18 Orlean Singularity

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Poseidon Pov

In Fate Grand Order timeline after the events of the 4th Holy Grail War in which Solomon who wanted to live up like a Human gave up on being a Heroic Spirit and became an entirely new Human having no relation with Solomon and came to be known as Dr. Romani Archman, having lost all his powers except his Budget Omniscience(Universal) at first he was happy, but soon having visions of Goetia stealing his body and enact the incineration of Human Order he was horrified and decided to give his everything to stop it.

Goetia on the other hand began his plan of saving humanity by Incinerating them as well, he stole Solomon's body and became a Budget Grand Caster coupled with his Beast persona his powers only increased, he made a plan that spanned centuries and during the Fuyuki Singularity it was finally enacted, now all of the humanity incinerated except Chaldea who placed their entire hope on Ritsuak Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight.

Former was a normal civilian with barely any Magus capability at all, he was the only one left among the injured Masters with the capability to Rayshift in the whole of Chaldea, the latter being the only survivor of an experiment that tried to create Demi-Servants, they were the only one who could stop the Incineration.

With Leonardo Da Vinci and Romani acting as the head of the current Chaldea and the whole operation they were sent to the first Singularity known as the Orlean Singularity to correct human history, in this singularity after Jeanne D-Arc was burned at the stake, Gilles was summoned, granted Holy Grail he tried to resurrect Jeanne but was unable to do so.

He still didn't give up and ended up creating an entirely new Jeanne having little to no connection to the original Jeanne, she was formed by his ideals and wishes of Gilles making her an extremely cruel woman who wanted nothing more than revenge from the people who burned her at stake, she possessed little to no memories of the original only the hatred of her being burned at stake and betrayed by the people she fought for.

After that, she summoned five new servants enhanced with Madness enhancement and Fanfir courtesy of Her Dragon Witch Skill, and thus she began her rampage in France killing men, women, and children indiscriminately, in the process she burned Pierre Cauchon the Bishop responsible for Jeanne's Death and Charles VII.

Holy Grail found the situation to be wrong as Gilles got Holy Grail without fighting Holy Grail summoned new Servants to create a balance, in which several new servants including the original Jeanne who was burned at the stake in this timeline as a Ruler and Seigfried were summoned as well, Ritsuka and Mash shortly meet the Ruler Class Jeanne after arriving in this singularity.

Before Jeanne's eyes, Jeanne Alter who possessed no memory of her burned an entire village and Jeanne's mother before the real Jeanne's eyes before surrounding them with the servants she summoned, thankfully some new servants arrive to help them and they manage to barely escape from the clutches of the Dragon Witch.

Just like that one thing leads to another with Humanity's Last Master and Chaldea successfully winning in the end, in this singularity till the end Jeanne Alter blinded by hatred never got to know she was fake created by Gilles's imagination with the help of Holy Grail, fortunately, the fame she earned in this Singualirty was enough to ascend her to Throne of Heroes making her an original person.

Later on, she appears in other singularities with no change in her personality whatsoever but with less hatred for humanity, and depending on circumstances she would either face Chaldea as an enemy again or help Ritsuka and Mash with their goal. That was an overall summary of this Singularity and now comes my involvement in this Singularity.

I looked at the Holographic Screen before me which showed the mission I had taken for this Singularity.

[You have taken the Mission called,' Help that Witch! '.

Condition: You would have to make Dragon witch surrender to yourself as a subordinate and help her in her revenge.

Current Completion Rate:80%

Note: Other than making her surrender and providing her help, whether she achieves her revenge or destroys Humanity's Last Master doesn't matter.

Reward: 1/4th Piece of Custom Divine Dividing Gear.

Penalty: You won't get a loyal subordinate with no moral issues and the reward.

Bonus Quests:

1) Kill Seigfried summoned in this singularity.

Completion Rate: 0%

Reward: 1/4th Piece of Custom Divine Dividing Gear.

Penalty: You won't get the reward.

2) Kill more than 10,000 humans on your own.


Penalty: You won't get the reward.]

This is the reason for me beating both Jeanne Alter and killing Gilles this brutally, making her a subordinate is a very difficult task considering her personality so without any hesitation I took on the ' Make her terrified route ', with my power I absolutely suppressed her and tried to make Gilles as a temporary servant of mine considering his usefulness of being able to summon Monster beasts.

Alas, that idiot kept on crossing my line so I disposed of him, and now with Jeanne as my servant, I only need to wait for a bit before my first quest gets completed. It has been more than one day since she went with her group of servants, and my summons to do genocide.

I decided to eat something to soothe my boredom and standing up from my throne I walked a bit down, then I chanted," Greater Item Creation", with my multicasting I easily created an entire long Dining table surrounded by several chairs, each of them being equal to E Rank Noble Phantasm, and having plates and glasses made of Gold and Silver, I sat on the most comfortable chair making my body comfortable.

" Create Food Item", I chanted again, this time using a 6th Tier spell used specifically to create cooked food, and before my eyes, a large variety of food appeared completely covering the entire table, my eyes fell specifically on Megaladon stew, Jellyfish stew, and Chicken Biryani and thus without waiting in further I started munching down my favorite dishes down my throat.

[Ding! You have completed the first quest!!

You have been given the reward!

You have received 1/4t of the Custom Divine Dividing Sacred Gear!], the system announced in my head as well as presenting it on the holographic screen before my eyes.

I stopped for a bit, and after looking at the details of the mission and my reward I continued eating food, by the end of an hour 1/4th of the entire food on the table was finished and I was satisfied enough to not eat any further, thus sipping a glass of Pepsi for the finale I burped satisfied.

"My Lord, this?", asked Jeanne Alter arriving at the castle and looking at me and the scenery dumbfounded, I looked at her and said," If you want to eat something then go ahead, with my magic I have created the finest food in all of France", she looked at the plates filled up with alluring dishes, she licked her lips and said," If you don't mind me, then I shall join you, my Lord!".

Thus, Jeanne sat on a chair and took a bite of a chicken leg piece, her eyes lit up and she started eating food lavishly, other five servants followed behind her to the inside seeing her Master eating varieties of dishes, whose alluring smell reached their noses making them drool a bit, they glanced at the food and gulped down their saliva.

Jeanne saw them and looked at them," What all are you doing?! Stop looking!", she said with anger, they sadly turned their head away, and suddenly Atalanta Berserker's stomach started roaring stopping everyone, I started laughing amused by the situation, Servants do not require food to sustain themselves and thus they don't get hungry but seeing that Atalanta is feeling hungry because of wanting to eat delicious food.

" Go on and eat it as well ", I said, the servants looked at me with a shine of gratefulness in their eyes, even Vlad III Berserker looked at me with the same look, Jeanne remained silent for a bit and then shouted," What all you are waiting for huh?! Lord has granted you the privilege to eat with me, so come and eat my fellow servants!".

They nodded and without any further wait, join the feast as well, once they finished eating all of them looked at me and said," Lord thank you for the feast!!", their voice filled with gratefulness, I just swayed my hand, then looking at Jeanne I asked," So what's the progress with your revenge?".

She glanced at me and then held her head down, a sadistic smile formed on her lips and she said," My Lord, it is going well, with the servants and your summons it's a breeze killing all of those betrayers, their faces when they saw me alive especially that fat bastard and king were quite amusing, to say the least, it even became better when those Angel like beings decimated them into half, bringing the Holy Judgement upon them", she said.

"You know that you are not real Jeanne right?", I asked her, she became silent and then said," Ye-Yes I understand that my Lord, but that bastard Gilles made me likes this, I have this hatred in my heart and the only way to soothe it is by acting upon revenge", she clenched her fists with a look of hatred morphing on her face.

She suddenly looked down in fear, I noticed it and understood that she might have misunderstood that showing such a look to me would make me angry, I moved beside her causing her to flinch a bit but she didn't move ready to face whatever I was gonna do, I ruffled her hair, she looked me surprised, I smiled and said," When we meet first we were enemies, I seek you as my subordinate as you had qualifications and I needed to do so and when we fought we were enemies, but right now you are my subordinate so as long as you don't do something extreme I won't punish you alright?".

She nodded and replied," I understand My Lord", I nodded and thinking something I said," Jalter", she looked at me in confusion and I said," Jalter, let that be your new name, you might have Jeanne D'Arc's look and some of her memories, but you are not her, let it be your own name depicting that you are someone else entirely".

"I- I see", she said with a tint of blush appearing on her face, she looked at me gratefully," I shall cherish the name you bestowed upon me Lord", she replied, I just gave her a nod and then I moved and sat on my Throne, she looked at me and said," My Lord there is something else I want to say".

I gave her a nod, she said," It would seem that the Holy Grail has summoned some new servants other than what I have summoned, and three of them have tried to save those humans fighting against your summons", I looked unsurprised and said," Gilles got Holy Grail without winning a Holy Grail War, it is to be expected, so do you think they will be of any threat?"

She shook her head and said with a smile," Those weaklings can't do anything, they barely managed to kill some twenty weakest of your summons before they had to escape", I glanced at other servants remaining silent before me, I said," You have Fanfir right? Use its Authority as a Dragon to summon and command wyverns they would prove to be helpful to you".

She nodded and said," As you say, Lord", I closed my eyes to take a nap, after all, it would still sometimes before they get here, till then all I plan to sleep and eat.


3rd Pov

A few days later on an open land surrounded by forest, two people appeared from thin air," It would seem we are here", said Ritsuka with nervousness, Mash nodded and said," Yes Senpai, also it would seem we are in the middle of some forest ", suddenly they heard another voice,"~Fouu!!~", Mash looked surprised as she found Fou on her shoulder which jumped on the ground and then declared it came as well.

They looked at the bundle of cuteness surprised, unknown of its true might that would give Goetia a run for its curses, they smiled awkwardly, " This guy tagged with us as well?", said Ritsuka speechless," Maybe it slipped inside one of the Coffins, Senpai", said Mash. They looked a bit relaxed seeing the cuteness of Fou not knowing how f*cked up their future is gonna be.

To be continued...

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