Fate: Please let me go to the Throne of Heroes

After transmigrating to 'Fate' and gaining the recognition of the root, Luo Wei found out that as long as he can die abnormally in someone else's hands, he can ascend to the Throne of Heroes and become the 'Lord of the Throne of Heroes' A much stronger and freer existence than the Seven Crowns. For this reason, he started going crazy to death; scolded King Gilgamesh face to face, challenged the 'Almighty King of Gods Zeus' in Greece, blatantly abducted 'Skadi' in Northern Europe, declared Solomon as a devil instead of the son of God in Israel, and stood beside 'Morgan' until death in Britain. "But why am I still alive now?" A famous existence in history, a friend of the oldest king, the first prime minister of Mesopotamia, the man favored by the Greek gods, the king of giants in Northern Europe, and the incarnation of God who awakened Solomon's humanity. Well.. Luo Wei, who looked young but had a lot of history, sat on top of Fuyuki Bridge, sighed, and looked in front of him: "Tell me, what went wrong here?" _______ Read chapters in advance at patreon.com/StoryBuff ______ Original: https://trxs.cc/tongren/6362.html Author: Los Angeles White Horse

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Teaching Enkidu

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But now that things have come to this, no matter how shocked Luo Wei was, he couldn't change the status quo.

Although he didn't quite understand how things could develop so strangely.

However, the fact is that the 'holy girl' mentioned in later epics did not appear, and Enkidu became what he was now because of him.

If there is another epic about Gilgamesh in the future... I will probably become that 'holy girl,' right?

Luo Wei looked at Enkidu, who looked more like a female than a male in front of him, and suddenly felt...this seemed good?

No, what are you thinking?

He quickly ceased his incomprehensible fantasies.

Over there, Enkidu was still babbling and calling softly.

The trees were lush and green, but as time passed, the shade of the trees tilted, and the originally blazing sunlight began to gradually become softer, with some orange-red sunset spreading over the slender figures as if covered with a layer of red wings.

Luo Wei thought for a while, then moved forward - under the ripples of the hanging chains of the 'Gate of Babylon,' he pulled himself to Enkidu.

Then he slowly took off his linen robe, revealing the black clothing underneath, and covered Enkidu with the robe he took off.

"Um!?" A crisp voice came out of Enkidu's vermilion lips.

It struggled briefly before its head emerged from the neck of the robe.

"Dress well."

Luo Wei looked at the robe, which was slightly larger than Enkidu's and leaned over slightly to indicate his height.

It probably only reaches my shoulders...well, it's a very girly figure, and that's because of me.

But after hearing his words, Enkidu stopped struggling because it could clearly feel that Luo Wei did not mean to exclude it in his words.

The ignorant God-made weapon felt a little at ease.

Then it heard Luo Wei continue to say: "They all obey your orders - right?"

(Now that he is a person, it doesn't sound good..so I'll use he for now, and she while talking in a female sense...)

Enkidu tilted his head, then opened his mouth slightly and responded in a soft voice.

This is obviously an affirmation of his words.

"Then let them kill me?" Luo Wei said hopefully.

"Yeah!" Enkidu shook his head like a rattle.

Sure enough, it doesn't work.

Luo Wei was not discouraged.

So many attempts had failed, and this was not the last.

He considers himself quite patient.

"Then let them leave!"

He stretched out his hand and stroked Enkidu's head: "Then I will take care of you for the next few days."

He wanted to do it according to the legend spread by later generations.

Stay with Enkidu for seven days in this forest.

Of course, it was not about doing indescribable things; instead, he would teach humankind knowledge.

Teach the skills and awareness of fighting.

If Luo Wei remembers correctly...

Gilgamesh will soon arrive here, having sensed the presence of the Heavenly Lock.

A battle between him and Enkidu is inevitable, and the battle between the Heaven's wedge and Heaven's Lock is obviously bound to be earth-shattering.

So at that time, as Gilgamesh's 'direct minister,' and also because of having deep feelings for Enkidu.

It makes sense to want to stop them from fighting.

It makes even more sense to break into their fight for this reason.

And in terms of sheer power, he would be no match for the demigod hero Gilgamesh and the divine weapon Enkidu.

So, it would be even more reasonable to die under the influence of their battle —anyway, after dying and ascending to the Throne of Heroes, he can come back immediately, and he doesn't have to worry about the consequences of any huge deviation.

This would be the best of both worlds.

While he was planning, Luo Wei felt the soft touch of his palms passing through Enkidu's smooth and long hair.

He stared at the perfect figure and appearance of this exquisite person, and the curve of the corner of his mouth became more and more obvious.

Being touched by him like this, Enkidu also showed an inexplicably comfortable expression on his face.

"From now on, your name will be...Enkidu!"

"How about I call you Little En?"

"En...Kidu..." Enkidu opened his mouth.

Although he couldn't speak clearly, he still spat out three syllables accurately.

After all, it was a weapon made by the gods, so as long as some conditions are provided, growth will be rapid.

"Let's go!" Luo Wei withdrew his hand and stood up straight.

"Well..." Enkidu stared at his hand, somewhat reluctantly, but did not express much.

Pulled on the robe on his body and quickly adapted.


Under the gaze of those emerald green eyes, the monsters below quickly dispersed.

A moment later, there were only countless standing trees and shades left in the forest, and the swaying young leaves shimmered in the distant sunset.

"In the future, I will teach you some common sense about human beings and some habits necessary for survival and life."

"Of course, I will also teach you how to fight."


Luo Wei pulled the chain rope and slid down from the tree while speaking, regardless of whether Enkidu could understand or not.

He knew that even if he couldn't understand what he said now, he would definitely remember it accurately.

Memorize and then understand bit by bit.

This is the process of learning.

Enkidu followed closely behind, listening to his words, her delicate face looked focused and serious.

The newborn baby has a sense of curiosity about everything in the world.

Not to mention, it likes Luo Wei's voice very much, also likes his breath, and even more likes the pace that follows him.

The gentle breeze in the forest blew little En's thick and silky hair.

Her eyes, with strands of hair swaying, stared at the figure in front of her as if she could see the future and hear the breeze blowing from the future:

'The sage holds up the fountain of wisdom,

Taught him as much knowledge as a savage.

Just like the confusion of the beginning of heaven and earth being cut off,

Out of darkness comes light.

Those seven days were the friends of the hero king, the enlightenment of Enkidu's life, the encounter between the king's friends and their friends, and it was also a beautiful knot.'

— "The Epic of Gilgamesh"



"His Majesty."

In Uruk, within the palace hall, Siduli, who was concentrating on reciting various reports about the country that had been passed down from the grassroots below, was interrupted by a sudden sound.

The young and attractive female assistant officer glanced at Gilgamesh, who had suddenly sat up and hesitated.

"Did you... sense something?"

Looking into Gilgamesh's scarlet eyes, which had slightly narrowed, feeling solemn in her heart.

"Ah... I 'saw' a very interesting bastard who set foot on my territory without my permission!" Gilgamesh grinned, his eyes filled with anger.

"That guy... hasn't come back yet. Right?"

"Yes." the female assistant lowered her eyes as if covering something up; her hands were trembling slightly... She was a little tired, but she didn't say it clearly.

She knew that Gilgamesh was talking about Luo Wei:

"The riot in the Warcraft Forest was completely subdued seven days ago, but since that day, Assistant Luo Wei has disappeared."

"Hmph, after all, he is a person recognized by this king. Without my permission... whoever dares to mess around will face the judgment of this noble king!"

Gilgamesh stood up eagerly:

"I'll leave this to you."

"I am going to meet that... bastard sent by God!"