2 A short training and Fateverse

(Author's Note: Give me 300 power stones at least to boost my morale!)


Poseidon Pov

Finally finished swearing the oath to kill that Human Sasaki Kojiro, I asked the System," So what now? Will you reincarnate me or transmigrate me in someones else's body in another world or what? If you want to reincarnate me then seal my memories till I reach an appropriate age like 10 or 12 and if you want to transmigrate me then do it by transmigrating me into an orphan".

[Master, I do have that options but there is something else I want to recommend to you], it replied.

"What is that then?", I asked and the system said[ Master, rather than reincarnating or transmigration I prefer you become a Divine Spirit in Throne of Heroes in Fateverse, as this will not provide you a weak form of Immortality type 9 and you won't have to go process of reincarnation again and reacquire your power at all].

Hearing that I started going through my memories as Deepak, and saw all information about Throne of Heroes, a place existing above 8 Dimensions and a place so perfect that even the word perfect can't describe it. One of the biggest dislikes that I had at least is that the Heroic or even Divine Spirits are just mere copies of themselves and when they die their memories will go back to their original existing selves in Throne of Heroes.

I don't like to be cloned and let than clone does things that are not within my control. Thus I asked," You should know my worries about that Throne of Heroes and other things, care to explain to me how the entire Throne of Heroes works?".

[Gauging Master's current Authority level...Sufficient!

Master, Throne of Heroes is a separate dimension independent of time and Space above 8 Dimension within the 9th Dimension, the souls of Heroic Spirits, Monsters, and Divine Spirits are stored here, there is a separate realm for every being and they are divided into three categories:

Divine Realm: A copy of the Divine Realm that Divine Spirits used to reside when they lived on Earth, each Divine Spirit having an independent Realm where they other than simply existing can't do much.

Myth Realm: A copy of a place that is close to the hearts of the Mythological Heroes, it has the same functions as Divine Realm.

Monster Realm: A copy of the reverse side of the world where souls of Divine, Mythological, and Powerful monsters like the seven Evils of Humanity reside, it has the same functions as above.

During the Holy Grail War or any summoning of these three types of Spirits a clone or vessel is materialized by the Holy Grail and their respective Masters provided mana for their servants to materialize for short periods, in this the consciousness of the real Spirits gets transferred to this vessel temporarily while the original body goes in a coma-like state, till their death their consciousness remains in this body and then gets transferred back to their original body in Throne of Heroes, also note that Spirits carry their memories to their next vessel and no memories are seal or erased.

But there is a high chance that Spirit is other than one previously summoned, for example, the same Spirit but of another Timeline which might be summoned as there are several versions of the same heroic spirits with many of them being the same other than having no different than being of different timelines, due to this it is assumed that Heroic Spirits do not carry their memories after they are summoned again. For example; Iskandar from Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night Alpha has the same abilities, and class but are different, and in the case, in a possible timeline Iskandar is summoned in Fate Zero again after Fourth Holy Grail War might not know Waver due to being of a different timeline where Waver never summoned him.

Next comes Divine Spirits which are stronger than Heroic Spirits but weaker than their actual God Forms which they used to roam on Earth during the Peak of the Age of Gods, they have most of their abilities according to their classes, and all the stats except their Divinity which is severely weaker than their actual bodies.

I hope you understand it now Master, by letting your true body in Throne of Heroes, not even a Peak Universe Entities which are Generally 5th to 6th Dimensional Beings can't truly kill you and you can roam in all the timelines, in a vessel that will have all of your power except your Divinity], it said.

Till now I was listening to the System's words carefully and what he said made me impressed, using this method I can explore the Fateverse which is a strong verse free from tensions of truly dying, at least until I go after Multiversal Beings, " I can only see too many pros but fewer cons, it made me curious did you didn't tell about this to your Previous Masters?".

[I did tell three of my previous Masters who met enough conditions for me to give them this suggestion to them, but two of them dismissed it due to wanting to experience reincarnation as they were too weak in their previous worlds, and becoming weak Heroic Spirits wasn't to their liking, they wanted to become a Master of a Servant rather, and other one just didn't want to start with this world due to being too scared], it replied.

Hearing that I snorted, they were lucky enough to get to know about this opportunity and left it, pathetic, anyway, I am not going to miss this opportunity to get Type 9 Immortality, so I said," I choose to connect to the Throne of Heroes!".

[Proccedding with the order...Connecting to Moon Type Universe... Connecting to Throne of Heroes...Creating a Suitable Divine Realm...Successful!], System said.

I suddenly find myself in another place, the walls, floor, and even roof were made of purely Gold with the room was filled with Greek Decorations, I looked around to see the room was fairly open from all four sides due to big doors or windows. I wasn't able to differentiate due to their peculiarity, there were white curtains so I assumed it is Windows as I remembered how greek Buildings used to be, well I can't blame it on my memory since I was too busy handling the oceans or simply holed up in my Underwater Palace which was quite different as compared to standard Greek Buildings.

I walked towards the window and then looked down from there to see a vast ocean, a smile came on my face as I jumped from there diving down into the ocean.


With a huge splash that caused a small tsunami and turbulence in the water, I dived deep into the water several hundred meters till I reached the seabed, I closed my eyes feeling cold, calm, and complete, I opened my eyes and thrusting myself above jumping several hundred meters above before again falling in water, but this time I used my divinity to land on water and then walked on it like it was solid.

I looked above at the sky which was blue and filled with translucent white clouds and saw that small golden floating room, I connected with the ocean below me to gauge the depth and length of the sea and I found its area 10km^2 and 367metres evenly deep, after that, I jumped above again hundred of meters reaching that floating piece of Golden room, and then grabbing its edge I Stopped further ascension and entered inside it.

"This place is very small", I commented and as always System replied to me,[ Master a personal realm in Throne of Heroes is generally very small for Most of the Mythological figures, just an area of few hundred meters or so, then for most famous or strongest Heroes or Lower to High Divine spirits it is an area of 1 to 2square Km, only Divine beings who classify as God-Kings or Primordial have a realm as big as your, like Zeus, Hades, Shiva, Odin, Vishnu, Amaterasu, Indra, etc. ].

"Oh", I said, and then after accepting my situation, I tried to will my trident in hand and it just got summoned in me and as it happens with all Heroic Spirits, then swung it lightly which was enough to cause a small turbulence in wind I asked," How Strong my Trident is as compared to the Standard of Noble Phantasms?".

[Master your trident is ranked as D+ as Noble Phantasm, and before you ask any further, let me explain that the main Power setting of fate is Noble Phantasm using which even Mortal Heroic Spirits Kill Divine Spirts or even Gods, but if they don't have it then a person like you who have Great Mastery in your weapon, you can kill most of them easily, as you can easily decimate Artoria Pendragon at her full stats with your moves if she doesn't have Excalibur]

I frowned since the fact that my trusted Trident was that weak didn't feel good to me, but then again the system was right, my skills and especially with the three techniques that I have refined over Millions of years I can easily kill most of the Heroic Spirits even with Noble Phantasm, sighing I said," So what now? Will I be summoned or something else will happen?".

[Master Firstly you will need to go through the transformation which will change your power level from Record of Ragnarok level to Fateverse parameters, doing so will give you unique abilities as your powers belong to another power system, no already existing ability of yours will be erased but only be changed to its power level which will make you stronger], it said.

"Then do it", I said and then new words appeared on the screen.

[Changing Power System... Successful!


Name: Poseidon

Race: God/Divine Spirit

Age: 13.9 Billion years.

Strength: Peak God--> A+

Endurance: Peak God--> A

Agility: Peak God-->A++

Magical Energy: N/A--> C+

Luck: Good-->N/A(Since Master is a singularity and free from time, space, and fate due to being the owner of the system, luck is not applicable)

NP(Noble Phantasm):D+--> A

Personal Skills:

Divinity: Peak God--> A++

Amphitrite (Wrathful Wave): C+

Chione Tyro Demeter (Divine Lightning Falling into the Rough Sea): B+

Medusa Alope Demeter (40 Days and 40 Nights Big Flood): A+

Compatible Classes: Lancer, Avenger, Ruler.]

Looking at the screen I carefully read every piece of information and nodded satisfied, now that my Noble Phantasm has become stronger at least I don't have to worry about my Trident breaking while fighting against Spirits with strong Noble Phantasm, especially Gilgamesh also the fact I have acquired Magical energy which wasn't present in the previous world makes it only better.

[Master you can go to any timelines at any point without any problem as long as requirements and since Throne of Heroes and you are free from shackles of time the fact that many important events of Fate Stay Night/Zero or other timelines have passed won't affect you, you can go to whichever point of time], System suddenly said to me.

"Nice", I muttered and decided to practice a bit before Descending as Divine or Heroic Spirit in any timeline, thus I again jumped into the ocean and then started practicing my three techniques.


A few days later,

I finished practicing my three moves and sat on a golden Throne which luckily had a soft cushion on it, then I sighed bored as in this realm I can't do much, not even eat or conjure food due to the fact I don't need it.

[Master, you have a starter gift that you haven't used], System suddenly said to me.

"Oh a starter gift, I guess it only makes sense huh? But to be honest, due to the fact I am already a God I thought I won't receive it, anyway show me what it has", I said curiously.

[Master, you can choose two Power Systems of any world listed and learn them!

Only Magical and Physical Power Systems are included and while you will get the potential and method to learn them, you have to learn them on your own.

They are given below:

Murim World: Seventy Heavenly Steps up to Perfect Level.

Murim World: Lightning Sword Technique up to Perfect Level.

Mage World: Magecraft from Apprentice to Master level.

Harry Potter World: Witchcraft up to Dumbledore and Voldemort Level.

Mushoku Tensei World: All Magic types up to God Level.

Redo of the Healer World: Crylet Sword Skills up to Divine/God level.


I looked surprised at the variety, and quickly searched for Magic from Tensura or Slyicaverse, but found that they weren't on the huge list thus I searched for Magic from Marvel and Dc, and did find the versions from the Movies, but I decided to search for something better if possible and soon found it.

[Overlord/Yggdrasil: All Magic Spells up to 11th Tier].

I choose that without any hesitation, the magical system of Yggdrasil is not only powerful, versatile, and has all necessary Defensive, Offensive, and Auxiliary abilities, it even has abilities to teleport, resurrect dead or manipulate time though only briefly. It also has a great range of summoning abilities and can be said almost Omni-versatile due to having a spell nearly for every need.

Thus I decided to choose this, now only Physical Skills are left which have a huge range from Martial, to Specific Weapon Techniques, yes unlike magic only a specific technique to its peak Mastery is given, and I didn't care much about it, as having to lot to eat won't do any good, just master a single Weapon Style or Martial Arts to its limit is good, otherwise being Jack of All trades but master of none will be a Waste.

I pondered for a bit on what type of Technique I should learn and then dismissed any Lance or Trident type, as I already have Mastered my Trident to Peak with three very powerful techniques, maybe a Martial Art or Sword technique would be good. Thus I scrolled down the screen till I found a suitable Technique.

[Mushoku Tensei World: Water God Style up to God level]

As a water God this Sword Style is most suitable for me, as not only it would be easier and faster for me to learn it and master but also its battle power will be greater as I am a God of Water, thus I selected it without any hesitation.

[Master Congrats on making Extremely Good Choices!

Now memories of how to do Magic and Technique will be transferred in your mind as memories including memories of 1st and 3rd Person of people doing this, with Theories!], the system said.

Suddenly I felt a small discomfort in my head as memories related to Yggdrasil Magic and Water God Technique flooded my mind, once the pain got over I went through my memories causing me to smile like a maniac," Now here comes the interesting part", I said and decided to start training after a short meditation in Underwater.


6Months later on,

After I finished training My magic, I sat on my throne and closed my eyes to take a small nap, after a few hours I opened my eyes satisfied with the nap, and yawned a bit, I have been training for the last six months straight without any rest, as I do not need to sleep, eat or drink, but I did take a small 30 minutes deep underwater meditation once in every 24 hours.

I have mastered Water God Style up to God Rank in the last 6 months, the fact that it was a battle style suitable for me, and me having Billions of years of experience I did this incredible feat while I was able to learn Magic up to 4th Tier only, still, I learned all the necessary spells and the ones I desire and can do Silent Casting of 1st Tier Spells.

From System, I have come to know that Megiddo has power ranging from 8th Tier to 10th depending on the amount of Mana I use, and I can boost it up to 11th Tier by using my Divinity as well, which was very convenient for me. Now my current Status looks like this.


Name: Poseidon

Race: God/Divine Spirit

Age: 13.9 Billion years.

Strength: A+

Endurance: A

Agility: A++

Magical Energy: B+

Luck: N/A(Since Master is a singularity and free from time, space, and fate due to being the owner of the system, luck is not applicable)

NP(Noble Phantasm): A

Personal Skills:

Divinity: A++

Water Battle God Aura: A+

Amphitrite (Wrathful Wave): C+

Chione Tyro Demeter (Divine Lightning Falling into the Rough Sea): B+

Medusa Alope Demeter (40 Days and 40 Nights Big Flood): A+

Flow: C-

Absolute Counter: A

Deprivation Sword Kingdom: A+

Tier Magic:B+(Upto 4th Tier)

Silent Casting:E+(Upto 1st Tier)

Compatible Classes: Lancer, Saber, Caster, Avenger, Ruler.]

My newly learned ability Battle God Aura is the most special of what I have learned, basically using it I coat myself and my weapon with Touki a form of Mana, which not only increases my parameters temporarily but also my Weapons, and I have got two compatible classes as well. Now I am all ready to go out of this place.

I have also made my major plans or simply Goals which are priority-wise:

1st) Become extremely strong, go back and defeat Sasaki Kojiro, and then continued becoming strong.

2nd) Enjoy new life, explore, and learn new things in different worlds.

3rd) Get a Harem of loyal women, because why not? My Deepak side wanted to do and would have gone on Gotta catch them all if not for my Poseidon self which loathes relationships, but my new self does want to get a harem and my only requirement for women is Extreme loyalty and love, for strength I can make them stronger myself.

"System I want to go now", I said.

[Master please choose a Timeline from the below!

1) Fate Stay Night(Route Saber)

2) Fate Stay Night(Route Rin Tohsaka)

3) Fate Stay Night(Route Sakura)

4) Fate Zero

5) Fate Grand Order

6) Fate Apocrypha...(More+)]

I discarded Fate Stay Night all routes and Fate Zero, firstly because the Holy Grail is corrupted and I would rather go for a Grail which works, after a bit of thinking over I decided on Fate Apocrypha.

[Please select your class!

1) Saber

2) Lancer



I selected Lancer without a second as only if I am Lancer then I will be at my strongest, my Sword Abilities and magical abilities still can't compare to Million years of Trident mastery. As for why not a ruler? Because there is already a ruler present in this timeline so my abilities as Ruler and Divine Spirit will be weakened as it happened with Jeanne D'Arc.

[Proceeding on creating with a vessel...Successful!]

Suddenly I felt my body becoming limp and then I fell to the ground, next moment I was looking at my own body in Spiritual State then automatically my soul flew up ignoring all obstacles, and crossed Dimensional Boundary then I lost consciousness.

To be continued...

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