head had separated from his body as his neck had turned into a puddle of meat from the sheer force.

"Heracles! No!", Jason shouted a cliche line as if in love with the bundle of muscles, wait a minute he possibly might be after all many of us Greeks were gay Zeus included, damn I shouldn't think of my moronic brother, and his moronic adventures, to take off my focus from such thoughts I glanced at Heracles resurrecting for the final time, I summoned my Trident and aimed at his head.

He roared and holding his Axe-Sword ran towards Jason, I threw my Trident which broke the sound barrier, and arrived near Heracles at the speed of Thunder, he couldn't react as his brain matter spilled as my Trident pierced his head and stopped returning to my hand flying back, Jason looked horrified in disbelief as Heracles body faded.

"R-Retreat!!", he shouted, without waiting any further their ship started sailing away, I looked at them uninterested knowing their fate is sealed, I came back on the ship only to be attacked by Kiyohime with her EX Rank Noble Phantasm," Samadhi through transforming flames!!!", she shouted turning into an oriental dragon.

I just teleported from the range of her attack meters away above on the air floating, her body struck the ocean creating a huge water wave, meanwhile, the ship started burning due to her blue flames," You fucking idiot!!", Francis Drake cursed at her seeing her beloved ship burning and sinking down slowly.

I teleported on the sheep and using a spray of water put the fire out and then silent-chanted the Greater Repair spell which quickly repaired the ship under everyone's shocked eyes. Kiyohime returned to the ship barely standing from the huge mana usage and glared at me, I snickered and with a single look of my Mystic eyes, I made her unconscious.

I then turned towards the servants, Eurayle looked at me with a blush on her face, Asterios sweated cautiously as he stood in front of the loli Goddess, David looked me a cautious look as well, Artemis had a confused look and Orion had an awkward face, Mash looked at me in fear, Francis drake who was a living human looked at me with shock, their expressions were amusing to say at least.

" Hey Orange haired guy, tell this pink-haired girl to stop with that defensive look, I have come as an ally in this singularity so she better take that look off her face lest I get angered", I said, a holographic screen appeared in the air, Dr. Romani said with a panicked look," He is right! Mash no need to get defensive!", she sighed and nodded, after that she apologized," I am sorry for giving such a look".

I just gave her a simple nod and then glanced at others who had questions as well, I looked at the Teddy bear Orion with a sore eye, him being a son of my alternate self didn't suit me a bit, looking at big-chested airhead yandere goddess, Artemis I said," Before you ask me how I am so young and handsome compared that burly Poseidon, I am from another timeline and secondly I definitely don't have a certain perverted teddy bear as my son".

"That was so specific!", Teddy Orion shouted in shock and then froze speechless, I looked at others and smiled," Now let's take a seat, shall we?", I said.

To be continued...

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