1 A new Poseidon

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3rd Pov

"Hey there, God of the sea", said Kojiro as he came closer to Poseidon," Thankyou", he finished his words and cut Poseidon's right arm, then proceeding to evade his other attack he skillfully cut his other arm. Poseidon somehow took a part of his trident in his mouth and tried to attack but only to be cut down in four pieces.

"You-You- F*cking Piece of Sh*t", he said as his body separated and he died. "Phew", said the Kojiro, with a tired smile he continued, "I guess winning for once feels pretty good, Huh?".

Everyone stunned looked at the winner who had killed the God of the Gods," The... of Ragnarok is... The winner of the third bout... Humanity's Sasaki Kajiro!!!", people started cheering while God's looked at this scene with apparent anger.

"Is this how I die? To a worm? Pathetic", Poseidon cursed at himself as his soul slowly started fading.


"What the...", he said as suddenly he felt an intense pain in his soul," You dare attack a God's Soul?!!!", he shouted trying to fight off whatever was invading his soul with his fading divinity but it proved to be futile as all his remaining divinity easily got erased and he helplessly became unconscious.

[Connecting to the Soul Nuclei of the Master...Successful! New Master has been appointed!]

[Proceeding with Reincarnation Protocol Type 7...]

[Prospecting the ratio of Soul Fusion... Done! Proceeding with the final procedure]

[Soul Fusion of entities 'Poseidon' and 'Deepak' in the ratio of 4:6 has begun!]

[Fusion Rate...0.009%...10%...67%...100%!]

[Congratulations on becoming Master of the System of The Zero One!]

The new entity born from the fusion of both Poseidon and Deepak's soul opened his eyes and looked at the notification on the screen in front of him in confusion and shock and then grabbed his head in pain as memories of 13.9 Billion Years became as clear as crystal water before they again became clouded leaving only 10 million years of memories clear, which was actually much more what he remembered before, at least 10 times more.

'Poseidon? or Deepak? Who I am?', he questioned himself before looking back at the Holographic screen and then around himself, he found that everywhere else but near the holographic screen was a pure dark-like void which made his soul tremble slightly, yes only slightly, the entity who assumed himself to Deepak due to the higher ratio of his soul or to be accurate his will, felt more confident than ever, arrogance, pride and other such emotions filled his mind.

"Who are you?", he questioned calmly while looking at the Holographic Screen, the words written on the screen changed accompanied by an Androgynous and emotionless sound.

[I am a 'System', a being made by The Zero One to transfer all his powers and legacy to a suitable heir], the System Replied.

"Who is this Zero One you speak of?", asked Poseidon calmly with a bit of vigilance in his voice.

[Sorry master, but for appropriate reasons I am unable to tell you about it right now, you need to become at least Peak Universe tier to gain enough authority to access this information], it replied.

"Tsk", he clicked his tongue and then sarcastically said," So the same old,' Time hasn't come for you to know about it now ', sh*t huh?", he stopped his mouth before closing his eyes and thinking for a bit, then looking at the screen he demanded," What is your real Motive?!".

[I have already told you my objective, which is to give you the legacy of Zero One], it replied.

He snorted and said," Really? Is that so? How can I know I am not just a pawn for you or that master of you who might want me to get strong enough to be his container or something like that?!!", his words were straight without any hidden meaning, he knew what he did now was just stupid as this so-called system was able to invade Poseidon's Divine soul and then fuse it with another.

It could kill, erase or manipulate him easily, but his new arrogance and confidence didn't want him to become a pawn of someone while he acted like a Protagonist on the borrowed Power. He would rather die and let his soul get erased than live in such humiliation than have glory for a second only to be taken away, and die with humiliation.

[I see, that's how see me huh? Fair enough, trusting an unknown being whose words sound like Devil's whisper is completely foolish, honestly, I would have let you die if you happened to die if the time would have came but since I am lucky enough to get a smart master, I would rather not], it said.

He fumed as he heard it, and said," Are you trying to laugh at me?!!".

[Master has met the secret requirements, one Absolute Ressurection Chance has been acquired!]

He looked at this with a bit of anger and interest but then with suspicious eyes he said," Fine, Go and explain me about yourself more before I make any decision".

[Thankyou! Now let me explain, My Creator who has lived for countless eons became too bored of his own existence and finally decided to rest eternally but not before making me on the basis of already pre-existing systems to give his legacy to a suitable heir], it said.

Finally a bit calm he questioned," Explain to me about Pre-existing systems".

[I am a unique type of System made on the basis of Four types of systems present in the entirety of existence.

First One: Paristic Systems choose a suitable host for them and then exploit them till they are completely useless and then go on to another. Examples: Immortal Cultivation System, Dragon System, Fire Warlord System, Business System, Dual Cultivation System, etc.

I have got the ability to choose a new host after the previous one failed to become an heir and died, if a candidate were to die, at least in his/her power terms, like normal death, soul death, or getting his existence erased then I would leave if he/she doesn't have a way to naturally resurrect I will have to erase his/her entire existence and all the changes caused by him to ensure that the next host doesn't suffer from the enemies made by previous one.

Second One: Symbiotic systems which depend as much on the host as they depend on them, both of them get stronger relying on each other and even their lives depend on each other, if one were to die like in the maximum cases the host, then the system would die as well. For Example World Travelling System, and Gamer's system.

From this one, I have got a Zero Penalty function, I am entitled to give no penalties to the host in case the host fails to do the task or to mention a natural possibility that is harmful to the host in case he fails to do tasks which is for his benefit as a penalty.

Third One: Legacy Systems which are basically systems made by powerful beings to give their powers to an heir in a systematic and symmetrical way. For example Shadow Monarch System.

From this, I have to give you a power that will basically be engraved in your soul nuclei to make it truly yours after getting a certain amount of strength, the power would be one of my Creator's abilities.

Fourth and Last One: Empowerment Systems which basically are made by a Powerful being to basically make its host an Op Being, small quests and crazy rewards will be rewarded, this type of System is most loved as its only purpose is to make their hosts or Master Strong. The Strongest Empowerment System to exist is Voice of the World made by Veldanava which while having a set of regulations that most don't have, it's the power to empower its chosen ones to the Multiversal level makes it the strongest and most desirable to have.

From this, I am required to reward Master with appropriate awards for quests but as not broken as the other Empowerment Systems or VOTW, even so, it will be hundreds of times better than what normal reward Legacy and Symbiote System reward to their host or master.

Please note that there are several other things I have from Empowerment and Legacy systems but the list is too long that it will take hours to read, but yes these are my important constitutes and functions], it explained.

He nodded a bit calmer than before and asked curiously," Tell me System how many hosts before me you had and how they died?".

[Master I had 12 hosts before you, and you are my 13th one.

My 1st host was a normal Japanese reincarnation, he died due to not getting strong enough and fighting against the strong enemy for his friend despite knowing he might die.

My 2nd Host again was a normal Japanese, he died due to being a wimp in front of his women and one of his women killed him in Jealousy.

My 3rd Host was again a Japanese but an elite one, she died due to being too scared of being a villain in the world where she reincarnated, always made softer decisions like letting her fiance go away until he killed her by surprise despite her being nearly a demigod by that time.

My 4th Host was an American and he died due to teasing an overpowered tsundere being while he just got me, in the end, the tsundere killed him while shouting 'baka' by mistake.

My 5th Host was a European and he died due to being too scared of his Yandere lovers to accept them fully, wasted too much time running from them and in the end they sacrificed themselves for him, protecting him when he made an enemy of a Powerful Being and died pathetically.

My 6th...


My 12th and previous host was a God, but as a God, like you or your Poseidon Part, he was too arrogant, did things recklessly, and survived till he became a Multiversal being and in the end, decide to travel to Marvel Universe and got killed after making an enemy out of Lady Death.

In the end, I made a new Reincarnation protocol 7 and reincarnated you after fusing a soul of God and a Human], and it finished.

He was speechless hearing the ways previous Masters of the System Died, he sighed and then grabbed his chest," Just a final question, who I am really? You said I am a fusion of both of my previous souls and while I feel like I am Deepak yet at the same time I no longer feel like a Human but a God, with no morality issues, ready to kill everyone against me".

[You can say you are both Poseidon and Deepak or a new entity made from them which is more accurate], it replied.

"I see", he said closing his eyes and remembering both of his lives, after a few minutes he opened and said," My Deepak self has no final goal but wants to become the Heir and my Poseidon self wants to battle that Human again", his eyes glistened as he calmly said," Poseidon, I will be the New Poseidon".

[Congarts on naming yourself Poseidon!

You have completed the hidden quest known as 'Thy Self and Thy desires'!

Reward: Spirit Magic Meggido, 'The God's Wrath' has been acquired!]

Poseidon smiled seeing this, from his memories he knew how strong Magic Meggido was, it was able to destroy the souls or kill the opponent and for the God of Water, it was perfect offensive magic. He clenched his fists ready to become strong and see where this journey of his leads him.

"Sasaki Kojiro huh?", he said to himself and then said," I will, I will battle with you again and defeat you!", his eyes burning with the desire to get back at his humiliation, no he didn't think Kojiro as worm as like he did earlier, there were literal Godslayers out there, many of them being human, cultivators strong enough to destroy galaxies and Gods like him easily, it will be useless of him to think himself as a Supreme Being when his strength is not even in the middle of the ranking of Strongest Humans.

But yes, as God on whom the whole Gods have put their hope, his brother Hades especially, he has let him down, and knowing his end result in Ragnarok he can't help but grit his teeth," I would fight him again and get back my dignity", he finally finished with ambition.

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