Fate of the Aircraft Carrier: End Times Symbiosis

Author: GiveBreathe
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What is Fate of the Aircraft Carrier: End Times Symbiosis

Read ‘Fate of the Aircraft Carrier: End Times Symbiosis’ Online for Free, written by the author GiveBreathe, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ADVENTURE Fiction, OVERPOWERED Light Novel, TRANSMIGRATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: The world is in shambles after the apocalyptic apocalypse. Zhou Lin was reborn three days before the apocalypse and gain...


The world is in shambles after the apocalyptic apocalypse. Zhou Lin was reborn three days before the apocalypse and gained the ability of "symbiosis". After careful consideration, he boarded a flight to the island. Two days later, the world was shocked: the largest and most advanced nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the beautiful country disappeared into thin air after completing the supply in the harbor of the island country! Pretty Country, Island Country, Summer Country, and Mao Country were thus on first-degree war alert. However, only twenty-four hours later, the island country's Mt. Mount Fuji and the beautiful country's Yellowstone National Park volcano erupted at the same time, and the apocalyptic natural disaster came ......

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