12 Jeanne's feelings

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3rd Pov

Achilles angrily walked towards Serimanis, she saw him coming towards her with a mischievous smile she asked," What happened Rider? You seem to be quite angry", he glared at her and shouted," What was that Assassin?! You said we would be fighting them in a reality marble where the terrain will be advantageous to us, you didn't tell us about the toxic environment and used a command spell to force me to kill Chiron by surprise!".

(Author's Note: Shirou gave Serimanis a few command spells before he went inside Greater Grail)

She smiled and said," Is that what you are angry about? That's quite hilarious, to be honest", his eyes became red earing that and he pointed his lance at her and said," Don't try to test my limit Serimanis, you forced me to kill my teacher against my will, you didn't give me a chance to properly fight him!".

"Calm down Achilles", said Atalanta holding his hand, he looked at her angrily and said," What about you Missy?! Don't you feel angry about her using us like tools!", she replied to him," I do not care, for my wish, I will do anything", he became shocked and took a step back, then he started laughing," Is that so? I didn't think you will go to such lengths for your dream Missy", he said.

Serimanis clapped her hands gaining their attention and said," Well, will you look at this", a holographic projection appeared showing three servants on it, Achilles' eyes widened looking at Poseidon and so did Atalanta's, she said," It seems Ruler succeeded in using a Command Spell before that Reality Marble became fully operational, and even then he managed to kill him in that type of environment, and if that wasn't enough they somehow escaped from that Reality Marble."

Achilles smirked and said," Are you surprised? Do not forget that he is one of the twelve Great Greek Gods, and even then he is in the top three, if not for the fact that he is only a Semi-Divine Spirit he could have beaten all of us easily", Serimanis's eyebrows twitched in anger while Atalanta remained silent though she agreed with Achilles's words as well, even if he is not the God she is devoted to, he is her Uncle and one of the Major Gods of Olympus thus his battle prowess is undoubtedly at a level they can't even think of approaching.

" Whatever, now the only thing is left to stall for some time and we will win regardless, it will take them one or two days before they can reach us, after that, we only need to keep them busy for some time and we will win", she said with a haughty smile, Achilles stepped forward and said," I will be the one fighting him", both the women raised their eyebrows hearing that.

"Achilles, what do you mean?", asked Atalanta in disbelief, he grinned and said," My wish is almost as good as lost by now after that act of yours Serimanis, but if I can fight him, even if I was to lose, even if I know I it was futile, nothing will bring me more pride thang giving my all to fight against someone so strong like him".

Serimanis put her hand on her mouth and said surprised," Is that so?", then she smiled and said," Very well, you can go and try to keep him busy", Achilles clicked his tongue and said," Just now that I am not doing for you and that white bastard's stupid dream", her eyes narrowed hearing that and she said," I won't stop you from doing whatever you want, but try to go against my Master's wish and you will regret it".

He smirked and was about to say something again when Atalanta grabbed his hand, he looked at her and she said," I will accompany you as well", he smiled hearing that and said," I will be more relaxed with you me, Missy", then he looked at her and said," Tell me when they arrive, I am in no mood to talk with you any further", he then transformed into his spirit form.

Atalanta looked at her and said," Do same for me as he said", she transformed into spirit form as well, Serimanis seeing this clenched her fists," These bastards, they dare to act like that in front of me!", she said angrily, then she said," Hmph! Whatever!", she decided to ignore their actions for now," O great Queen of Assyria it-!", unfortunately for William Shakespeare, he decided to intervene at the wrong time.

He gulped nervously while being wrapped in chains, she smiled at him and said," Here are you bastard, most annoying and bothersome of all, you see I was thinking about trying to concot some new type of poisons in my free time, though I need a test subject as well, so will you be kind enough to be my poison tester?Fufu~", he started shaking in fear.

What he experienced next can be only said as hell, and the details better be left unknown lest some of you kick the bucket just by hearing it.


3rd Pov

Jeanne opened her eyes and looked at Laeticia in front of her," Laeticia", she said, the latter looked at her and said," Miss Jeanne it's about your feelings", She sighed hearing her words, and asked," Is this about Lord Poseidon and the weird feelings I hold in for him?", Laeticia nodded and replied," You can feel it right?".

Jeanne looked confused and asked," Are those mine or yours?", she looked at her, and Laeticia smiled and replied," It is ours", Jeanne became confused hearing that and said," Ours?", Laeticia nodded and said," You have my memories and some of the personality right? In the same way, I have seen your memories, the sacrifices you have made, I know you hold no grudge for what happened to you at the end but you do feel regret right?".

Jeanne replied," Yes I do, I always think about what would have happened to me if I decided to not join the war. What would it have felt like to live like a normal village girl? Maybe I would have married someone I love, have children, and spent the rest of my life with them", Laeticia smiled and said," Although I don't understand much about that Throne of Heroes or whatnot, essentially it makes your soul immortal right?".

She nodded, and Laeticia continued," This means you can overcome your regret! You love him... He is a caring person and... It would be a lie that I don't... feel the same for him", tears started dripping down her eyes shocking Jeanne," Laeticia, do you-", she nodded and said," You are quite late to catch up Miss Jeanne, you have given your entire life for others, it is time you live for yourself, be happy!".

Jeanne started trembling in shock and said," Does that mean... You love him and...and... I do as well", she put her hand on her chest and closed her eyes, she started recalling every moment she spent with Poseidon, and then opened her eyes," It seems the answer is clear, but Laeticia you do love him right?! So... I think...".

Laeticia shook her head and said," I don't think it is possible Miss Jeanne, he will vanish after the Great Holy Grail War right? Relationship between us is impossible", Jeanne muttered," Is that so?", she knew a way for Poseidon to stay longer on Earth, but for that, they would need to lengthen the duration of their contract and Poseidon needs to agree for that as well, other than that he would need a Mana Supply to stay here, and Laeticia isn't a mage, currently due to them being fused Poseidon can get mana via her.

(Author's Note: Both of their personalities are fused as well, thus this Jeanne has 40% of Laeticia's personality making her weak to men, especially men like Poseidon who are totally Laeticia's type, even if Jeanne was to become how she was previously her feelings would remain, feelings aren't Laeticia's but hers own, only some of Laeticia's personality is temporarily affecting her, and Laeticia own true personality is suppressed for most of the time but she can see what is happening like a movie, thus she fell in love with Poseidon much faster than Jeanne, yes, unlike original where only Jeanne fell in love in this she did as well)

"I... I don't know Laeticia, these feelings are new for me, I have never felt something like this... I don't know what to do, or how to approach him", Jeanne said troubled, Laeticia wiped her tears and coming near her, grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes with a smile she said," Don't worry about it, Miss Jeanne, just believe in yourself, he will accept you", Jeanne said," What... What if he rejects me?".

Laeticia puffed her cheeks and said," You are thinking so much Miss Jeanne! Just go and tell him about your real feelings already! And don't worry I have watched hundreds of Romantic Movies! Everything will be fine!", Jeanne flinched hearing that, then she closed her eyes and smiled," I see, thanks for helping me Laeticia, but it isn't the time I tell him about my feelings".

" I see, I wish for both of your happiness", said Laeticia, happily though sadness was visible in her voice.


The next day after finishing breakfast, all the three remaining servants, Kairi and Claues, and Fiore Yggdimillennia were gathered as well," We need to catch up to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon quickly and prevent Shirou from accomplishing his goals at all cost!", said Jeann, others nodded, Mordred bumped her fists," I am all fired up!".

"The question is how will we do it? We can use our private airplanes if needed", said Fiore, Poseidon said," How about you send us near them with your airplane and I will fly us inside of Hanging gardens of Babylon", Mordred asked surprised," You know flying Magecraft?!", he nodded and she said," I would like to have a taste of flying like a bird as well, how about you master wanna join the ride?".

Kairi put his hand on his head feeling a headache while others awkwardly laughed," Now, let's finalize our plans", Poseidon said seriously, others became serious and all of them started discussing the plan, soon after half an hour everything was finished," Very well guys let's go and kick their balls!", said Mordred fired up.

"I don't think Assassin would have balls though", said Kairi, Mordred looked at him angrily and said," Master! Don't ruin my dialogue at least!", he took out a cigarette and said", Fine, let's go kick their ass", Mordred smiled and said," Yes, that's the thing!", Kairi lit up a cigarette and started smoking.

After that, they dispersed as they still had a lot of time before the plan officially begins, Poseidon decided to chill while laying on soft grass till the Ygddimillennia bother and sister duo finish setting up everything, while he was doing so Jeanne came near him and sat down," Why are you here Jeanne?", asked Poseidon dissatisfied that his peace has been disturbed.

"I am sorry for disturbing you Lord Poseidon, But can I stay here beside you?", she asked in anticipation and nervousness, he nodded making her feel relaxed, and they stayed like that, Jeanne slowly moved towards Poseidon while blushing, Poseidon took notice of her small movements and looked at her his eyes narrowed, Jeanne's face became red in embarrassment," Lor- Lord Poseidon I- I can explain this!".

"Hey Jeanne", he said, she replied by instinct," Yes?!", he continued," You remember when I asked you to make a contract with me and transfer all the Command Spells to Laeticia instead of you?", she nodded confused," I did it intentionally, you were getting a Mana supply directly from the Holy grail and your huge Mana is incomparable to the meager amount of mana even the greatest Magus holds in this era, so by making a contract with you I gained a robust supply of Mana being able to battle without any tension, also I had made the contract with your Laeticia part so in case you were to die, I won't vanish as she will have my command spells and can use them to empower me despite not providing me any Mana".

He became silent and didn't speak any further, Jeanne trembled and asked," Why?- Why to tell me?", he stood up and said," In case you misunderstood my previous actions, after all, I am no fan of misunderstandings", he then glanced at her and said," Anyway, I will be in my spirit form call me once it's needed", and he disappeared.

Jeanne looked at the place he last was and thought,' It doesn't matters to me though, after all, Lord Poseidon you do deserve to be a little selfish ', then she flinched and became sad remembering something," I wasn't able to tell him!", she said disappointed.

Meanwhile, Poseidon who was underwater in his spirit form closed his eyes and thought,' What a hassle ', he knew Jeanne's feelings for him, he wasn't a stupid dense Shonen Protagonist but while he liked her he didn't love her, he wasn't obliged to accept her feelings, but he didn't want to broke her heart by outright denying her, maybe a bit cowardly of him, but he knows better than others how much rejection hurts.

' Truly what a hassle ', he thought for the final time before he fell asleep.

To be continued...

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